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Bestway Lay Z Spa vs Wave Spa: Brand Comparison in 2023

In recent years the popularity of inflatable hot tubs has seen quite a few new contenders enter the marketplace, but how do they compare to industry heavyweights Lay-Z-Spa?

Over the years, we’ve seen many hot tub brands. Some have stood out for their innovative features and technological advances, while others have stood out for all the wrong reasons.

In this post, we’ll uncover whether Lay-Z-Spa vs Wave Spas is a one-sided contest or perhaps they are more evenly matched than you think?

Let’s find out!

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa vs Wave Spa: Introduction

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Wave Spa are relatively new boys, founded in 2016 by two best friends. The company is based in the North East of England and they sell acrylic hot tubs along with rigid foam and inflatable spas,

With their eco-friendly philosophy and outstanding aftersales service, they have certainly made a splash, being awarded gold in the Spa Retailer of the Year (2020)

On the other hand, Lay-Z-Spa are old hands at the game, having been around since 2006. Obviously, they have a more extensive range than Wave Spa and are a trusted brand. However, below, we’ll see if Wave Spa give them a run for their money

Wave Spa vs Lay-Z-Spa: Similarities and Differences

Like most inflatable hot tub brands, there are similarities and differences between the two manufacturers.

Now is also the appropriate time to give you the option to read some of the other guides which will help you compare the models from certain brands. Decide for yourself which is the best Lay-Z-Spa and although we don’t have a dedicated Wave Spa page, it will be coming soon. 

Common Similarities

The inflatable hot tub models by Lay-Z-Spa and Wave Spa are incredibly easy to set up, with plug-and-play models inflated within 5 minutes requiring no tools or in-depth hot tub knowledge. Both come with an integrated filtration system, ground mat and thermal cover to retain heat.

Another similarity when comparing Lay-Z-Spa to Wave Spa is that both brands offer aesthetically pleasing designs with stone, rattan and printed outer shells. This makes more of an impact than some other models, which can look like a giant, expensive paddling pool.

Finally, both brands have a similar price point for their standard four and six-person hot tubs, with buyers able to pick up the larger size for under £400.

That being said, Lay-Z-Spa offers premium models with extra features, which Wave Spa Models seem to lack at the moment. And of course, Wave Spa do rigid and permanent spas, which Lay-Z-Spa don’t.

Main Differences

You will notice a difference between Lay-Z-Spa and Wave Spa’s massage system, as Wave Spa models have fewer bubble jets than Lay-Z-Spa. The Atlantic, for example, has only 105 compared to the similarly sized Lay-Z-Spas, which boast 120 air jets.

One of Lay-Z-Spa’s most significant selling points is their unique Freeze Shield technology; this frost protection system allows their products to be used all year round. Although Wave Spa claim their thermal construction does too, we don’t feel this is as effective in cold weather.

Another thing to consider is that Wave Spa inflatables don’t boast some of the fancy features like LED lights, Wi-Fi controls or hydro-jets. Although they certainly have premium options in the foam and rigid ranges, we feel over the next few years; it’s something they’ll need to address.

Product Range Comparison

Wave Spa have a decent selection of affordable hot tubs that perform the basics very well; however, they are lacking in some of the larger, more spacious models for up to seven people that Lay-Z-Spa has. Plus, none of the inflatable spas utilises a hydro jet massage system.

Both ranges have a decent heating system with a maximum temperature of 40 degrees. Still, we don’t think the thermal construction with three layers of PVC fabric is as effective for winter use as Lay-Z-Spa’s dedicated anti-frost protection.

Lay Z Spa Range

  • A comprehensive range, including hydrojet models
  • Rapid heating system and timers for energy efficiency
  • Customisable spa experience with features and accessories

Wave Spa range

  • The striking designs of a Wave Spa will certainly make an impact
  • Excellent customer service
  • Easy to set up in 5 minutes with a comprehensive instruction manual

Comparing Features: Bestway Versus Wave Spa

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The models by both Wave Spa and Lay-Z-Spa heat up to a pleasant 40 degrees centigrade, so there’s not much to choose between them.

Wave Spa puts a lot of effort into energy efficiency and claims that the thermal construction and insulated cover retain the heat exceptionally well. However, the bubble jets and heater can’t be operated simultaneously, unlike Lay-Z-Spa models, so the temperature will drop when using the massage system.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


Wave Spa uses a triple layer of strong puncture, UV and tear-resistant PVC to construct their hot tubs and uses rigid chambers for thermal efficiency (MSPA are very eco-friendly)

Lay-Z-Spa also uses a three-ply material called Duraplus, one of the strongest for inflatables, so to be fair, both brands are pretty evenly matched. Reviews are good for both; however, Wave Spa have some really contemporary and unique designs.

Winner – Wave Spa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

Wave Spa match Lay-Z-Spa air-jet for air jets in all but the smallest model, where they have 95 compared to Lay-Z-Spas 120. However, Lay-Z-Spa do have 180 jets in some of their more spacious models and Wave Spa at the moment doesn’t

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


Once again, this is a closely fought contest. The two companies have equally good filtration systems. They arrive with two filters, both do their own branded money-saving cartridge bundles and both have anti-bacterial options.

There is one big difference however! Lay-Z-Spa models come with a Chemconnect, making water care much more straightforward. All you need to do is to pop the required amount of Chlorine tablets in the floating dispenser – Simple!

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


Because Lay-Z-Spa has such a huge range of models, there are often offers and bargains to be had. On the other hand, Wave Spa has a much smaller range, so you are unlikely to get as big a discount on one of their plug-and-plays.

At full price, these brands are comparable in price. Although Lay-Z-Spa has premium blow-up spas that cost more, you are almost guaranteed to be able to pick up one that is cheaper than a Wave Spa.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


Any hot tub owner knows Lay-Z-Spa produce a fantastic range of accessories specifically designed for their spas from surrounds and snack trays to chemicals and cleaning tools.

Most other brands are way behind on this front, so we were amazed by the massive range of accessories that Wave Spa offers, from robes and slippers to chemical starter kits and even waterproof phone covers. However, they don’t do lights as yet or unbreakable glasses.

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa


Head to your local DIY store, garden centre, or even supermarket and chances are you will see a Lay-Z-Spa on offer. They are available almost everywhere, although obviously, you will have even more choices if you shop online. You can find Lay-Z-Spas at:

  • B and Q
  • The Range
  • Argos
  • Homebase
  • Tesco
  • Amazon
  • Lay-Z-Spa website

Wave Spa is a bit harder to find on the high street, although their products can be easily found online at:

  • Amazon

Winner – Lay Z-Spa

Other Popular Lay Z Spa and Wave Spa Comparisons

If you need further advice, take a look at some of our other detailed comparisons between these two hot tub brands.

Overall Winner

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It’s perhaps not a surprise that Lay-Z-Spa is the winner here as they have been around much longer compared to Wave Spa and have models suited to every spa experience. What is a surprise, though, is how well Wave Spa has come in such a short time.

They have a range of well-built contemporary designs which, whilst not boasting some of the features found in more luxurious Lay-Z-Spas, perform the basics well and get good reviews.

The real selling point of Wave Spa is their outstanding customer service, which is second to none and we’re sure this company will be one to watch in the coming years.

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