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Bestway Lay Z Spa Vs Intex: Brand Comparison In 2023

With so many hot tub brands to choose from, we’re often asked how they compare to one another. Sure, Lay-Z-Spa may be considered the top dogs, but can Intex match up? 

Over the last ten years, we’ve tested and researched hundreds of the top portable spas from the largest (and smallest) manufacturers. As we’ve journeyed to become the internet’s number one inflatable hot tub guide, we’ve learned exactly what to look for in the perfect model.

In this article, we’ll decide which is better when it comes to Lay Z Spa vs Intex and determine which brand is really worth your time and money. We’ll consider build quality, efficiency, affordability, and any key features that stand out, and in the end, we’ll pick a definitive winner. 

Sounds good? Let’s dive in! 

Intex Vs Lay Z Spa: Introduction

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Lay-Z-Spa is considered an industry leader, with its flagship models containing several patented technologies designed around energy efficiency and year-round use. They’re well known for their anti-icing system, rapid heating and dynamic air jets, all of which are included as standard in the current range! 

Intex models focus on durability and water quality, with their patented PVC Fiber-Tech construction material incredibly resistant to punctures and weathering. Their hot tubs also have a built-in hard water treatment system, so they’re great for areas that suffer from mineral-heavy water supplies.

Lay-Z-Spa vs Intex: Similarities and Differences

You’d be forgiven for assuming that all hot tub manufacturers are alike. How different can portable spas really be? Well, though they share some similarities, it turns out Lay-Z-Spa and Intex models are pretty distinct!

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Common Similarities

  • Both Intex and Lay-Z-Spa models have a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius.
  • Both offer LED lights and Wi-Fi controls.
  • Both use dual-operated digital pumps.
  • Neither brand requires tools during setup; instead, their spas auto-inflate.
  • Both brands offer a 12-month warranty.

Main Differences

  • Any Lay-Z-Spa air jet model can be upgraded to a Wi-Fi-enabled pump. Intex models cant.
  • Lay-Z-Spa currently produces five hydro jet hot tubs; Intex has none.
  • Intex includes a hard water treatment system as standard. Lay-Z-Spas do not.
  • All Lay-Z-Spas made after 2021 include rapid heaters, anti-icing units and energy-saving timers.
  • Intex produces circular and octagonal spas. Lay-Z-Spas are circular, oval or square.

Product Range Comparison

As arguably the most recognisable inflatable hot tub brand, the Lay-Z-Spa range is extensive, with over 20 models stretching from 2-4 seaters up to 7-person spas. The Intex range is smaller, featuring 11 models in capacities from 4 to 6 people, with eight circular models and three octagonal spas.

All currently produced Lay-Z-Spas can be used year-round thanks to their Freeze Shield frost protection, rapid heaters and triple-layered PVC linings. Intex models have comparably robust linings, though they don’t heat quite as fast and don’t include any frost protection.

Lay-Z-Spa also offers Wi-Fi functionality to control their hot tub’s heaters, jets and timers from a smart device, with all air jet models able to be upgraded after purchase. Intex does offer Wi-Fi functionality on a few hot tubs, though you can’t add this feature at a later date.

Main Differences

  • 18 air jets and five hydro jets in the collection
  • Massage systems with between 120-190 air jets and 8-10 hydro jets
  •  Prices from £200 – £1300
  • Built-in frost protection

Intex Range

  • 11 air jets and 0 hydro jets in the range
  • Hard water treatment system
  • Prices from £580-£1260
  • Three unique octagonal spas 

Comparing Features: Intex Versus Bestway Spa

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Lay-Z-Spas enjoy rapid heating to 40 degrees in as little as 6-12 hours and use automated sensors to maintain a set temperature during storage. Intex models can take up to 24 hours to hit 40 degrees with no automated heating system, so you’ll rely only on physical insulation to keep things toasty.

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa


Lay-Z-Spas are constructed using their own Duraplus material, featuring a polyester mesh core and two layers of UV-resistant PVC. This triple-layering helps the hot tub retain its shape, with the mesh core acting as an internal frame.

Intex uses its own Fiber-Tech material, containing thousands of high-strength polyester fibres laminated between two sheets of similarly UV-resistant PVC. However, the added density of these fibres provides extra protection!

Winner: Intex

Air Jets: bubble massage

Lay-Z-Spa’s range features between 120-190 air jets, with some premium models adding 8-10 hydro jets on top! In comparison, Intex’s cheapest model has 100 jets, with 170 being their maximum and no current options for hydro jets.

Both brands use dual-operated pumps, meaning the jets can be heated, though only Lay-Z-Spas come with variable speed controls.

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa


Lay-Z-Spas contain water filtration systems, though they’re not specifically suited to mineral-heavy water. Intex, however, includes a dedicated hard water treatment system in all of their hot tubs.

You’ll even find some Intex models come with a salt water sanitation system, sanitising the water by using electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine, which can be less time-consuming than using standard pool chemicals!

Winner: Intex


At a glance, it seems Lay-Z-Spas are more expensive. But when you look across the entire range, you’ll find plenty of affordable models.

Comparing this to Intex’s collection, you’ll see that their cheapest model is a little pricier than Lay-Z-Spa’s, with fewer jets and fewer features. This rings true across their mid-range hot tubs too, with both brands comparably priced, though the Lay-Z-Spas pack in more functionality.

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa 


It’s hard to beat Lay-Z-Spa’s accessories, with the brand and their parent company Bestway producing a mammoth range, including:

  • Floating lights
  • Pillows
  • Ground mats
  • Pool vacuums
  • Dome enclosures
  • Surrounds

Intex does put up a fair fight though! They have a range of branded inflatable pool toys and floats alongside their pool vacuums and padded hot tub mats. 

The good thing about accessories is they’re universal, so you don’t have to stick with one brand, but we think that Lay-Z-Spa offers a wider variety! 

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa


It’s not hard to find a Lay-Z-Spa stockist; the brand is so popular that retailers are clamouring to carry their hot tubs. Alongside their website, we’ve seen these spas sold by: 

  • Argos 
  • The Range 
  • B&Q 
  • JD Williams
  • Amazon

Intex models are also not too hard to find; we’ve come across Intex hot tubs at:

  • Aldi
  • Argos
  • The Range
  • Amazon

Though, it’s quite hard to find Intex’s official UK webstore! 

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa

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Overall Winner

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So, when it comes to Lay-Z-Spa vs Intex, we think we have a winner. 

Though we’re big fans of Intex hard water treatment system and their Fiber-Tech linings, Lay-Z-Spa’s filtration system and construction materials aren’t too far behind!  

What’s more, Lay-Z-Spa has a more extensive range, more varied features, faster heating and more options in terms of massage systems.

Sure, your average Lay-Z-Spa isn’t the cheapest, but you’re getting built-in frost protection, variable speed jets, and rapid heating included as standard, with plenty of optional extras on top. 

So, in terms of this battle, Lay-Z-Spa are definitely our choice! 

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