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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Mauritius Review | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the Lay Z Spa Mauritius (updated 2023)

One of the largest of the Lay Z Spa range, the Mauritius hot tub’s unique shape and sleek design make it a popular choice for entertaining and larger families but is this blow-up spa all it’s cracked up to be or are there better alternatives on the market?

Lay Z Spa Mauritius Review

The Mauritius Airjet is a chic and contemporary addition to any garden with its oval shape and wood effect design. It can accommodate up to seven adults and has an impressive 180 airjets ensuring a soothing spa massage throughout the year. Plus, the sturdy construction ensures it will last! 

We’ve been testing hot tubs extensively for over ten years, so we know what makes a rejuvenating spa experience and believe us when we say not all hot tubs live up to expectations. So does this one?

In this review, we’re going to see:

If you are looking for a larger inflatable hot tub for entertaining, the Mauritius spa will be in the mix but is it the right one for you or are there others that better fit the bill?

Keep reading to find out if the Mauritius exceeds expectations or is a disappointment?

Table of Contents

The Mauritius Lay Z Spa is a large capacity inflatable hot tub with a welcoming oval-shaped design, a perfect hot tub for socialising and entertaining, with all of the premium features that we’ve come to expect from this industry-leading brand.

Featuring the largest amount of massaging jets available from an airjet model, and one of the largest water capacities of any Lay Z Spa product, the Mauritius is one of the most luxurious hot tubs currently on the market and ideal for large families or those looking to host large garden parties.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


5-7 adults.

Set Up Time

5-10 minute setup time

How Long To Heat Up

6-12 hours to reach max water temperature.

Running Costs

£40-£50 per month.

Winter Frost Protection

Includes built-in freeze protection.


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the Mauritius is currently in stock.


180 air jets, premium Duraplus lining.


One of the more expensive Lay Z Spa models.

What We Liked - Key Features

Spacious oval shape

Thanks to the Lay Z Spa Mauritius’ unique oval-shaped design, this luxurious inflatable hot tub can comfortably fit up to 7 adults whilst encouraging conversation due to the intimate layout.

The side walls of the Mauritius are relatively low, making it easy to get in and out of the hot tub and providing a great deal of comfort when fully reclining in the spacious interior.

180 airjet massage system

The Mauritius includes the largest amount of bubble jets available from this brand, positioned around the entire circumference of the hot tub to produce an all surrounding massage experience.

With fully adjustable controls that can be accessed through the Mauritius’ digital control panel, this hot tub provides a great deal of control over the power and intensity of the jets. Allowing hot tubbers to keep everybody happy and keep an eye on their system’s energy usage!

Premium Duraplus lining

The Lay Z Spa Mauritius is made from premium Duraplus materials, with a strengthened beam construction that provides both structural stability and cushioned comfort.

The outer liner is not only incredibly hard-wearing but is also finished in a realistic-feeling embossed wood design, providing excellent protection from regular wear and aiding the Mauritius in looking great in contemporary gardens.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

5-7 adults

Water Capacity (80%):

1370L (362 gallons)

Inflated Size:

71cm x 270cm x 180cm

Filled Weight:

1395kg (3076lb)

Cable Length:

7 metres

Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is this a wi-fi controlled hot tub?

The Lay Z Spa Mauritius does not come with wi-fi controls, though the manufacturer has a compatible wi-fi enabled pump available at an additional charge.

Does this model have lighting?

There is no built-in lighting system included with the Mauritius, though compatible lighting accessories can be purchased directly from Lay Z Spa or from other inflatable hot tub manufacturers.

How many people can it accommodate?

The Mauritius hot tub is one of the largest models that Lay Z Spa produce, with a water capacity of 1370L and plenty of room to fit up to 7 average-sized adults.

The unique oval-shaped design helps make the most efficient use of the available space, meaning hot tubbers can expect an incredibly comfortable experience with a surprising amount of legroom even at full capacity.

What about safety features?

The Lay Z Spa Mauritius includes a secure cover to prevent children or pets from falling into the water and a ground fault detection system that will alert you to any internal hot tub circuitry issues.

In addition to this, the Mauritius is fitted with an RCD unit that will automatically cut the power to the pump if any water is detected within the hot tub’s internal mechanisms.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Mauritius hot tub?

Due to the Lay Z Spa Mauritius’ oval-shaped design, this hot tub is exceptionally comfortable during extended use. The low walls are ideal for the average-sized adult to recline, and the cushioned beam construction provides a great deal of support when fully inflated.

Alongside the supportive walls, this inflatable hot tub features a padded floor that’s surprisingly comfortable during regular use. However, those looking to spend entire afternoons in the bubbles might think about purchasing additional seats at £10-£20 per 2.

