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Lay-Z-Spa Dome Review

Our Rating: 3.3


This is our review of the Lay-Z-Spa Dome (2023)

If you want to enjoy your hot tub throughout the year, you may consider buying a hot tub enclosure. This Lay-Z-Spa dome review reveals if you should choose this pop-up gazebo or if better options are available.

Do you really need a roof over your spa? Maybe not if you just use it in the Summer (Although that’s still considerable risk in the UK), but you’ll definitely want protection from the elements for winter soaks

We’ve seen more than our fair share of customers shell out on gazebos and be disappointed with the results, so we decided to take a look at the Lay-Z-Spa Dome to see what it’s made of and more.

Detachable fabric - Offering both privacy and wind protection, the four sides can be opened and closed as needed.
Wind protection - The manufacturing and material used in the hot tub dome will protect you from wind and showers all year round.
Heat efficiency. The Lay-Z-Spa dome is built and designed to be as thermo-efficient as possible. It will prevent the water from cooling down due to wind chill saving you money.
Portable - It comes with a convenient carry bag making it perfect for travel or camping trips as well, making it highly versatile.
UV protection - The coated fabric offers bathers protection from the sun and ensures it won’t be damaged by the rays like some other textiles.
Spacious design - The dome gazebo is suitable for all Lay-Z-Spa models in their extensive range.

There is only one option, and whilst it is neutral, the design may not be to everyone’s taste.
It doesn’t come with fillable weights as some shelters do. You will need to make or buy some.

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Table of Contents

What is the Lay-Z-Spa Dome?

Basically, the Lay-Z-Spa dome is a gazebo designed for hot tubs with four openable sides. This spa enclosure will enable you to enjoy a soothing spa experience, whatever the weather, whilst also affording you some privacy.

Benefits of using a canopy

The number one feature of the dome is protection from the elements. After all, we live in the UK where there’s always the chance of wind and rain even in the height of Summer. Using a gazebo protects you from biting cold winds and rain showers.

Secondly, if you live in a built-up area, chances are your hot tub will be overlooked. The Lay Z Spa Dome boasts four sides, all of which can be left open or closed to shield you from prying eyes.

Another crucial benefit of using the dome is that it prevents cold winds from cooling down the water saving money by not having to turn the heater up on chilly days constantly.

What Size is it?

The Lay-Z-Spa dome offers plenty of space. The product dimensions are:

  • Length of 3.9m (153″)
  • Width of 3.9m (153″)
  • Height 2.5m (100″).

This makes it suitable for even the biggest models in both this and other brands. In fact, it could even be used with some permanent options.

How to Set Up the Dome

Because there is no floor or base, the dome by Lay-Z-Spa can be popped over your spa even if it is already filled and in situ.

Although you will need two people when setting up the Lay-Z-Spa dome, the good news is it’s pretty straightforward, a bit like a tent.

All you need to do is connect the poles attach the fabric and put in the ground pegs meaning it can be quickly erected in just 15 minutes. Just be aware that additional fixtures and fittings may need to be ordered if you intend to use the gazebo on a patio or decking.

Detailed Review

Below we’ll lift the lid to see if the Lay-Z-Spa dome is worth parting with your cash, what we think you’ll like about it and what you may not!


We can’t fault the dome for its adaptability. The brand’s hot tubs can be used year-round thanks to their innovative frost protection, but to fully enjoy winter soaks, you need protection from the elements.

The Lay-Z-Spa dome can also be used throughout the year, offering protection from wind and precipitation during the colder months and from direct sunlight in the Summer thanks to its UV protection.

The four sides can each be opened independently, and there are four large pockets to keep all those hot tubbing essentials close at hand.

Easy to set up

Lay-Z-Spa is renowned for the straightforward set-up of its spa range and this hot tub shelter is no different. It is large and a bit unwieldy, so this is definitely a job for two, but it only takes a few minutes to insert the poles and have the whole structure in place.


Constructed from UV and water-resistant fabric, you can expect the Lay-Z-Spa dome to withstand quite a bit. That being said, it isn’t totally impervious to the weather and should be brought inside during storms or extremely high winds.


The neutral tones, shape and open sides of this hot tub gazebo mean it will complement most modern garden designs without taking the attention away from your stylish spa.

Winter usage

If you’re a regular visitor to our site, you’ll know we love enjoying our spas in the Winter, perhaps even more so than in the Summer.

So, anything that makes it possible to enjoy that relaxing experience gets a big thumbs up from us! Just remember the dome isn’t completely indestructible and needs to be packed away during really bad weather.

Where to Buy

You can buy the Lay-Z-Spa dome in several high street retailers online and from the brand’s official website on the accessory page; below are a few stockists.

  • Amazon
  • Argos
  • Currys
  • B and Q
  • Very
  • Littlewoods

You may also be able to pick up second-hand hot tub shelters on eBay, FB marketplace or local ads.

Lay-Z-Spa Dome Alternatives

Outsunny 3.5 x 3.5M Gazebo

Outsunny 3.5 x 3.5M Gazebo

A lot cheaper than the dome, this 3.5-metre gazebo by Outsunny is not only great value. The PU-coated open fabric shell offers ventilation along with protection against UV rays, wind and rain. There's even a hook in the centre to hang a lantern.

Pro Peak Outdoors Dome

Pro Peak Outdoors Dome

The largest gazebo at 3.6 metres in length and width and 2.3 metres high, this hot tub shelter from Pro Peak gives exceptional sun protection with its UVPF50+ coated 190T polyester fabric. There are also eight inner pockets for storage.

Steinbach Whirlpool Roof

Steinbach Whirlpool Roof

Designed for spas with a diameter of up to 2 metres, this dome includes a ground protection sheet, so it would need to be erected before filling your tub. It has two doors, a zippable privacy screen and comes with six fillable weights.

Alvantor Bubble Tent Pop-Up Gazebo

Alvantor Bubble Tent Pop-Up Gazebo

The stylish Alvantor Bubble Tent is constructed from a tough transparent PVC that allows bathers a 360° clear view, so it may not be the best choice if your number one consideration is privacy. However, it’s easy to pop up and comes in 4 different sizes.


Is the Lay-Z-Spa dome waterproof?

The Lay-Z-Spa dome is water resistant, not waterproof and there is a difference. The dome will resist water that comes into contact with the surface but can’t withstand prolonged downpours as a waterproof jacket would.

Should You Buy the Lay-Z-Spa Dome?

We’re on the fence a bit with this one; yes, you should definitely buy a gazebo for your hot tub, but as there is only one choice from the manufacturer, it really is down to personal taste and what you think will blend into your garden design better.

That being said, the Lay-Z-Spa dome is of terrific quality, gets excellent reviews, and the brand is trusted. As with spas, quite a few companies try making a quick buck by making inferior products, so avoid cheap and cheerful options.

When it comes to outdoor structures, however, many camping and tent manufacturers also make excellent quality gazebos, so it's always worth shopping around.

Just be sure to get your measurements right!