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MSpa vs Cosyspa: Brand Comparison In 2023

All hot tubs are pretty similar, right? In fact, nothing can be further from the truth. Each blow-up hot tub brand boasts its own features and some are not quite as good as the clever marketing would have you believe.

Buying the wrong spa can be an expensive mistake, so over the last ten years, we have made it our mission to uncover the truth about inflatable hot tubs becoming the UK’s leading online resource.

MSpa and CosySpa are both popular brands, so we thought we’d pit them against each other to see which is the ultimate winner in this MSpa vs CosySpa comparison.

Let’s see how CosySpa and MSpa compare when we put them to the test and who comes out top?

MSpa vs CosySpa: Introduction

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MSpa and CosySpa are subsidiaries of much larger companies. Mspa’s parent company is Oriental Recreational Products (ORCP), based in China; they manufacture inflatable sports equipment and have been around for about ten years.

CosySpa is under the umbrella of Net World Sports Ltd, a well-reviewed British company that sells a vast range of garden furniture and sports items.

CosySpa vs MSpa: Similarities And Differences

Let’s take a look at what unique selling points each has and what, if anything, they have in common.

Before we dive in, now is the perfect time to remind you of our mspa inflatable spa guide where we compare all the tubs MSpa have to offer. We are currently looking at a CosySpa one and it will be available in the near future.

Common similarities

MSpa and CosySpa both have a similar number of jets and they both sell a circular spa that is easy to set up in only a few minutes and is good value for money; however, that’s just about where the similarities end. These brands’ models are very different from construction to hygiene considerations.

Main differences

MSpa offers a huge choice from couples tubs to square units for six people, spas boasting hydro jets and they also do a couple of rigid foam hot tubs. CosySpa, on the other hand, only has one inflatable hot tub model available in two sizes and a rigid option.

MSpa tubs take up less space and tend to run quieter than the CosySpa as they have an internal motor rather than an external pump. Their quality construction is boosted by their use of antibacterial fabric and UVC sanitisers, making their sanitation considerations second to none.

MSpa has also really upped their game with recent models boasting several high-end features such as LED lighting systems, auto inflation and Wi-Fi controls. Cosyspa is definitely a no-frills alternative.

Product Range Comparison

Your choice is somewhat limited with CosySpa, which has just one design, which, although it comes in two sizes, only comes in one colour – black. MSpa, meanwhile, has a huge selection of shapes, sizes and some rather flashy designs.

Neither range boasted any frost protection, although MSpa has addressed this with recent models. CosySpa claims their tubs can withstand a harsh Canadian winter. Although we haven’t tested this, we wouldn’t like to rely on the limited insulating qualities and foil lid to prevent the water from freezing should temperatures drop significantly.

MSpa range

  • MSpa models come in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes
  • Newer models can be used year-round.
  • Prices from £200+ – £1500

CosySpa range

  • One style which comes in 2-4 person or 4-6 seater options
  • CosySpa has a range of accessories designed specifically for their spas
  • The 2-4 person option is excellent value for money

Comparing Features: MSpa Versus CosySpa

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MSpa’s maximum water temperature is around the 40-degree mark, if you enjoy soaking in hot water the CosySpa might be a better choice as it does heat up to 42℃

Winner – CosySpa


The liner of the CosySpa is made from reinforced PVC; however, we couldn’t find out much about what fabric they actually use and if it has any unique qualities UV protection, for example, which is a shame. On the other hand, MSpa’s are constructed using Rhino-Tech material which is puncture UV and tear-resistant, as well as being anti-bacterial.

Winner – MSpa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

There is no difference in the number of jets in either size of the CosySpa, which comes in at 130. Whilst this is more than MSpa’s 2-4 seat options, which have 118 air jets, it’s a little less than the 4-6 person spas, which boast 138.

Winner – Draw


Not many manufacturers can live up to MSpa’s considerable hygiene considerations. They employ two filters plus UVC sanitisers and O3 Ozinators in some models; these are 50 times more effective than chlorine for killing bacteria, parasites, mould and other viruses.

Plus, as mentioned above, they also use anti-bacterial fabric. So CosySpa’s single filter, housed in the pump, can’t compete in this contest.

Winner – MSpa


MSpa does a few budget models and their lowest-priced offering costs slightly more than the CosySpa, which, as we’ve touched on, doesn’t come with a cover. As there is absolutely no point in purchasing a spa without a lid, we think MSpa come out on top price-wise.

Winner – MSpa


Both brands sell accessories, with MSpa having a larger range than CosySpa, including a huge range of chemicals. Standouts from MSpa include their foot bath and heat retaining ground mats. CosySpa’s range is slightly smaller, although they do offer;

  • Chemical starter kit,
  • Filter cartridges
  • Headrests and cup holders
  • Cleaning kit

Winner – MSpa


MSpa models are more readily available than CosySpa, with some big retailers stocking their extensive range, including:

  • B and Q
  • The Range
  • Argos
  • Amazon
  • Camping World
  • MSpa website

CosySpa, however, can only really be found online at Amazon and on the Net World Sports website.

Winner – MSpa

Other Popular Mspa and CosySpa Comparisons

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Overall Winner

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So the final results are in and our overall champion is MSpa not only do they offer an extensive range of plug-and-play options. There’s something for everyone, whether you want a party hot tub for six or a Wi-Fi-compatible hydro jet spa.

They are without doubt the best option for those worried about the health risks associated with hot tubbing utilising several technologies to ensure your water stays in pristine condition and have even started to include frost protection in their more recent models.

Although some MSpa’s are expensive, they offer a couple of no-frills budget options comparable in price with the CosySpa. The only thing they lack is a 40-degree maximum temperature.

John Devlin

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