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What Size Gazebo For A Hot Tub (Measurements & Sizing Guide)

A permanent or semi-permanent gazebo can be a great addition to your hot tub setup. The additional shelter will provide protection from the elements, promote extra privacy and can even help to reduce noise levels, but what size gazebo for a hot tub should you choose? 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned during our decade as a leading inflatable hot tub authority, it’s that spa ownership doesn’t end after you’ve installed the thing! Extra bits and bobs can be added to your setup to help improve your hot tubbing experience! If you haven’t purchased yours yet then find the best-rated hot tub gazebos here.

Can You Put A Hot Tub In A Gazebo?

A hot tub can be put in a gazebo provided that there’s between 0.3-0.5m of space around the sides to safely access the spa, plenty of openings to provide ventilation and that it’s sturdy enough to not fall down in a stiff breeze.

Permanent open-walled gazebos are ideal as they generally cover all these bases easily, though a semi-permanent gazebo can work just as well. Many hot tub manufacturers sell their own gazebos, which can be an easy way to find one of the right size to house your specific spa. You can also learn how to build a hot tub shelter if you want to create your own that fits your house or garden needs.

Hot Tub Gazebo Size Guide 

Both hard-shelled and inflatable hot tubs are available in various sizes, from couple’s spas to massive family-sized hot tubs. Each comes in various shapes, from circles to squares and octagons.

When finding a suitable gazebo, the general rule is to look for a product that measures around 0.5m more in all directions than the hot tub it houses, as this should give you enough room to access your spa from all sides during maintenance and use!  

Hard-shelled hot tub

Hard-shelled hot tub sizes generally range from 2-4 person models all the way up to 7+ person capacities, though a few 1-2 person spas can also be found. Below we’ll cover how their dimensions translate to gazebo sizes.

CapacityAverage LengthAverage WidthMinimum Gazebo Size
1-2 person160cm – 200cm80cm – 200cm210cm² – 250cm²
2-4 person160cm – 215cm160cm – 215cm 210cm² – 265cm²
5-7 person200cm – 240cm200cm – 240cm250cm² – 290cm²
7+ person215cm – 275cm215cm – 275cm265cm² – 325cm²

Inflatable hot tub

Inflatable hot tubs share similar capacities to their hard-shelled counterparts, though sometimes their inflated walls can make them a little wider. There are a few tiny 1-2 person models, alongside 2-4 seater spas and giant 7+ person hot tubs. 

CapacityAverage LengthAverage WidthMinimum Gazebo Size
1-2 person160cm – 200cm160cm – 200cm210cm² – 250cm²
2-4 person180cm – 250cm180cm – 250cm230cm² – 300cm²
5-7 person215cm – 275cm215cm – 275cm265cm² – 325cm²
7+ person275cm – 325cm275cm – 325cm325cm² – 375cm²

What Size Gazebo for a Lazy Spa?

The best size gazebo for a Lay-Z-Spa will measure around 0.5m larger than the diameter of the hot tub itself in all directions. Lay-Z-Spas come in sizes ranging from 2-4 seaters up to 7+ person capacities; their average diameters are:

  • 2-4 person: 180cm – 200cm 
  • 5-7 person: 180cm – 250cm
  • 7+ person: 200cm – 270cm

Lay-Z-Spa actually sell their own branded gazebo which can be used to house hot tubs up to 366cm in diameter, which is plenty large enough to be used with any of their portable spas.


How much clearance is required around a hot tub?

At least 0.3m (1ft) clearance is required around a hot tub to ensure that it can be accessed from all sides to be cleaned, maintained and used safely, though clearance of 0.5m allows for a little extra space to store things like the cover when a hot tub is installed inside a gazebo. 

Last Word 

We hope this guide has helped you determine which size of gazebo will be ideal for your hot tub. Whether you have a hard-shelled model or a portable spa, a good quality gazebo can offer a great deal of protection against the elements and privacy from any nosy neighbours! 

Remember, to find a suitable gazebo; you’ll need to check the dimensions of your hot tub and choose a structure that measures at least 0.3-0.5m more in all directions. 

It also requires openings to provide ample ventilation and a sturdy frame that won’t risk blowing over during your dips. Provided these bases are covered, you should be ready to enjoy your hot tub in peace. If you are unsure on how much does it cost to build a hot tub gazebo, see this useful guide and start to get a few prices together.

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