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What’s the Best Hot Tub Gazebo UK – Reviews & Shelter Ideas

In this roundup review, we will share with you the best hot tub gazebo in 2023

To most people, a temporary gazebo to put the hot tub inside is usually an afterthought, they buy the tub, and it’s only when the wind and rain start to spoil the spa experience they think about a bit of protection!

We’d love to say the primary reason people buy gazebos for a hot tub is for shade, but living in the UK, it’s usually to protect against crappy weather!

Over the last ten years, countless readers have told us how their hot tub experience has changed dramatically by adding a simple gazebo. There are plenty of hot tub gazebo ideas you can easily set up at home.

The All Seasons Gazebo is perfect for most hot tubbers out there. It measures 3x3m, so it’s ideal for virtually all models. It’s heavy-duty, easy to pop up and down and completely waterproof. Best of all, it’s not going to cost a small fortune.

In this guide, we will look at the following hot tub shelters and structures:

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

Below, we’ve tried to get a good mix of gazebos suitable for hot tubs. These shelters come in different sizes, colours and styles. Some are stronger while others are quick and simple pop up’s for when the rain arrives without notice!

Best Waterproof Hot Tub Gazebo
All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Heavy Duty

One of the best gazebos, plenty of people will likely want to look for a waterproof covering for their hot pools. This simple, pop-up structure benefits from PVC coating, meaning it’s completely impervious to a great deal of water and precipitation when outdoor. It’s likely to be a fantastic asset in all weathers. It comes in a massive variety of different colours and styles, too, meaning you don’t have to go with the beige option unless you really, really want to.

You can adjust it to different heights, meaning it will likely be a good fit for hot tub spas of various sizes. As a simple gazebo structure, it should give you a fair amount of protection from the wind and rain. Ideal for non-summer spa days on the patio.

  • Suitable for virtually all ground types, including grass
  • Very quick to put up, move in less than a minute
  • Different colours and styles, and adaptable to various heights
  • PVC coated for fantastic weather protection
  • Higher price than other gazebos
Best Pop Up Gazebo
Outsunny 2m x 2m Garden Heavy Duty Pop Up Tent

This pop-up hot tub shelter is very affordable and carries a classic style. It looks not unlike something you would see at a fete or local fair. That’s not a bad thing! It’s very lightweight, but not enough to be a problem in bad weather. If anything, it’s easy to set up and maintain this way.

This shelter benefits from UV protection, too, which means that it may be a good source of protection for you and other spa users on bright, sunny days. It’s a 2x2m system, which means you should have plenty of space for spas and hot tub systems of the most common sizes. It all packs down and zips up easily, too, which means you can take it from place to place easily enough if you need to. This would make a great accessory to any hot tub party.

  • A hot tub canopy tent with UV protection
  • Strong, powder-coated steel frame
  • Benefits from Oxford silver coating, pretty resistant against the elements
  • Comes with a cross truss design in the roof for added stability
  • Two people needed to set this shelter up
Lay Z Spa Gazebo
Lay-Z-Spa Hot Tub and Pool Gazebo Dome Enclosure

This Lazy Spa Dome enclosure is a great choice if you don’t want to set up anything permanent. Easy to pop up and take down, it’s also a good choice if you want to sit in a jacuzzi during the wildest of weather. It’ll protect you against the sun as well as the worst of the winter weather.

It has detachable fabric built-in, which means that you can remove sides and doors as and when you wish. It’s extremely flexible! You can house a hot tub of up to 3.66m in diameter under this awning.

  • Very easy to set up and pop back down
  • Add and remove walls depending on the weather
  • It has advanced wind protection, It will help to keep the heat
  • It packs down into a carry case, which means it might be a good option for portable tubs
  • You need at least two people to set it up
#1 Heavy-Duty Gazebo
Kingfisher FSGHD Heavy Duty Garden Gazebo with Side Curtains

In high winds, and if you’re going to use your hot tub in all weathers, you’re going to need a shelter that is going to withstand just about everything that gets thrown at it. This Kingfisher system shouldn’t take up too much space, and it has plenty of sturdy bracketing to help it maintain its composure. It is also one of the snazziest-looking enclosures on our list, with a lovely, modern, opulent style.

You can close the privacy screens around the hot tub gazebo to help keep out the sun. It should also be fairly easy to set up, though again, you’ll ideally need more than one person to support you. It’s a big, brash and bold covering which will likely appeal to most tub owners, whether looking to set up at home or away.

  • Very tough gazebo canopy, has bolted-on fittings for added strength
  • Super-stylish look with flexible curtain system
  • Generally affordable for the quality of the product
  • May not be the easiest structure to put up on your own
Best Gazebo with Sides
All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Waterproof Pop Up Gazebo

A hot tub enclosure with sides is always going to be a good choice if you want privacy and weather protection. This hot tub gazebo has full privacy screens which are easy to set up and take down again. This is an all-purpose gazebo in an excellent size, meaning that it will likely serve more of a purpose than just covering your spa. It shouldn’t take up too much space, but once you’re inside, you’ll be impressed at how spacious it is!

