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MSpa Silver Cloud Review [4 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the MSPA Silver Cloud Hot Tub (updated in 2023)

Flying the flag for MSPA’s Delight range, the affordably priced MSPA Silver Cloud comes in both a 2-4 person and 4-6 person capacity, both featuring energy-efficient PTC heating, either a 118 or 138 air jet massage system and a wealth of intelligent hygiene features.

But is this the best MSpa hot tub you can buy? And who is this model aimed at?

MSPA Silver Cloud Review

The MSPA Silver Cloud comes in a 4 or 6-seater capacity; both options include an energy-efficient PTC heater, reinforced PVC linings, and either 118 or 138 dynamic air jets. All of the spa’s main functions are fully adjustable via an intuitive wired controller.

There’s an art to inflatable design, so we’ve dedicated over ten years of our lives to separating the masters from the imitations, all because we believe everybody should feel the joys of a premium hot tubbing experience!

In this guide, we’ll look at:

Keep reading to discover whether the MSPA Silver Cloud is as delightful as it sounds!

Table of Contents

MSPA’s Delight range is a favourite amongst our team, as it focuses on the core aspects of great hot tub design without overcomplicating things with too many expensive mod-cons!

With a subtle black shell and finished in an antibacterial lining to protect against germs, the MSPA Silver Cloud comes in a 4 and 6 seater capacity, making it perfect for any family size!

We tried out the 4-seater model, featuring 118 air jets and a PTC heating system. This clever heater is able to produce remarkably energy-efficient heating and thousands of lovely warmed bubbles, all with fully adjustable controls via a handy wired remote!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


2-4 adults

Set Up Time

5-10 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

12-18 hours

Running Costs

£40-£60 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Built-in anti-icing unit


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the MSPA Silver Cloud is in stock


PTC Heating, two available sizes, affordable


No variable jet speeds

What We Liked - Key Features

Energy efficient

It’s all well and good opting for a budget price hot tub, but if you’re shelling out a fortune heating the thing, you’re not really making the most of your money!

We love MSPA’s PTC heating system, a clever little unit that relies on a Positive Temperature Coefficient to increase the heater’s resistance as the water temperature rises.

In layman’s terms, this heating system will use less energy the hotter the water gets, helping you maintain a toasty hot tub throughout the day without spending loads on your energy bill!

Two sizes available

Covering all bases in terms of its available capacity, the MSPA Silver Cloud inflatable hot tub can be found as both a 2-4 person and a 4-6 person spa.

We gave the smaller option a spin but have been assured that the only differences between the two are the size of the floor space and the number of air jets!

The larger model holds 230L more water and offers 20 more air jets. However, both benefit from a heated massage system, energy-saving timer, and a handy wired controller that can be used to adjust all of the hot tub’s main features from the comfort of its reinforced PVC interior.

Excellent value for money

In keeping with the MSPA Silver Cloud’s family-oriented design, both the 4 and 6-seater models can be found at a considerably lower price than most of their competition. Along with this model, there are plenty of other hot tub bargains out there, you just have to find them. 

Bearing in mind that the MSPA Silver Cloud boasts a dual-operated heated massage system, a smart filtration unit, and an antibacterial lining to help protect your family against all common germs and bacteria. We think you’re getting an awful lot of bang for your buck!

When you consider the MSPA Silver Cloud’s excellent energy-efficient PTC heater, we think this hot tub would make a great first time purchase for families of any size. Especially those looking to get into hot-tubbing without spending a fortune.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

2-4 people

Water Capacity:

700L / 184 Gallons

Inflated Size:

180cm x 70cm

Filled Weight:

721.5kg /1591lbs

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius

Is this a wi-fi controlled hot tub?

As a proudly budget model, the MSPA Silver Cloud doesn’t include any Wi-Fi functionality, though we found adjusting the heater and jets to be a dream via the included wired controller.

Does this model have lighting?

Again, in keeping with this hot tub’s affordable design, you won’t find any lights here, though if you are after a little illumination, MSPA sells a remote-controlled floating light for about £50.

How many people can it accommodate?

The MSPA Silver Cloud model that we got our hands on had a pretty roomy 180cm diameter floor, which holds up to 4 adults easily, though if you’re after more space, the 6-seater stretches to a diameter of 204cm.

What about safety features?

We were very impressed with the MSPA Silver Cloud’s attention to hygiene, finding that the smart filtration system will automatically initiate for 1 hour every 8 hours to help rid the water of any nasty contaminants.

You’ll also find an antibacterial lining coating the hot tub’s shell to further promote a safe and hygienic environment and a temperature cutoff that stops you from overheating the water!

On top of this, we found child safety locks on the secure cover that help prevent accidental falls during storage and a PRCD unit in the 5.1m cable that acts to cut your power supply in the event of any electrical issues.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the MSPA Silver Cloud hot tub?

