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Bestway Lay Z Spa vs Cleverspa: Brand Comparison In 2023

Two hot tubs have caught your eye, but which one is best? Is it the one by the well-known leader in the hot tub market, or is the lesser known option by Cleverspa a better buy?

Over the last decade, we’ve reviewed more spas than you can imagine, sometimes with surprising results. So just how well does the competition do in this Lay Z Spa vs Cleverspa comparison?

Keep reading to see our winner and if it is a close run thing or do Lay-Z-Spa storm ahead?

Bestway Lay-Z-Spa vs Cleverspa: Introduction

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Based in Cheshire, Cleverspa is part of the Clever Company, which also manufactures inflatable water sports equipment for AirproⓇ They have been going for over 30 years, so although their spas are a relatively new addition, they do have some experience in inflatable design.

As we all know, Lay-Z-Spa has been around for years, developing a huge range packed with great features, so how do they compare?

Cleverspa vs Lay-Z-Spa: Similarities And Differences

Both brands have a lot going for them, so let’s lift the cover to see what they have in common and their USPs.

We also have a great selection of review guides which will help you compare the different hot tub models from certain brands. To see the lazy spa range, check out our main guide and our Cleverspa page is in the process of being completed, so keep checking in for that.

Common similarities

Unlike some other brands, Cleverspa incorporates features like LED lights and Wi-Fi functionality into some of their premium models, giving Lay-Z-Spa a run for its money. Models from both brands are incredibly easy to set up in less than 5 minutes.

Another thing Cleverspa and Lay-Z-Spa have in common is they both boast dedicated anti-frost protection, meaning either brand’s models are ideal for winter hot tubbing.

The construction in both Lay-Z-Spa and Cleverspa products are similar too. Both use patented triple-layer PVC material for their models to provide both comfort and longevity and both benefit from a rapid heating system.

Main differences

One advantage that Cleverspa has over Lay-Z-Spa is the built-in pump. Not only does this make Cleverspa’s ideal for those with less outside space, but it also makes the unit quieter to run and great for urban living.

Another big difference is the amount of choice Lay-Z-Spa offers. They do square, circular and oval options meaning they can fit neatly virtually anywhere. Cleverpsa, on the other hand, only has a handful of models, all of which are round.

Product Range Comparison

Lay-Z-Spa offer slightly more in terms of variety with different shapes and styles, they have several models with hydro jets for the ultimate in relaxation and some offer a more rigid I beam construction.

Cleverspa can’t compete here, but the models they do have certainly aren’t lacking in features, with quite a few boasting Wi-Fi compatibilities enabling you to control the spa from anywhere via the Cleverlink app.

Lay Z Spa range

  • Over 20 models in the range, including several with hydro jets
  • Prices range from around £200 to upwards of £1000
  • Frost protection comes as standard
  • Trusted brand

Cleverspa range

  • Outstanding aftersales support and customer service
  • Wi-Fi is included as standard on some models.
  • Year-round use with a dedicated anti-freezing feature
  • Only round models at the time of writing

Comparing Features: Bestway Versus Cleverspa

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Like Lay-Z-Spa, all the Cleverspa range has a rapid heating system that heats the water to a blissful 40 degrees. Although the Lay-Z-Spa heater is slightly more powerful at over 2000 watts compared to CleverSpa’s 1800w heater.

Both also supply insulated lids and groundsheets to help keep the heat in. Unusually Cleverspa also offer dual functionality like Lay-Z-Spa, so the jets and heater can be used together.

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa (just)


Having been in the inflatable industry for three decades, Cleverspa knows a thing or two about designing robust outdoor recreational products and their blow-up spas are no exception.

Both brands use triple-layer reinforced PVC for comfort and durability. Lay-Z-Spa, of course, has their patented Duraplus construction, but to be honest, there isn’t much to choose between

Winner – Draw

Air Jets: bubble massage

Lay-Z-Spa are kings regarding how many bubble jets they pack into their hot tubs and like most other brands, Cleverspa comes up a bit short with 130 in their six-seater spas compared to Lay-Z-Spas 140.

In fact, some of the brand’s larger, more premium models boast 180 bubble jets. Lay-Z-Spa also has some hydro jet models which Cleverspa don’t.

Winner Lay-Z-Spa


Once again, both Bestway and the Clever company have decent filtration systems that keep your spa clean and hygienic. They also both supply a huge range of chemicals, including:

  • Chemical starter kits
  • Chlorine tablets
  • Test strips
  • Descalers
  • Decreasers
  • Increasers
  • Defoamers

Lay-Z-Spa inches ahead here with its floating Chemconnect dispenser, which makes chemical dosing much easier for hot tub owners, but you can buy one cheaply for the Cleverspa models too!

Winner – Draw


As mentioned in previous comparisons, Lay-Z-Spa has such an extensive range that it’s always possible to find a great deal and you can often pick up one of their quality spas for between £200-£400.

Obviously, prices increase the larger and more features the hot tub has and some of their more expensive models come in between £1000-£1400

Cleverspa don’t have so many unbeatable offers, but you can get a fantastic quality Wi-Fi-controlled spa for a few hundred pounds which is not to be sniffed at in general their prices range from £200-£600

Winner – Lay-Z-Spa


Cleverspa and Lay-Z-Spa do a huge range of accessories from seats and headrests to plastic glasses and gazebos. In fact, Cleverspa has even gotten awards for its shelters, spa seats and energy-saving thermal covers.

Cleverspa doesn’t do lights or a chemical dispenser; however, universal ones can be bought cheaply online.

Winner – Draw


Cleverspa might not be found in as many places as Lay-Z-Spa models, but with stockists such as B and Q and the Range, we don’t think it will be much longer before they’re popping up everywhere, literally!

At the moment, though, Lay-Z-Spas are more readily available; you can find them at:

  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Lay-Z-Spa
  • BM Stores
  • The Range
  • Asda
  • Very

Winner: x

Other Popular Lay Z Spa and Cleverspa Comparisons

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Overall Winner

a cup with confetti around it

Our winner again is Lay-Z-Spa, but we really feel this is down to time in the industry and variety in their range. Cleverspa matches them in most features. In fact, there are only a few areas where they fall short and those are;

  • Fewer jets
  • Not as many designs, no square models
  • You can’t use the heater and air jets simultaneously

We love that Cleverspa incorporates Wi-Fi into their newer models. This is a big deal as it enables you to control the hot tub from anywhere and we’ve heard excellent things about their customer service.

Lay-Z-Spa would be wise to keep an eye on the competition, especially when it’s this good!

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