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11 Hot Tub Party Ideas to Make Your Next Soiree a Splash

If you’re like us, then you love spending time in your hot tub. What could be better than relaxing in a bubbly Jacuzzi after a long day? But what about turning your hot tub into the best garden party in town? 

With these 11 hot tub party ideas, you can make your next get-together or occasion one to remember! 

From party games to food to cheap spa party ideas, We’ve got you covered. So grab some guests and get ready to have some hot tub fun!

Let’s get this hot tub party started! 

11 Ideas to Have a Good Hot Tub Party

Below is our list of fantastic ideas to get your party started the right way!

1. Brainstorm hot tub party theme ideas

two women partying in a hot tub

If you’re thinking of hosting a party centred around your hot tub, you’ll want to spend some time considering the different hot tub party themes. The options are practically endless, but it’s crucial to pick a theme that will appeal to your guests and set the right atmosphere.

If you’re stuck for hot tub party ideas, have a look on Instagram or consider a tropical-themed hot tub party complete with Hawaiian leis and palm trees or a beach-themed bash with sand volleyball and fruity drinks. 

Try a hot tub movie night theme with popcorn and snacks for a more laid-back gathering. Whatever you choose, make sure your hot tub is the star of the show by decorating it with lights, flowers, and other festive touches. 

With a bit of planning and spa party decorations, you can throw an unforgettable hot tub theme party that your friends will talk about for weeks. 

2. Set the scene – hot tub party decorations

hanging garden decorations

If you’re planning on hosting an awesome hot tub party, you can do a few things to ensure your guests have a great time.

First, take some time to decorate your garden party before the guests arrive. Make the most of the space you have in the garden. Accessories for hot tubs can be placed around the garden accordingly, get the seating area set up, drink holders filled, and balloons ready!

You can really let your imagination run wild here and get a feel for any party theme – from a unicorn, zebra, elephant and inflatable flamingos; there are countless ways to add some personality to your warm hot tub.

Why not build an adult tiki bar from some old pallets if you’re going for a tropical theme? This will give your guests somewhere to go when they’re not in the hot tub, and it’ll help create a fun party atmosphere. 

Just make sure there is plenty of seating for everyone to relax and enjoy themselves when not in the hot tub. 

3. Prepare the Jacuzzi

Don’t forget to get your hot tub spa ready a couple of days beforehand. It’s important to make sure your spa water quality is up to scratch and add the appropriate chemicals. Don’t forget to check bromine levels and get some test strips to ensure the PH level is within safe limits. 

Many owners choose to do a hot tub shock the night before a party to ensure clean and crystal clear water. 

Don’t leave this to the last minute because you’ll need time to sort it out if there is a problem!  

4. Food and drink 

No hot tub party is complete without some nibbles and although most hot tub parties have a BBQ theme, the world is your oyster. You could set up a table with finger food or you could even ask each of your guests to bring something along (less work for you). Just make sure there are plenty of napkins around, as no one wants greasy fingers when they are trying to relax in the hot tub.

Try to avoid people eating in the hot tub as crumbs and spillages will affect the water quality and no one wants to sit in someone else’s leftover nachos.

Guests can quickly become dehydrated in a hot tub, so it’s important to have plenty of drinks available. Not just alcohol either, as drinking alcohol in a hot tub can cause people to become intoxicated quicker, and have plenty of soft drinks and other non-alcoholic beverages too. 

Lay Z Spa have a range of mocktail recipes perfect for a hot tub party, including the Milan punch and the Paris Mimosa. 

And make sure to use plastic cups and plates; a slippy hot tub area and your best champagne glasses are not a good combination.

5. Keep the guest list short. 

a person writing a list

This may seem like an odd one when hosting a garden or birthday party, but the average hot tub won’t hold more than six adults and even that can be a squeeze and the last thing you want is when guests arrive for them to have to wait two hours before they can have a dip in the sun in comfort. Send invitations our early so you can prepare for a great spa party.

Of course, you can enjoy the swim spa in shifts. Just make sure to have other activities like board games or lawn twister planned to encourage guests to get out of the bubbles but not kill the party.

6. Hot tub party games 

When planning hot tub party activities, having a few games on hand is essential to keep everyone entertained, especially if kids are invited. If you’re having a theme party, like a tropical luau, you can pick activities that compliment your theme – like limbo dancing. 

