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MSpa vs Wave Spa: Brand Comparison In 2023

Everybody wants to get their hands on an Inflatable hot tub nowadays, but with popularity comes choices! To help you whittle down the competition, we’ve put the ever-popular MSpa up against relative newcomers Wave Spa to find out which brand deserves your cash!

Ten years of rigorous hot tub research will teach you many things. It’ll help you become a guide like us, and (perhaps more importantly) it’ll teach you what to look for in the perfect portable spa. We should know!

With MSpa vs Wave Spa in this big ticket face-off, we’ll see one of the industry’s leaders, MSpa, can match up against Wave Spa, comparing everything from design and functionality to price and key features before ultimately settling on a champion.

Ready to take the splash? Let’s see what these brands have to offer!

MSpa vs Wave Spa: Introduction

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MSpa’s roots can be traced back to 2005, when its parent company ORCP developed their first jet spa. The MSpa brand was then launched around 2010, focusing on creating hygienic and efficient portable hot tubs for the commercial market. MSpa holds over 100 patents in everything from filters to air jets and is now one of the most popular brands!

Wave Spa is relatively new to the scene, founded in 2017 by two friends from the UK. Since then, the brand has reached customers as far as the USA and the UAE with their stylish foam-walled and inflatable hot tubs. Their spas are well-known for featuring eye-catching designs and heated massage systems, with the brand growing its range year on year.

Wave Spa vs MSpa: Similarities And Differences

You might think that all portable spas are mostly alike, though whilst most modern hot tubs will feature jets, heaters and pumps, you’ll find that the differences between brands can be stark!

Just before we begin, now is the perfect opportunity to tell you about our buying guides which give you more information on each model. Unfortunately, we don’t have one for Wave Spa yet but it is coming. However, you can see our m spa jacuzzi reviews over on this page.

Common Similarities

Both brands produce inflatable and semi-rigid hot tubs with dual-operated pumps that can provide heated bubbles through their air jet massage systems. Both offer hot tubs in circular and square shapes, though MSpa has one oval model and Wave Spa has an octagonal tub.

Each brand has over 20 models in its range, and all their newer spas feature digital pumps with wired controllers that can be used to manage their massage systems and heaters.

Both Wave Spa and MSpa construct their hot tubs using layered UV-resistant PVC, and both brands ship their hot tubs with insulating covers to help protect their spas from debris and trap heat during storage.

Main Differences

Only MSpas come with an automatic filtration system and antibacterial linings, with most newer models being fitted with UVC sanitisers and ozone generators for added protection against germs and bacteria.

Whilst both brands produce semi-rigid hot tubs, only Wave Spa manufactures a line of foam-walled spas that use a patented thermal core to help trap the hot tub’s heat for longer.

MSpas may not feature foam insulation, but they come with frost protection systems that Wave Spas currently lack. They also offer fancy features like LED lights, Wi-Fi controls and hydro jet systems, none of which can be found on any current Wave Spa model.

Product Range Comparison

MSpa has a slightly more extensive range of hot tubs, boasting capacities between 2-person models up to 6-seater spas. Wave Spa, comparatively, carries hot tubs that can seat between 4-6 people, many of which feature stylish printed designs.

The smallest massage system on a Wave Spa includes 90 air jets, with the largest packing up to 140; MSpa’s massage systems carry between 104 and 150 air jets, with a few models adding up to 6 hydro jets.

The prices of each brand are fairly comparable across the board, though MSpa models tend to be a little cheaper in a direct comparison between two hot tubs of the same size and specs.

MSpa range

  • Prices between £200-£1600
  • Airjet and hydrojet models
  • Lights and Wi-Fi options available
  • Automatic filtration system

Wave Spa range

  • Prices between £200-£1300
  • Foam-walled options
  • Models with printed designs
  • Max water temperature of 40℃

Comparing Features: MSpa Versus Wave Spa

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The maximum water temperature that an MSpa can hit is 40℃, whilst all Wave Spa models max out at 40℃! MSpas have anti-icing systems that help prevent the water from freezing in the winter, whilst Wave Spas need to rely on physical insulation to stay warm.

It’s a tough battle overall, but we’ll give this to Wave Spa for their superior max temp!

Winner: Wave Spa


Standard Wave Spas are made using triple-layered PVC, with rigid foam-walled hot tubs adding an extra layer of leather-like fabric to the exterior.

Even with this extra layer, Wave Spa can’t quite match MSpa’s Rhino-Tech coverings, made from a whopping 6-layers of UV-resistant PVC to help ward off weathering and punctures!

Winner: MSpa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

Though both brands use dual-operated pumps to produce heated bubbles, MSpa comes out on top in terms of the size of their massage systems.

Their smallest model still features around ten more jets than the smallest Wave Spa, and their largest systems can include up to 150 air jets and six hydro jets.

Winner: MSpa


Whilst Wave Spa models come with decent filtration systems that can be accessed via the pump, they’re no match for MSpa’s comprehensive hygiene features, including an automatic filtration system, UVC sanitiser, ozone generator and antibacterial linings. This one’s easy!

Winner: MSpa


In terms of their RRP, Wave Spas are actually a little more expensive than most MSpa models when compared on a like-for-like basis, though the official Wave Spa website loves the odd sale, so it’s not uncommon to find their hot tubs much cheaper when shopping direct!

We would say that with the added hygiene features and premium additions like lights, Wi-Fi controls and hydro jets, you’ll be getting better value with MSpa, so they win this one!

Winner: MSpa


Wave Spa’s range of accessories consists mostly of headrests, drink holders and mats, though many options are available. In comparison, MSpa produces these products and a few lights and pieces of garden furniture, so we’ll have to go with them again.

Winner: MSpa


MSpa products can be easily found both on their official webstore and Amazon, though if you’d rather visit an actual store, we’ve seen their hot tubs in:

  • The Range
  • John Lewis
  • Camping World

Wave Spas are best purchased through their website, where it’s not uncommon to find a sale, though you’ll also find their spas on Amazon and in a few select stores such as:

  • Selfridges
  • Rey Furniture

We’ll call this one a draw.

Winner: Draw

Other Popular MSpa and Wave Spa Comparisons

If your unconvinced by either brand, then delve into our other comparison guides to hopefully find the answer you’re looking for.

Overall Winner

a cup with confetti around it

It seems there’s a pretty clear winner this time, though that’s not to say that our runner-up isn’t worthy of a look-in. Wave Spa is relatively new to the market, so we imagine they’ll grow to include some of the premium features that have won this fight for MSpa.

With excellent hygiene features, expansive massage systems and optional extras like lights, Wi-Fi and hydro jets, we have to declare MSpa as the winner. MSPA can match Wave Spa’s maximum temperature, and they beat them in every other category, therefore MSpa clearly has to come out on top!

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