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Bestway Lay Z Spa vs CosySpa: Brand Comparison In 2023

CosySpa might not be a name you’ve heard of, but when it comes to inflatable hot tub models, it’s always worth shopping around.

This Lay Z Spa vs CosySpa brand comparison will uncover which brand delivers on both design and functionality. Over the years, we’ve seen quite a few rivals try to get in on the action, but can CosySpa compete with the big boys?

Let’s lift the lid and find out!

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa vs CosySpa: Introduction

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Lay-Z-Spa has been manufacturing affordable spas for well over a decade and the Cosyspa brand, part of British company Net World Sports Ltd, has been around almost as long. However, they started out selling other inflatable products such as pool loungers and paddling pools.

Whilst Cosyspa doesn’t have anywhere as much choice as Lay-Z-Spa, their one circular model is very popular and comes in 2 sizes for up to six people; the brand also does two deluxe rigid foam hot tubs.

CosySpa vs Lay-Z-Spa: Similarities And Differences

So how does Cosyspa compare versus Lay-Z-Spa let’s have a look and see what their spas have in common, if anything?

We also want to let you know, that you can browse some of our review guides which will give you a better insight into each brand. See this page for a lazy spa comparison guide and our Cosyspa page is in the process of being built, so look out for that.

Common similarities

Cosyspa and Lay-Z-Spa models boast a rapid heating system that can heat up the water to 40 degrees in under 24 hours, although quite a few reviews of the Cosyspa say it takes quite a bit longer.

Both the Lay-Z-Spa brand and Cosyspa have external pumps. This means that they take up more space than those with integrated pumps and tend to be noisier, which has been mentioned in reviews.

Lastly, both ranges are affordable, with the Cosyspa one of the cheapest hot tub options we’ve come across. However, this is a no-frills model and you can get Lay-Z–Spas packed with features for not much more.

Main differences

There are a few things that Lay-Z-Spa can shout about compared to Cosyspa’s single model. Firstly they have a multitude of designs, from sleek contemporary designs to wood effects and many of their models boast extras such as LED lighting and Wi-Fi compatibility, none of which can be found in the Cosyspa.

Plus, although Cosyspa says their hot tub is built to withstand a Canadian winter, they do not have any dedicated frost protection.

Product Range Comparison

There is no real comparison here Cosyspa may have designed an affordable model and we’re not saying it isn’t an excellent choice for some but Lay-Z-Spa has models to suit almost everyone.
Plus, you pay extra for the inflatable cover with Cosyspa and whilst we consider them a must-have for energy efficiency, they come as standard with your new Lay-Z-Spa.

Lay Z Spa range

  • Over 20 models to choose from
  • Prices from £200+ – £1400
  • Specific models include lights and/or Wi-Fi

CosySpa range

  • One circular model in 2 sizes along with a deluxe rigid foam model
  • The Cosyspa costs between £200 and £300 depending on size
  • Deluxe foil lid for heat retention

Comparing Features: Bestway Versus CosySpa

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When it comes to maximum temperature in this Lay-Z-Spa versus Cosyspa battle, it’s a draw as both can reach 40 degrees.

However, the Cosyspa isn’t as energy efficient as a Lay-Z-Spa, so it won’t retain heat as well and using the jets will turn the heater off, seeing the temperature drop. No such worries with a Bestway Lay-Z-Spa as their pumps offer dual operation.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


The material CosySpa uses for its hot tubs is reinforced PVC and they also include aluminium foil on the lid for heat retention. However, it’s a shame Cosyspa don’t share what qualities the material has, such as puncture resistance etc.

This leads us to believe it isn’t quite as robust as Bestway’s Duraplus construction. The pump is also less powerful and we were disappointed with the short power cable, which is only 3.5 metres.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

CosySpa has 130 air jets in both sizes of their spa, so whilst there isn’t much difference in the smaller size tubs, you’ll find 50 less than some of Lay-Z-Spa’s larger models with 180 bubble jets.

Also, Lay-Z-Spa provides a dual operation pump, meaning you can use the jets and the heating system simultaneously. Whereas the temperature quickly drops when using the jets in a CosySpa

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


The CosySpa filter is located in the external pump and there is only one. In contrast, Lay-Z-Spa models have two filters and go a step further by including the Chemconnect floating dispenser, which makes treating your spa with chemicals much more manageable.

Winner – Lay Z-Spa


This is a tricky one because although CosySpa’s basic model is the cheapest hot tub we’ve come across, it doesn’t include essentials like a cover and you will need to pay quite a bit extra for the comfort set to get this. That will take the price above Lay-Z-Spa’s cheapest model, which, to be fair, we feel is better value.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


CosySpa does a fairly small range of accessories which is not surprising considering they only have a couple of models. But these do include the basics like filters, chemicals and headrests.

However, they can’t compete with Lay-Z-Spa’s huge accessory range, which includes everything from bathrobes and slippers to fancy surrounds and a whole range of chemicals.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


The last few years have seen a massive increase in hot tub sales and along with their online presence, many retailers now stock Lay-Z-Spa models, including

  • B and Q
  • The Range
  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Tesco
  • Homebase

CosySpa, on the other hand, mainly sell their inflatable hot tub on Amazon or Net World Sports website (their parent company)

Other Popular Lay Z Spa and CosySpa Comparisons

If this brand comparison didn’t quite do it for you, compare these two market leaders to some other hot tub brands.

Overall Winner

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The CosySpa is, without doubt, good value for money; however, there is no real contest between them and the leading manufacturers. Lay-Z-Spa has dozens of models to choose from, with different shapes and designs.
The Cosyspa has limited features, so you won’t find W-Fi controls or colour-changing lights here. And, although the brand claims the spa can withstand the colder months, it doesn’t boast a dedicated frost protection system like Lay-Z-Spa and relies on the reflective foil lid.

So, yes, Lay-Z-Spa won on all fronts, but we don’t think the CosySpa is a bad choice and we’ll be interested to see what comes next for this company and if there are any new models on the horizon.

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