Classic summer games like bowls or giant Jenga are always fun if you want to keep things simple! You can purchase waterproof playing cards if you’re playing card games in the hot tub! If you’re going to push the boat out, you can set up an outdoor projector which works great with hot tubs and watching a movie.

7. Ensure there are plenty of towels 

a stack of towels

Providing plenty of towels allows guests to stay warm and cosy during the entire event. This is especially important if your hot tub party tends to run late into the night or early in the morning when temperatures tend to drop outdoors.

Additionally, having extra on hand can ensure that guests don’t worry about forgetting their own bath towel or robe at home. 

Finally, with a well-stocked pile of soft and absorbent towels or even robes and slippers next to a warm hot tub, your guests will be sure to indulge in a luxury spa experience to the fullest extent! So why not pick up a few extra bath sheets and let the good times roll?

8. Add LED lights to your hot tub

There’s nothing quite like relaxing in a hot tub under the stars. But if you want to take your hot tub party to the next level, consider adding some lighting. Many hot tubs come with built-in LED light systems, which can create various cute effects.

But if your hot tub doesn’t have this feature, you can purchase a simple small light system relatively cheaply online to make it look more elegant and classy.

In addition to lighting up the inside of the hot tub, you can also add some ambience to the surrounding area with candles, lanterns or fairy lights. 

So whether you’re hosting a romantic evening for two or a fun-filled birthday party for friends, adding some lighting will help create the perfect atmosphere.

9. Music: Perfect your playlist 

spotify logo

Music is essential for setting the mood and creating the perfect atmosphere at a hot tub party. Whether you’re looking for upbeat dance tunes or more mellow ambient sounds, a good playlist can elevate any hot tub gathering to the next level. 

For example, depending on the age range of your guests and your theme, you might consider having some fun throwback tunes from decades past or some modern summer anthems from today’s hottest artists. 

Whatever style of music you choose, it’s crucial that you invest in wireless speakers to avoid trailing wires all over the place. 

Finally, be considerate of your neighbours, inviting them to join in the party is always a fantastic way to avoid complaints about excessive noise and loud music at your get-together. 

10. Hygiene 

Hot tubs are a haven for bacteria, so it’s essential your guests (who might not be hot tub owners themselves) understand basic safety and hygiene when using a hot tub. 

You could send friends and family an email reminding them nicely about not wearing fake tan and being showered prior to arriving and bringing some bathing suits or make a sign with the essential rules like no snacks in the hot tub, no peeing etc. (I know, gross right!), but there’s always one. 

11. Gazebo Party Decorating Ideas

a wooden garden shelter

This is one of the best things you can buy if you own a hot tub in the UK. It means you’ll never be caught unawares by the unpredictable weather and also provides shade if it’s too hot. 

Pop-up shelters or certain hot tub gazebos can be bought for an affordable price or alternately you could have a more permanent one built. Not only do they protect bathers from the elements, but they are perfect for adding even more decorations such as sheets of fairy lights or trailing plants. 

Children’s Hot Tub Birthday Party Ideas

Hot tubs are great fun for kids, resulting in many hot tub owners throwing a hot tub birthday bash for their children. Just remember, children under five shouldn’t be in a spa and turn the temperature down a few degrees. 

Of course, there are countless hot tub birthday party ideas for teenagers and children, from pirates and fairies to a scary movie night; the choices are endless.

You’ll need to make sure to plan ahead and that there are other activities planned to limit the time in the water and have plenty of fruit juice or water on hand to drink. 

Winter Hot Tub Party Ideas

For a more unique party idea, why not try a winter hot tub-themed party? You can transform your hot tub into an ice palace with some fake snow and icicles and serve up some warming drinks like mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Just make sure to have some patio heaters going, perhaps a toasty fire pit to roast some marshmallows and plenty of throws and blankets. 


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What could be better than being able to invite family and friends over to relax in a luxury hot tub? Throwing the perfect hot tub party isn’t hard; you just need to do a bit of planning.

 We hope our list of hot tub party ideas and tips has given you some inspiration. We’ve got you covered, from decorating your garden to keeping your guests hydrated and choosing the right music.

 And if you need any more hot tub tips, be sure to check out our other articles on hot tubs and parties. Soak up the good times with friends and family this summer whilst getting the best use of your hot tub

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