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How Much Does It Cost To Build A Hot Tub Gazebo?

Sprucing up your garden with a gazebo isn’t only a great way to breathe new life into your outdoor space; these structures can also provide the perfect shelter for your hot tub. Increased privacy and all-weather dips do sound lovely, but how much does it cost to build a hot tub gazebo?

During our decade as one of the leading hot tub guides, we’ve learned a fair bit about maintaining and caring for portable spas. We’ve also seen how much damage the British weather can do to a hot tub over time, so find a wooden hot tub shelter before its too late!

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Gazebo In The UK?

The average cost to build a gazebo in the UK is £7000, with research showing most homeowners spend between £5000-£7500 depending on their location and project size.

The job size is one of the most significant factors in your overall cost, with more materials and labour needed to complete the work. Generally speaking, you can expect to spend around £50-£70 per square foot on an average gazebo installation in the UK.

Your materials will also affect the overall cost, with metal structures costing slightly more than vinyl or wood. The shape too should be considered, as complex designs like octagons require more posts, raising costs by around £2000-£3000 compared to a square or circular structure.

Gazebo Installation Cost Supplied And Fitted

sunken hot tub under some shelter

To better understand where your money will be spent, we’ve broken down the likely costs of a gazebo based on the average price of common materials and labour. It’s vital you know what size gazebos for hot tubs are needed to ensure you price your materials and labour correctly.


  • Vinyl beams – £1800 – £5000
  • Wooden beams – £1800 – £5000
  • Metal beams – £2000 – £6000+
  • Guttering per M – £2 – £5
  • Shingle roofing per square ft – £70 – £570
  • Slate roofing per square ft – £700 – £2000

Additional materials may be required if a base needs to be laid (concrete, bricks etc.), the cost of which can be around £90-£150.


A gazebo installation should take about a day, with the average labour costs being:

  • £150 – £250 per day
  • £15 – £25 per hour

Type of gazebo

Below we’ll cover the average costs of a few popular gazebo types in the UK.

  • Square shaped – £2000 – £5000
  • Circular/oval shaped – £3500 – £5000
  • Octagonal shaped – £5000 – £8000
  • Retractable roof – £4000 – £7000
  • Complete metal installation – £6000 – £8000
  • Full wooden installation – £4000 – £6000
  • Full vinyl installation – £2500 – £6000

How To Find Excellent Gazebo Builders Near You

an empty shelter on gravel

When it comes to finding the right tradespeople, we’ve had great results using these sites.


One of the most trusted directories in the UK, Checkatrade is used by over 12 million people a year to hire professional tradespeople in their area. It’s completely free to use, just type in the profession you’re looking for and your postcode to get started! 

Bark is a worldwide database that puts professionals of all varieties in contact with customers that need their services. Just search for the trade you need, answer a few questions about the work required and type in your postcode to be presented with a list of suitable candidates. 

Yellow pages 

Since 1996 Yellow Pages have been one of the most popular directories in the UK, you can search by profession, company or keyword along with your postcode to find applicable local tradespeople.


How much does it cost to install a prefab gazebo?

Is it cheaper to build your own gazebo?

Last Word 

We hope that clears up your queries about the cost of building a hot tub gazebo in the UK. This can be quite a pricey project, with average spending of around £7000, though there are ways to reduce this cost during the planning stage.

Vinyl and wood gazebos are generally cheaper than metal ones, and square and circular structures require fewer materials than octagonal and 12-sided shelters, so they’re usually more affordable. Grab a few quotes using sites like Checkatrade and Bark to find the best deal on labour, and consider picking up a prefab or even a pop-up gazebo if you really want to cut costs! Some people don’t want a gazebo and ask do hot tubs need to be under a roof? Take a look at our guide and see if you can enjoy a hot tub all year round without any shelter.

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