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Lay-Z-Spa Hollywood Review - Is This Hot Tub Any Good?

This is our review of the Lay Z Spa Hollywood (updated 2023)

The Lay Z Spa Hollywood inflatable hot tub certainly stands out from the crowd with its contemporary geometric design but does it have all the features you are looking for in your new garden spa?

The 4-6 person portable hot tub market is awash with products. Unfortunately, some of them are not worth the money and offer little in the way of a soothing spa experience. So how does the Hollywood spa compare? Does it get an Oscar, or is it more rotten tomatoes?

Lay Z Spa Hollywood Review

Snazzy is the word that comes to mind when describing this sensational spa. The contemporary design, multi-coloured LED lighting system and Freeze shield technology mean it’s perfect for parties at any time of year, and it can easily accommodate four adults with plenty of legroom.

Let’s take a look!

This in depth review will examine:

There are a lot of choices when it comes to inflatable spas, especially in the mid-range so it’s down to personal preference. Does it have to be a trade-off between design and functionality? We don’t think so!

Keep reading to see if the Hollywood is worth buying or if there’s a better option

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The Lay Z Spa Hollywood Airjet is the most eye-catching model that this brand offers. Living up to its glitzy name, the Hollywood features a dazzling LED lighting system and a stylish semi-transparent outer liner that work together to create beautiful patterns when the hot tub is in use.

Alongside the Lay Z Spa Hollywood’s visual appeal, this premium inflatable hot tub makes great use of a stellar rapid heating system and built-in freeze shield to produce a warming and luxurious hot tub experience that can be enjoyed year-round.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


4-6 adults.

Set Up Time

Less than 10 minutes to inflate.

How Long To Heat Up

Average initial heating time of 6-12 hours.

Running Costs

£30-£40 a month

Winter Frost Protection

Built-in freeze shield technology.


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Currently in Stock

The Lay Z Spa Hollywood is currently in stock.


LED lighting system, premium Duraplus construction, 140 air jets.


No wi-fi or voice controls.

What We Liked - Key Features

LED lighting system & transparent liner

The stand out feature of the Lay Z Spa Hollywood is its excellent and eye-catching LED lighting system, which shines through the semi-transparent lining of the hot tub, to create a rippling display of dancing lights whilst the tub is in use.

The LED lights are fully remote-controlled, with the system being able to produce a range of different colours or a constantly changing cycle, perfect for setting the right mood for any occasion.

Premium Duraplus construction

The Lay Z Spa Hollywood makes great use of its premium Duraplus lining not only to create a supportive and comfortable interior but to best protect the hot tub from any punctures and scrapes during regular use.

This incredibly durable material also allows the Hollywood to be inflated and deflated with minimal risk of stress and strain warping the hot tub’s shape. This allows the Hollywood inflatable hot tub to be easily moved around, making it a truly portable model.

140 airjet massage system

The Lay Z Spa Hollywood includes 140 airjets placed around the entire circumference of the cushioned floor, producing a truly all surrounding massage system with tons of bubbles.

The power of the jets can be fully controlled by the digital display on the side of the tub, making for a highly functional and user-friendly experience, great for keeping everybody happy during any hot tub party.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

4-6 adults

Water Capacity (80%):

806 Litres (213 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

66cm x 196cm (26” x 77”)

Filled Weight:

937Kg (2066lb)

Cable Length:

7 metres

Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

The Lay Z Spa Hollywood does not feature any wi-fi controls as standard, though there is a wi-fi enabled pump available that is compatible with this model.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

Not only does the Lay Z Spa Hollywood feature an excellent LED lighting system, but the semi-transparent liner helps to maximise its lighting effect, creating vivid patterns which look incredible during evening soaks.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The Hollywood inflatable hot tub lies in the middle of the Lay Z Spa range in terms of size, with its 908L capacity able to comfortably sit 4-6 average-sized adults. Its ideal for family and friends and you can even buy accessories such as pillows and steps to boost the appearance of this jacuzzi.

As with most inflatable hot tubs, we think you’ll enjoy a more relaxing dip when operating under capacity, so if you’re looking to fit 4 adults into this tub, we think you’ll be impressed with its size.

What About Safety Features?

Lay Z Spa include a ground fault detection system and RCD unit in all of their models. This will completely cut the power to the pump if any fault is detected within the hot tub’s circuitry.

There’s also an inflatable lid and secure cover included with this hot tub, which helps prevent any debris, pets or children from falling into the water when the hot tub is not in use.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Hollywood hot tub?

The Bestway Lay Z Spa Hollywood is an incredibly comfortable model, with the walls and lining that can provide a great deal of support when the unit is fully inflated.

