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Lay-Z-Spa Canopy Review [Spa Hood] | Ratings & Verdict

Lay Z Spa Canopy

The Lay Z Spa canopy is one of lazy spa extras built for their specialist hot tubs, and it offers a nice alternative to some of the clunkier canopies and marquees out there. It’s pretty easy to unpack and just clip-on, which also means it’ll pack away easily.

  • Sets up super-easily
  • No need for big, clunky canopies and shelters​
  • Should fit to most Lay-Z-Spa systems
  • Protects you against the sun
  • Super stable in the breeze
  • Only seems to be available in beige!

Key Features

What is the Lay-Z-Spa Canopy?

The clip-in canopy helps to protect tub users during warm and sunny weather and will also help to support you during windy weather. 

It also offers a nice amount of privacy, with just enough coverage for you to sit back and relax.

If you want to get in the hot tub throughout the year – no matter the weather – you’re going to need a canopy. This system might be a good choice if you don’t like the idea of struggling with anything too awkward.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:





16 x 61 x 8cm

Detailed Review

woman pulling canopy over hot tub

Comfortableness 5/5

What more could you ask for from a canopy? This Lay-Z Spa system protects you against the sun, the wind, and even against the cold. It’s nice and shading, which means it’ll help you to make the most of what little good weather we get. It’s likely to be a great asset even if you’re laying back and enjoying the bubbles in the winter.

Winter Usage 4/5

We rather spoiled this in the blurb above, but yes – it works great in winter. It’s better suited to summer use thanks to the shading and the SPF, but thanks to the wind protection, if you’re setting up in cold, chilly December breezes, you’re still likely to find it useful.

Price 4/5

£50 or thereabouts may seem a little pricey for a canopy that clips onto your hot tub. However, you really won’t know how useful this accessory is until you try it. You’ll likely pay a similar price for gazebos and canopies elsewhere, so be willing to take a chance. Plus, it fits Lay-Z tubs as standard.

Should I Buy This Product?

If you have a Lay-Z Spa system and you’re looking for an easy canopy to set up and pull down again, you really can’t go wrong.  For many people, a canopy is going to be a fantastic support in high winds and hot weather alike. 

The best part is, this canopy arrives from Lay-Z-Spa themselves.  This way, you already know that you’re investing in a product that’s worth the price of admission.  Instead of putting money behind a third-party option which might not work, it’s worth investing in a leading brand’s own system that is guaranteed to clip on and work as you expect.

In our collective opinion – it’s a canopy that is well worth the money.


If you need something a bit more heavy-duty, consider looking at the best gazebos for hot tubs. Although these are going to be more expensive, they are far more durable and you can have one permanently built so there is no need to worry about putting it up constantly.

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