This covering comes in a variety of different colours and styles, meaning you can easily pick a look that suits your tastes. The awning also comes with a storage bag that is completely waterproof, making it one of the most portable choices on our list.

  • Very flexible, at 3x3m should be a very good size for most hot tubs
  • Available in more colours and styles than any other gazebo on our list
  • Private. Great for privacy
  • A wide variety of other uses not just a hot tub shelter.
  • The look of the shelter may come across as a little cheap, especially for the price
Top Wooden Pergola
Sculpted Wooden Garden Pergola Kit

Last but not least this stylish structure, a wooden pergola is probably going to be a great choice if you are more concerned about style than practicality. This pergola for hot tubs is a great option for decking styles in various aesthetics, and at 3 x 4.8, it’s likely to cover a fair amount of ground. It’s one of few permanent gazebo options with a solid roof and focuses on visual detail. However, if you are looking for items which provide you shade, a pergola design is likely to be very beneficial to you.

However, you will need to prepare to invest a fair amount of money in a pergola. Unlike the other considerations in our list, this solution is likely to be a little more niche. It is more of a design statement than an all-weather covering all gardens can benefit from. With four sturdy pillars and columns, it’s a great-looking fit for your guests to enjoy all year round.

  • A unique-looking pergola
  • Should look great in a variety of different gardens and patios
  • Very sturdy and reasonably easy to put together
  • Expensive compared to other options on our list
  • Perhaps more for the style than protection

What Should You Look For In A Great Hot Tub Enclosure?

The perfect hot tub shelter for you is obviously going to depend on your individual needs. There are no right or wrong answers, however, you’re going to need to look for something eye-catching, protective, and easy to install.

Therefore, we’ve chosen six hot tub shelter ideas we think are well worth your attention. Before we go into our individual hot tub gazebo reviews, let’s consider what you should – ideally – be looking for in a gazebo for a spa that will protect your tub against all weather.

Sizing and Installation

Before you do anything at all regarding your hot tub shelter, you are going to need to think carefully about space. Do you already have plenty of room in your garden? Do you have decking in place which can accommodate a shelter of sorts? Thinking about where to place the hot tub awning is what to do first. This page goes into great detail to explain what size gazebo for a hot tub you’ll need

A great hot tub enclosure is one which is adaptable to your needs. Of course, you will find some in set sizes and dimensions. However, you will likely find that there are plenty of styles and shapes to fit all kinds of outdoor spaces.

The best year-round hot tub enclosures are very easy to install. Depending on the material and type of shelter you choose, you may be able to set things up on your own. Some hot tub gazebos you can pop up, while others will need considerable assembly. Make sure to compare the work involved before buying.

Type and Structure

You should think carefully about what you are going to use your spa shelter for. Are you looking for maximum privacy when using your hot tub?

Maybe you are just looking for weather protection. Therefore, you’re going to need to think about which material will work best for you. A fully waterproof hot tub gazebo is different to a shelter that just offers shade.

For occasional use, it may be best to look for a pop-up gazebo. For long-term use, and for protection against weather, you should consider a hot tub gazebo with sides.

Consider how much time and effort you can arrange to put into looking after a shelter. Don’t have much time? You might want a pop-up gazebo system.

For more expensive options you can always look for treated timber and other types of material. A pergola, for example, could be a stylish and protective option for a tub of any size.

A Good Match For Your Hot Tub

You should also look carefully for a good match for a hot tub you have already bought. We don’t just mean in terms of size and shape, but also in terms of look and aesthetic.

There is little point in buying a hot tub tent which is going to stick out like a sore thumb! You might not want to buy a cheap gazebo for a high-end tub.

Check what verified buyers of pergolas and hot tub gazebos have said. It’s worth noting their experiences as it’s likely to be a hassle to put everything up and down again.

Why Buy a Shelter?

A great hot tub shelter could make all the difference to your hot tub experience. The most impressive hot tub gazebos won’t just look great in your garden, but will also help to protect your inflatable hot tub or hard-shelled jacuzzi for years to come.

We’ve done our homework and have found six fantastic coverings and hot tub shelters for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for simple privacy screens or a struture which is a little more advanced, we think these picks are great places for you to start looking from. These are all full surrounding shelters if you want something a little lighter, a lazy spa hood is a good choice as its flexible and doesn’t have to be installed.

To Wrap It Up, My Personal Recommendation

I believe the All Seasons Gazebos 3x3m Heavy Duty system is likely to be ideal in terms of flexible space and in terms of overall value. You’re going to need a weather-resistant hot tub gazebo which is likely to withstand years of use, and which isn’t ever likely to be a pain to put back down and up again. It’s sturdy, it’s resolute, and it’s an ideal hot tub cover. What’s more, its neutral look should be perfect for most hot tub makes and brands.

Other Extras For Your Tub

A gazebo is just one of the many accessories you can add to a hot tub, there are a whole variety of other hot tub extras for you to try out in order to make your spa experience that little bit more glamorous.


Unsure what sort of top hot tub gazebo you need? Use our buying guide as a good platform to launch from, and take a careful look at what other hot tub owners have to say.