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MSpa vs CleverSpa: Brand Comparison In 2023

As inflatable hot tubs become increasingly popular, many new brands are jumping into the market. Still, with so much choice, you may be wondering how these manufacturers compare!

We’re one of the most trusted sources for inflatable hot tub information online, so naturally, we’ve made it our mission to try out every portable spa we can get our hands on. In the process, we’ve learned exactly what makes a great hot tub worthy of your hard-earned cash!

In this comprehensive match-up between MSpa vs CleverSpa, we’ll see whether the affordable sensibilities of CleverSpa’s range have what it takes to usurp one of the most popular hot tub brands around. Delving deep into designs, features and price, we’ll weigh up which of these manufacturers truly comes out on top.

MSpa vs CleverSpa: Introduction

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From their first jet spa released in 2005, MSpa’s parent company ORCP have been refining their inflatable recreational products, registering over 100 patents from construction materials to heaters and filters. The MSpa brand itself was launched in late 2010, and since then, their portable spas with a focus on hygiene have been amongst the most popular hot tubs around.

UK-based CleverSpa first hit the hot tub market in 2018, focusing on affordability and impeccable customer support. Their inflatable hot tubs are popular amongst those on a budget, though despite their low cost, these spas are often packed with features such as lights, frost protection and even Wi-Fi functionality!

CleverSpa vs MSpa: Similarities And Differences

The fundamentals of inflatable hot tub design are pretty well established. You can expect jets, pumps and filters in all modern spas! But, there are some surprising quirks specific to both of these brands!

Now would be an appropriate time to show you our review guides. You can have a look at our mspa spa reviews on our main page and although we don’t have one for Cleverspa yet, it is coming in the immediate future. 

Common Similarities

MSpas and CleverSpas use integrated pumps, meaning the pump itself is situated inside the walls of the hot tub, so there’s no protruding unit taking up a load of space around the spa!

Each of these brands also uses a form of layered PVC in their construction, boasting UV resistance and protection against punctures, though only MSpas also include an antibacterial outer layer to protect against germs and bacteria.

Both companies offer UK-based customer support lines with dedicated after-sales services. They produce models with premium features such as winter frost protection, lights and their own versions of Wi-Fi apps and functionality.

Main Differences

MSpas have much more comprehensive hygiene features, including automatic filtration systems, ozone generators, UVC sanitisers and antibacterial linings, whilst CleverSpas only include a standard cartridge filter system.

MSpa also produces a wider variety of hot tubs (and a more extensive overall range) with semi-rigid options, square hot tubs and 2-person spas. However, both brands make drop-stitch models and CleverSpas are generally a little cheaper when compared with MSpas of a similar size.

Finally, CleverSpas can reach the same temperature as MSPA which is 40 degrees, with their frost protection system engaging when the water drops below 5℃ as opposed to MSpa’s 1℃ cutoff.

Product Range Comparison

The MSpa range is slightly larger than CleverSpa’s, with over 20 models to choose from compared to around 15, with MSpa’s models available in sizes from 2-4 seaters up to 6 whilst CleverSpas stretch from 4-6 person capacities.

A few MSpa models include hydro jet massage systems. However, no such option is available on any currently produced CleverSpa, with MSpa’s airjet systems featuring between 104-150 jets and CleverSpa’s ranging from 110-140.

MSpa range

  • Prices from £200-£1600
  • Excellent hygiene features
  • Hydrojet and air jet systems
  • Square, circular and oval hot tubs

CleverSpa range

  • Prices from £170-£800
  • Integrated pump
  • Frost protection for winter use
  • 40℃ max water temperature

Comparing Features: MSpa Versus CleverSpa

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As covered above, CleverSpas can reach a higher max water temperature and their frost protection system engages at a higher cutoff than MSpa’s equivalent, so although MSpas are by no means poor in the temperature department, they aren’t quite as effective!

Winner: CleverSpa


Though both brands use layered PVC linings with built-in UV resistance, MSpa’s patented Rhino-Tech material features six layers of protection, whilst CleverSpa’s Triple-S fabric only features 3. MSpa also adds an antibacterial top coat, so they’re clear winners here!

Winner: MSpa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

MSpa’s range does include a few models with fewer jets than the smallest CleverSpa, though that’s primarily due to their inclusion of smaller hot tubs in the range, and their largest models feature more jets than CleverSpa’s.

There are also a few MSpa’s with hydro jet systems, so we have to give them this one.

Winner: MSpa


Thanks to their automatic water filtration systems, UVC sanitisers, ozone generators and antibacterial linings, MSpas are our winners in terms of filtration. CleverSpas only make use of a standard cartridge filter system, which still does the job, though not nearly as effortlessly as MSpa!

Winner: MSpa


The most expensive CleverSpa is only about half as pricey as a top-end MSpa, with both brands maxing out their capacities at around six people. You do get a much better filtration system and the option to include hydro jets or rigid walls with an MSpa, though a top spec CleverSpa with Wi-Fi controls and lights comes with a very reasonable price tag!

Winner: CleverSpa


MSpa produces a few accessories such as lights, surrounds and ground mats, though their selection is fairly limited. CleverSpa’s range isn’t that much larger, though it is more varied, with a broader selection of seats, multiple styles of lights and even a few pieces of garden furniture.

Winner: CleverSpa


MSpas can be purchased both through their website and on Amazon, with a few high street retailers stocking their products, including:

  • The Range
  • John Lewis
  • Camping World

CleverSpas are equally easy to find online, sold on Amazon and through their website, which holds their newest range. They also have a few exclusive models stocked by:

  • B&Q
  • Homebase
  • Argos

Winner: Draw

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Overall Winner

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This battle has been much tougher than we’d thought! Thanks to their long tenure in the hot tub market, MSpa have a more comprehensive range of models with much more varied options; they also include better filtration systems and harder-wearing exterior linings.

CleverSpa, however, produces a great range of affordable hot tubs that still manage to include decent massage systems, warmer water, and Wi-Fi controls and lights!

Despite CleverSpa’s excellent show of form, we think that MSpa just about came out on top. Although they’re comparably more expensive, we believe the added durability, improved filtration system and option to include hydro jets make their hot tubs that little bit more attractive!

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