Running costs

Due to its large capacity and massive amount of air jets, the Lay Z Spa Mauritius can be quite expensive to operate. The brand estimates that their entire range will cost between £7-£10 per week to run, but we’ve found that running the Mauritius at full power can easily cause this hot tub to break the £10-£15 mark!

You should also consider the additional costs of chemicals and water filters, though Lay Z Spa will often include a free chemical starter kit with purchases directly from their website.

Heat up times

With a built-in rapid heating system and patented freeze shield technology, the Mauritius can reach a maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius within around 6-12 hours of initial setup.

Once this hot tub is heated for the first time, we’ve found that the Duraplus lining works well to retain heat, provided that you store your hot tub with the inflatable lid and cover securely sealed

How noisy Is the Mauritius model?

With a large water capacity and 180 massaging jets, the Bestway Lay Z Spa Mauritius can be particularly noisy when operating.

You can reduce Lay Z Spa noise by positioning your hot tub in a sheltered area, by placing the hot tub on a ground mat and by making use of the energy-saving timer, but we recommend that you avoid running the jets at full power late into the night.

Winter usage

Lay Z Spa’s freeze shield technology allows the Mauritius to run just as well in the winter as it does during the summer. By using an array of sensors to monitor the hot tub’s water temperature, the freeze shield will automatically add heat if it ever drops below 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Provided that you run power to the pump overnight, the freeze shield will protect your hot tub from freezing temperatures and allow the rapid heating system to warm the water back up within an hour or two when you fancy a dip.

Price and discounts

All of the top lazy spa options are pricey and the Lay Z Spa Mauritius is amongst the more expensive models in the current Lay Z Spa range. However, we think this is to be expected given the model’s excellent capacity and large amount of massaging jets.

There are several points in the year in which inflatable hot tubs see less demand, so it can be worth checking several suppliers over several months; often, you’ll find premium models such as the Mauritius at a surprisingly low price.

Warranty and support

Lay Z Spa’s standard warranty covers the pump for 12 months and the lid for 6, though you can extend this to 24 months on the pump and 12 months of the lid by simply registering your purchase on the brand’s website.

You’ll also find details of their UK-based support line here, staffed by industry professionals who can assist with any hot tub related queries you may have.

Lay Z Spa Mauritius Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Mauritius show mainly positive feedback. Customers state that the jets are powerful and that the tub retains the heat quite well. 

If your main priority in terms of your inflatable hot tub purchase is to host parties or enjoy socialising with friends and family, the Mauritius is easily one of the best choices out there.

Its unique oval-shaped design is excellent for promoting conversation, and the premium Duraplus lining provides a great deal of comfort and support during longer hot tub soaks.

The Lay Z Spa Mauritius features the most considerable amount of bubble jets available on any airjet model. It can fit into smaller garden spaces much better than its circular range-mates. The only downside is the price tag, though we do think that spending a little more is worth it in this case.

How does it compare?

Intex Bubble Massage

Whilst this Intex model will save you a little money; you will be sacrificing both water capacity and perceived leg-room, as the circular design just doesn't feel as spacious to recline in.

There are also considerably fewer bubble jets (140) and a much less effective freeze protection system, so we think spending the extra money on the Mauritius is worth it.

The Helsinki

Our review shows the Helsinki Lay Z Spa Airjet is probably the closest competitor to the Mauritius, with the same amount of air jets though positioned in a more traditional circular hot tub design.

It's more expensive than the Mauritius. However, it does feature a premium drop-stitch lining and eye-catching wood-print exterior, so your choice will likely come down to aesthetics more than anything.

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa Mauritius

Like all Lay Z Spa hot tubs, the Mauritius features a simple tool-free setup that takes only 5-10 minutes. Once inflated, you’ll need to fill the hot tub with fresh water, this can take around 1-2 hours, and you’ll be ready to dive in!

This video shows how to easily set up your Lay Z Spa

Last Word

Having reviewed a lot of hot tubs, we think the Lay Z Spa Mauritius is the ideal inflatable hot tub for large families and sociable people. Boasting the largest capacity from this industry-leading brand and the largest amount of bubble jets available, the Mauritius is the quintessential hot tub for garden parties.

The durable lining can withstand any bumps and scrapes during regular use, and the oval-shaped design helps to make the most out of your outdoor space by easily slotting into smaller gardens.

The price tag is a little high, but we really do believe that the Mauritius is worth every penny, providing all of the classic features that you’d expect out of an inflatable hot tub, executed in the most premium manner.

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