The floor of the Hollywood is padded with a cushioned lining, which works well to prevent any aches or pains during regular use. Having said this, If you’re planning on spending more than 3-4 hours in this hot tub, we recommend looking into additional seating, which can be purchased for around £10-£20 per 2 seats.

Running costs

Most Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs will cost around £7-£10 per week to run; considering the size of the Hollywood, you should expect your energy usage to fall towards the higher end of this scale.

Using the energy-saving timer can help bring these costs down, but running the air jet massage system at full power for a few hours a day can cause those electricity bills to spike.

You should also consider the additional price of filter cartridges and chemicals, though Lay Z Spa often provides a free chemical starter pack with most new hot tub purchases.

Heat up times

With a built-in rapid heating system and freeze shield technology, the Hollywood Lay Z Spa heats up fast, reaching a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius within around 10 hours of its initial setup.

If you store your hot tub using the inflatable lid and cover, the Hollywood will retain its heat well overnight, making use of the freeze shield to keep the internal temperature above 6 degrees Celsius at all times.

How noisy is the Hollywood model

Most inflatable hot tubs will produce a fair amount of noise, with the pump able to reach somewhere around 40-70 decibels when running at full power.

By positioning your hot tub away from any houses and in a sheltered area, you can reduce the noise levels, but try to refrain from running the pump and air jets at full power late at night.

Winter usage

With built in freeze protection and an excellent rapid heating system, the Lay Z Spa Hollywood can be enjoyed just as much during the winter as it can during the summer.

The freeze shield will monitor your hot tub’s water temperature and automatically power the heating system if the water drops below 6-10 degrees Celsius.

By running power to the pump overnight, you can ensure that your Lay Z Spa Hollywood will be protected from frozen water damaging the pipes and pump even during freezing temperatures.

Price and discounts

The Lay Z Spa Hollywood is one of the more expensive airjet models available. However, we believe the inclusion of an LED lighting system and premium Duraplus materials more than justify the price tag.

If you’re searching for a bargain, we recommend holding off on your purchase until the off-season, where many manufacturers will offer discounts on their unsold stock. We’ve often seen Lay Z Spa models sold at shockingly discounted prices over the years!

Warranty and support

The standard Lay Z Spa warranty will cover the pump for 12 months and the lid for 6 months, though we recommend registering your product on the company’s website to extend this warranty to 24 months on the pump and 12 months on the lid.

There’s also a UK-based support line that can answer any queries regarding your hot tub, details of which can be found on Lay Z Spa’s website.

If this model isn’t for you, decide which lazy spa hot tub you like with this detailed comparison guide.

Lay Z Spa Hollywood Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Hollywood show that it’s a luxury model that has all the bells and whistles. Being a newer model, their arent many reviews but the ones we found all scored it at least 4/5 stars.

For families and sociable couples that are looking to host garden parties that will impress their guests, the Lay Z Spa Hollywood might be the best model on the market.

Its LED lighting system is tough to compete with, and the premium Durpalus lining allows the Hollywood to be used on a regular basis, with minimal risk of punctures or damage ruining the fun!

It’s comfortable enough for regular use and features an excellent massage system that’s sure to impress any guests; the only downside is the relatively high price tag, so you might want to check several suppliers to find the best price.

How does it compare?


A comparably sized inflatable hot tub with a similar number of air jets, this CosySpa model will certainly save you a little money for a pretty decent, if basic, hot tub experience.

However, this model is noticeably less eye-catching than the Hollywood, with no LED lights and a much less durable design, so if you’re looking to impress your guests, you’ll be better off spending the extra money!

The C-OM061 Ottoman

With a stylish and subtle design, this MSpa hot tub is a good contender for the Hollywood in terms of specs, but just like the CosySpa, it lacks the glitz of the Hollywood’s lights.

If you’re looking for a basic and functional hot tub, this is a good bet, but we think the premium quality of the Hollywood really blows this model out of the water. Read the full Ottoman review here.

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa Hollywood

Like every current Lay Z Spa model, the Hollywood features a super simple tool-free setup that should take around 10 minutes to complete.

Last Word

If you intend to use your hot tub to host garden parties, or if you enjoy socialising in the evening surrounded by bubbles, the Lay Z Spa Hollywood is an excellent choice of inflatable hot tub.

The LED lighting system looks incredible at night, and the premium Durpalus lining will ensure that you can get a lot of use out of this model without risking too much wear or damage.

It’s comfortable and warm, with the freeze protection allowing for winter use and the rapid heating system ensuring that you’ll be ready to take a dip in no time at all.