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MSpa vs Intex: Brand Comparison In 2023

Many new brands have entered the inflatable hot tub market in the last few years, and as much as more choice is always good for competition, deciding which brand is worth your money can be quite the task!

As one of the top inflatable hot tub comparison sites for over a decade, our team has researched hundreds of portable spas. From the biggest brands to the newest contenders, we’ve seen it all, so we know what to look out for!

In this battle of MSpa vs Intex, we’ll see a fairly well-established manufacturer face off against one of the fastest-growing spa brands around to see which of these companies really comes out on top. We’ll cover form, functionality, affordability and design before ultimately deciding on where your cash will be best spent.

So, with the ground rules set, let’s get this competition underway!

MSpa vs Intex: Introduction

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As part of the parent company Oriental Recreational Products (ORCP), the MSpa brand has produced high-quality bubble spas since 2010. However, ORCP’s first jet spas were actually introduced way back in 2005! With over 100 patents ranging from construction materials to filtration systems and heaters, MSpa is considered one of the most popular hot tub brands.

Intex has been manufacturing above-ground pools since 1997, but it wasn’t until 2014 that they’d release their PureSpa range of portable hot tubs. The brand is well known for its durable Fiber-Tech PVC linings and high-quality water filtration systems. Intex models are particularly good at avoiding the damage caused by hard water supplies.

Intex vs MSpa: Similarities And Differences

Though you can expect things like pumps, jets and linings to feature in any inflatable hot tub, you might be surprised at how different the two brands can be when you look under the hood!

But first, feel free to browse our other guides that will help with your decision-making when it comes to purchase. Head over to our MSpa inflatable jacuzzi reviews and for an Intex spa hot tub review, it’s this page.

Common Similarities

MSpa and Intex pride themselves on water quality and hygiene, with MSpas being fitted with anti-bacterial linings and automatic filtration systems. Intex models each come with a hard water treatment system and an automatic water filtration unit.

Both brands offer their own Wi-Fi apps, used to control the functions on select hot tubs, though both MSpa and Intex seem to save this feature for their most expensive models.

Each of these manufacturers also uses high-quality PVC construction materials in their hot tubs, with MSpa’s 6-layered material known as Rhino-Tech and Intex’s polyester-reinforced 3-layered fabric patented under the Fiber-Tech moniker.

Main Differences

MSpa’s range is slightly more extensive than Intex’s, featuring around ten more models to choose from. You’ll also find that MSpa produces a range of drop-stitch constructed semi-rigid hot tubs whilst all Intex’s portable spas are purely inflatable.

MSpa also produces a few hydro jet hot tubs packed with up to 6 water jets on top of their air jet massage systems, whilst the current Intex range lacks any hydro jet models.

Finally, unlike MSpas, all Intex models, from their cheapest SimpleSpa range to their Deluxe models, come fitted with a hard water treatment system. However, some MSpas do feature anti-icing units which cannot be found on any Intex model!

Product Range Comparison

Both brands offer dual-operated air jet massage systems able to produce heated bubbles at the press of a button, with several shapes and styles of spa to choose from, ranging from circular hot tubs to square and, in the case of Intex, octagonal spas.

Intex’s range features hot tubs with capacities stretching from 4-6 people, whilst MSpas can accommodate between 2-6. Both manufacturers have hot tubs with LED lights, though only MSpas use a noise suppressing pump to help the jets run a little quieter.

Intex range

  • Prices from £580-£1260
  • Hard water treatment systems as standard
  • Deluxe models feature saltwater sanitation
  • Three octagonal spas in the range

MSPA Range

  • Prices from £200-£1600
  • Built-in smart filtration systems and antibacterial linings
  • Semi-rigid and fully inflatable models are available
  • Wired controllers for easy pump adjustments

Comparing Features: Intex Versus MSpa

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Intex models have the same maximum temperature of 40℃ as MSPA’s.

You’ll also get a secure cover with any Intex or MSpa model, used to retain heat during storage, though MSpas include anti-icing systems to prevent the water from freezing in the winter. We actually think these brands are equal; despite MSpa’s slightly lower max temp!

Winner: Draw


MSpa’s inflatable models are made using their Rhino-Tech material, featuring 6-layers of UV-resistant PVC with an antibacterial coating, and their drop-stitch spas use an equally durable DWF material.

Intex uses its own Fiber-Tech linings, made from 3 layers of UV-resistant PVC with an ultra-strong polyester fibre core. Whilst both brands’ materials are comparably hard-wearing, we do think MSpa takes this one for that added antibacterial coating!

Winner: MSpa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

The cheapest Intex model features 100 air jets with their most extensive massage system packing in 170, in comparison, MSpas can come with between 104 and around 150 air jets, with a couple of models adding up to 6 hydro jets.

Despite this added option, hydro jets are only available on a few models, so Intex comes out on top here across both full ranges!

Winner: Intex


This one’s tough! Starting with MSpa, their hot tubs come with automatic filtration systems that engage for 1 hour every 8 to ensure that the water is regularly cleaned. Their newer models also feature an ozone generator and UVC sanitiser to rid the water of germs and bacteria.

Intex includes a hard water treatment system in all of their hot tubs, which can extend the life of spas in areas that suffer from mineral-heavy water. Their deluxe models also come with salt water sanitation systems that can reduce your need for pool chemicals!

Despite Intex’s clever systems, we think MSpa’s filtration is a little more universally useful!

Winner: MSpa


Perhaps down to their more extensive range, it’s easier to find an MSpa to fit a lower budget; they also produce a 2-person spa which isn’t mirrored by any Intex model. In terms of value, we think the hygiene features and anti-icing units on most MSpas trump the hard water treatment systems found on Intex alternatives, so we’ll go with MSpa here.

Winner: MSpa


Intex produce a large range of accessories from floats and toys to full surrounds and even pool vacuums, MSpa does produce floating lights, mats and a few larger bits of pool furniture, but Intex wins for their much more extensive collection.

Winner: Intex


Aside from their webstore and Amazon, MSpas can be found at a few brick-and-mortar stores like:

  • The Range
  • John Lewis
  • Camping World

Intex models can also be found at a few retailers and, of course, on Amazon, though their UK webstore is quite hard to find, so MSpa gets our vote!

Winner: MSpa

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Overall Winner

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Intex models are remarkably durable, and their hard water treatment systems are great for those suffering from mineral-heavy water. They also win the battle for the largest massage system of the two if that’s your primary want!

Despite this, we think the larger variety, expansive hygiene considerations and inclusion of a frost protection system on most MSpas pips them as winners in this fight, especially as you can find both the cheapest and most expensive models of the two brands in MSpa’s collection!

John Devlin

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