Lay Z Spa Dome Review: What’s This Tent Cover Really Like?

Hot Tub Product:
Lay Z Spa Dome
Overall Rating:
Adaptability 100%
Ease of Setup 90%
Durability and Manufacture 90%
Aesthetics 100%
Winter Usage 90%
Value For Money 100%

The Lay-Z-Spa Dome is an amazing investment if you have one of the company’s branded tubs. It’ll help you keep your water warm during winter use, and you can easily open and close material walls and doors to make sure you get plenty of privacy. Bespoke-made for Lay-Z, this enclosure system is likely to be a sound investment if you want to make the most of your relevant tub.

Key Features

What is the Lay Z Spa Dome?

One of the most popular additions for owners. The Bestway Lay-Z Spa dome enclosure is built to help protect and enhance people’s experiences with hot tubs. Hot tubbing is great all year round, especially when the weather starts getting colder, but rain has a habit of spoiling the effect. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a dome tent of sorts to help close things in. The enclosure design of the dome will not only act as a smart and stylish sun shelter, but will also help to protect you and your hot tub users against some of the colder, wetter elements.

The Bestway spa dome is big enough to cover all hot tubs in the Lay-Z-Spa line. Ideally, it should also protect you from cooling winds during the wetter seasons, though if you do need extra ventilation, it is one of few hot tub enclosure kits which can readily adapt. Simply take the fabric sides away and adapt the doors to your needs.

The dome enclosure overhead always stays in place, and the system fits well on most ground. This means that you should feel safe enough to install it on soft surfaces as well as hard stone or grounding. The choice is yours – no matter the conditions, whether on a patio or on grass, you should have plenty of coverage and protection. For something smaller and cheaper, see if the Lay Z Spa canopy might be a better fit to go over your hot tub.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item No:
1100 kg (2,426lb) approx.
12 kg
Assembly Requirements:
Two People
Adaptable To:
Lay-Z-Spa Products

Detailed Review

Lazy Spa Dome Review

Adaptability 5/5

We can't fault the dome for its adaptability. The Lay-Z lines tend to run to similar sizes, meaning that it's a hot tub enclosure which will likely cater to most needs. Even if you own one of the bigger tubs in the line, it's likely to still give you enough cover. If you're really unsure, make sure to measure up and check your hot tub dimensions before you put any money down.

Ease of Setup 4/5

This dome should be fairly easy to set up, even if it is fairly robust and, in places, a little complex! However, providing you have someone to hand who can help to pop it up and set it in place, you'll be up and running in no time. According to ratings from those who use the dome, people found it very easy to manage between teams of two and more. Just don't try tackling it on your own! If you want something to pop up on its own, there are cheaper options out there - cheaper in terms of cost and in terms of manufacture!

Durability and Manufacture 4/5

As with other Lay-Z products, you can expect even the fabric doors on their hot tub dome to take a whack or two. However, some customer ratings are concerned that the dome may not be as reliable in the wind as the marketing lets on. That's why you should always read what verified buyers have to say! However, your own needs may vary. You might be wanting to set up a Lay-Z-Spa hot tub in the full sun, only closing the doors and panels for privacy. It'd be good for you to invest in a system that's fully wind-resistant, but customer reviews vary, as do tastes, too. Take them all with a hill of salt.

Aesthetics 5/5

This canopy looks fantastic. There are some horribly cheap-looking awnings and coverings out there, and this system seems to tread the line between practicality and luxury. That's a great thing! It has the look of an everyday tent to the naked eye, but set up with the right Lay-Z-Spa hot tub, you'll create a stunning effect which likely appeal to any guests who pop round for a quick dip in the bubbles. It doesn't seem to pick up many stars at Amazon for its visual appeal, but we are genuinely pleased with the design. We think a lot of other people will be, too. You can't see any of the poles sticking out, and it's nice and smooth, with contours up and down.

Winter Usage 4/5

You should be able to make use of the top-quality fabrics and doors on this spa tent without any ill effects during winter. The system is designed to lock heat in, after all. Adaptable to many different surfaces as well as many different types of weather, you may be surprised at just how well it will keep the warmth locked in. However, again, something which may put you off the purchase is what others may have to say about wind control and protection. We think it's good value for money, but some people running spas seem to think that they don't get as much cold protection as they might like. Remember that hill of salt we were talking about?

Price 5/5

Overall, we think the enclosure has a good price. You can certainly expect to pay more elsewhere for this type of covering, which is why we think if you already have a Lay-Z tub set up, you'll hardly notice the extra RRP on top. It's likely to be a sound investment for off-season relaxation for many years to come, too. It's a brand that has a solid reputation, and if you dig deep into the product information, you'll find that it's intuitively designed. This, at least, sets it apart from the pack likely to charge you similar money, if not more.

Other Accessories

Just like the dome, Lay Z Spa have a wide range of fantastic accessories that you can add to your tub to make it more luxurious. See for yourself with our best lazy spa accessories page and start picking which great addition you want for your jacuzzi. You can also see all the gadgets available for a hot tub on our main page as we look at how each one might improve your spa experience.


The Outsunny enclosure is likely to be a solid choice if you only have a small budget. However, compared to the Lay-Z model, it does look totally different. It may be adaptable, and useful for various tasks, but ultimately, we think you should be looking for an awning or enclosure which is designed to fit your specific tubs. Otherwise, you run the risk of getting too big a model, or too small an enclosure. Either way, it is a simple waste of money on your part! Outsunny’s system is suited well to winter use and has more than a few good ratings, however, you can’t really beat the bespoke nature of the Lay-Z-Dome.

The Airwave pop-up-gazebo is also a great all-round option, However, once again, that’s both a strength and a drawback. If you are really looking for a covering that is specific for hot-tubbing, a catch-all enclosure is not really going to give you the best ventilation or protection. More to the point, the Lay-Z-Dome is better made and has far superior material in its manufacture. Therefore, it’s clear to us who the winner is.

Should I Buy This Product?

There are plenty of coverings out there such as a dome shelter and spa canopy which means that it can sometimes be hard to pick between the pack. However, we do think that this model beats out the competition purely because it is bespoke made to fit Lay-Z-Tub systems elsewhere.

Then again, do take a look at your budget, and your garden aesthetics. Does this enclosure fit both of those needs? We think the Lazy Spa Dome enclosure is a fantastic, adaptable and great value option – but your tastes may vary!

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