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Does A Hot Tub Need To Be Under A Roof?

Whilst providing a roof for your inflatable hot tub is not essential, there are a surprising number of benefits to doing so. From speeding up maintenance routines to extending the life of your spa, there’s a reason many people answer yes to the question, does a hot tub need to be under a roof?

In the ten years we’ve been testing and researching portable spas, we’ve been asked many times how best to install them and where to find a hot tub gazebo for sale. One piece of advice that our team has dished out fairly regularly is that a good roof or shelter can be an excellent investment.

The Pros and Cons of a Hot Tub Under a Roof 

Installing a roof above your hot tub helps to keep dirt and debris out of the water, can protect your spa from rainfall and adverse weather, and provides a little privacy from prying eyes. Not to mention the extra shelter has been shown to reduce noise levels!

Though that’s not to say that a roof is always ideal, in fact, there are a couple of drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons in a little more detail! 

The Pros

Keeps dirt out

Most people know that attaching a cover to your hot tub during storage is essential for keeping nasties out of the water and retaining the spa’s heat. However, installing a roof above your tub can also help stop dirt, debris and algae spores from entering the water while bathing.  

Doing so will reduce the amount of time spent vacuuming and skimming the water after your soaks and limit the stains and dirt that take hold on the outside of your tub too!

Weather protection

a hot tub positioned indoors

It might seem obvious, but a roof above your hot tub will help prevent the damage caused by weathering. 

Direct sun exposure can cause your spa to fade and crack; heavy snowfall can put excessive weight on your cover, and rainfall can waterlog your pump. Installing a shelter above your spa will drastically reduce the likelihood of these common issues.


Most of us live in built-up areas, with many neighbouring houses that can see into our gardens. Whilst good neighbours can be a blessing, we don’t really want them peeking in during our private soaks!

Popping a roof above your spa means any onlookers won’t catch a glimpse of you undressing or unwinding in the water after a long day, bringing peace of mind to your daily dips.

The Cons

Obstructs your view

If you enjoy basking in the sun during your soaks or staring up at the clear night sky, a roof installation can negatively impact your hot tubbing experience. 

Takes longer to heat up 

a women sat in a hot tub

Direct sunlight can also help warm up the water in spas with slower heating systems, so roofs aren’t always the best idea for inflatable spas! 

Expensive installation 

Building one can be costly if there isn’t already a canopy or veranda in your garden. Considering that purchasing and running a hot tub can be pretty expensive, the added expense of building a roof may not be within everybody’s budget. You can actually view our guide on how much does it cost to build a hot tub gazebo from scratch to get some rough ideas of what costs you can expect to pay.

Hot tub roof ideas


Semi-permanent gazebos and canopies can be purchased from most spa manufacturers and are a reasonably inexpensive alternative to a permanent roof installation. You can see our instructions on how to build a hot tub shelter so if you do decide to purchase one, you’ll have an idea of what to do.


A retractable canopy is a good in-between if you have limited space and don’t fancy a permanent roof. These devices can be fitted to a surrounding wall and only pulled out when needed, as they can be retracted. They’re also less likely to become full of leaves and debris!

Does a Hot Tub Need to be Undercover?

A hot tub doesn’t need to be undercover, but providing a cover will help to protect your spa from damage, weathering and keep it free from dirt and debris. You’ll also enjoy a little more privacy, and the added shelter can muffle any noises made by a loud pump or running jets.

Last Word  

a hot tub outdoors with two glasses in holders

So, that’s hot tub roofs for you! Whilst it’s by no means essential to pop your spa under a roof, doing so can protect your spa from damage, dirt and prying eyes!

Occasionally you may want to bathe in the sun or look up at the night sky, so semi-permanent gazebos or retractable canopies may be the best solution. Still, either way, we think it’s worth considering some form of shelter to help extend the life of your hot tub.

John Devlin

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