With six layers of reinforced PVC lining both the outer and inner walls of the MSPA Silver Cloud, our team found this hot tub’s construction to be super comfortable and supportive to recline against.

The floor is comfy enough, with a decent amount of padding and a soft-touch layer of PVC, though we did pop a ground mat underneath to stave off the aches during longer soaks!

Running Costs

Thanks to MSPA’s excellent PTC heating system, and the insulating properties of the MSPA Silver Cloud’s reinforced PVC walls, we could keep our running costs down to around £10-£15 per week.

We reckon these costs can be reduced even further if you’re vigilant in securing the hot tub’s cover during storage and try popping added insulation around the base and the walls. Still, even without these tricks, we were very impressed by the MSPA Silver Cloud’s energy efficiency.

Heat up times

With the PTC heater working its magic, we saw very respectable heat up times of around 2 degrees Celsius per hour when running the MSPA Silver Cloud in mild weather.

Our 4-seater model held 700L of water, which we had heated to 40 degrees Celsius in just about 16 hours, though thanks to the black lining of this hot tub, popping it in direct sunlight should help boost those heating times considerably!

We should also note that by running the heater at 10 degrees overnight, we were able to enjoy much faster daily heating times. As the PTC heater uses less energy when maintaining a set temperature, it wasn’t too costly to do this!

How noisy is the MSPA Silver Cloud model?

The MSPA Silver Cloud comes equipped with MSPA’s brilliant “whisper quiet” pump, which uses an insulated case to limit the hot tub’s operational noise to a maximum of 70 dB.

In our tests, this was about as loud as a vacuum cleaner, so although you’ll definitely hear this thing running, it’s not nearly as loud as you’d expect from a hot tub of its size.

Winter usage

Flipping through the Silver Cloud spa’s manual, we learned that its anti-icing system would automatically engage if the water temperature drops below 1 degree Celsius, provided that there is power to the pump.

This means that your hot tub won’t risk freezing over during the winter, even if you skip a few of your daily soaks!

Despite this system preventing frozen water damage, our experience of winter hot tub use tells us that you’d probably be better off just running the heater at 10 degrees to speed up your winter heating times. Either way, you can certainly use this spa year-round.

Price and discounts

Our team is in agreement that both the 4-person and 6-person models of the MSPA Silver Cloud are very reasonably priced, beating out most of their competition in terms of features to overall cost!

Having said this, we’re never one to turn away from a discount, so if you’re looking to shave a little off the asking price, we recommend checking out a range of suppliers during the winter months when you’ll often find these hot tubs at discounted prices.

Warranty and support

As a Delight model, the MSPA Silver Cloud is eligible for a 12-month warranty on its electrical components and six months on the body and liner of the spa.

MSPA are also pretty good when it comes to customer support, hosting a wide range of FAQs and how-to videos on their official website, with an online contact form available under the “support” tab to get in touch with their team.

MSPA Silver Cloud Reviews

The reviews of the MSPA Silver Cloud are very good with much of the feedback stating how sturdy the tub is and that it’s aesthetically appealing.

If you’re searching for an affordable inflatable with excellent efficiency features and a respectable massage system. In that case, we think that the MSPA Silver Cloud is a great model to look out for.

With two brilliant sizes to choose between, there’s an MSPA Silver Cloud to suit any size of family. With such great affordability in both its price and running costs, we think this is an excellent shout for first-time buyers looking to dip their toes into hot tubbing.

How does it compare?

Lay-Z-Spa Cancun Hot Tub

The Cancun is similar in size to the 4-seater MSPA Silver Cloud, with two more air jets and a slightly more powerful frost protection system.

This model is pricier, though, and its light coloured exterior will get messy fast if there are any kids around, so we’re sticking with the MSPA Silver Cloud.

Intex Purespa - 4 Person

The Purespa holds a little more water than the Silver Cloud MSPA and offers two more jets, though, with only three layers of PVC in its liner, it’s not quite as durable as MSPA’s 6-layered model.

This spa is also much more expensive and doesn’t match MSPA’s energy-efficient PTC heating, so it's the Silver Cloud MSPA for us.

How to Set Up The MSPA Silver Cloud

You don’t need any tools to get this thing up and running, just attach the inflation hose and press one button on the pump. We had the MSPA Silver Cloud ready to be filled in about 5-10 minutes!

Last Word

We were very impressed with the MSPA Silver Cloud, finding that this powerful little hot tub can produce an excellent massage and brilliantly toasty interior despite its budget price.

We think you’ll love the MSPA Silver Cloud’s simplistic design if you’re new to hot tubbing. It seems like this brand has really poured its efforts into nailing the essential things, such as efficient heating, comfortability, and hot tub hygiene.

Whichever size you choose, we think the MSPA Silver Cloud is the ideal first family hot tub, perfectly suited for year-round use with limited hassle and surprisingly low running costs!

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