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How To Reduce Lay Z Spa Noise & Soundproof the Pump

There’s a lot to love about the Lay Z Spa hot tubs in 2023, but one common complaint that we’ve heard from hot tubbers is that the pump can get a little noisy during extended use!

We’ve experienced this issue ourselves, so drawing on some of our team’s collective expertise, we’ve devised a few handy tips and tricks on how to reduce Lay Z Spa noise and bring a little peace back to your daily soaks! 

How To Fix A Noisy Lazy Spa Pump

an insulation mat rolled up

Make sure the pump is positioned correctly.

The easiest way to reduce noise levels emitted by your Lay Z Spa pump is to ensure it’s in the correct position during the hot tub installation.

The main culprit of Lay Z Spa noise is often the vibrations from the pump, so avoid installing your hot tub on a wooden deck or raised surface. Instead, try popping your Lay Z Spa on flat ground with a thick rubber insulation mat beneath to reduce vibration noise.

You should also avoid setting up your pump on surfaces like a gravel hot tub base if the stones are sharp and in front of solid walls, as they can reflect the loud noise the hot tub makes; doing this should help to reduce noise levels and keep the neighbours onside! 

Use insulation mats

Thick rubber or foam mats are a great way to muffle your Lay Z Spa pump. Not only will they help to reduce vibrations, but they also provide insulation to maintain heat in the water, saving quite a bit on your energy bills!

We reckon insulation mats should be any hot tub owner’s first purchase. Our favourites are those made by Dynamat, developed as automotive insulation. This high-tech material always comes out on top in our tests for durability, heat loss prevention and build quality. Also, we reviewed the Lay Z Spa floor protection system and our thoughts are here.

Build or use natural barriers

Another handy trick to absorb noise around your Lay Z Spa pump is to make use of garden fences and shrubbery or create some acoustic panels if you lack these features.

Muffling the noise coming from your Lay Z Spa by installing it near thick bushes and tall fence panels is perhaps the cheapest way to reduce unwanted sounds, but be careful not to cause punctures by placing it too close to sharp branches! 

If you have a large garden and muffling sound waves in this way isn’t possible, you can try building your own acoustic panels. 

The best way to do this is to attach the acoustic foam to plywood boards and install them around your Lay Z Spa pump to create a soundproof box, but leave ventilation space to prevent overheating! 

Lazy Spa noise reduction system

All Lay Z Spas made after 2021 come with the Lay Z Spa noise reduction system. This high-tech gadget sits inside your pump, lessening operational noise by efficiently managing which mechanisms are whirring away.

Where to Buy

Pre-2021 models can be fitted with this system, though it can be a little hard to find this product online! We could not find it.

Use a sheet of plywood.

Avid DIY-ers can avoid shelling out on an insulation pad if they’ve got a few sheets of plywood knocking around!

Whilst this method isn’t as effective as insulation mats, plywood works surprisingly well at absorbing unwanted sounds. Its fibrous makeup helps to dampen vibrations, bringing down the noise level of your pump considerably.

Are Lay Z Spas Noisy?

Most Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tubs fall into the range of 40-70db when operating normally. The lower end of this spectrum will hardly be noticeable, with the higher end being comparable to a busy high-street or household hoover!

Newer Lay Z Spa’s (made after 2021) contain a noise reduction system within the pump, limiting operational noise. Even older models can be fitted with this feature retroactively, though it is quite hard to find the Lay Z Spa noise reduction system online! 

As a general rule, the smaller your Lay Z Spa is, the quieter it will be, but large capacity models like the Helsinki Airjet hot tub or Napa can easily hit 70db when running at full power! 

Why You May Need a Soundproof Box for Your Hot Tub Pump

baby sleeping in a cot

Your children’s bedrooms are nearby.

All parents agree that after the kids have gone to bed, it’s high time for a bit of rest and relaxation! 

While bubbling hot tubs can be ideal to de-stress, a noisy hot tub motor will likely wake the kids up and ruin your little slice of me-time, especially if your children’s bedrooms face your garden.

Do Lay Z Spa hot tubs disturb neighbours?

If you live in a built-up area, chances are that your neighbours are going to be able to hear the noise level of your Lay Z Spa pump when those jets are bubbling away.

Some people claim that hot tub noise can be louder than the hot tub owners themselves, so even if you think you’re having a silent soak, there may be an angry neighbour nearby that doesn’t appreciate your Lay Z Spa quite as much as you do! 

Whilst a bubbling inflatable hot tub can certainly annoy some neighbours, installing your Lay Z Spa on a ground mat in a sheltered area and making sure not to run the thing late into the night should prevent any noise complaints! 

A more relaxing spa experience

Responsible Lay Z Spa owners will, of course, be considerate of those around them, but you also need to keep your own happiness in mind! 

Some days require a full-power jet massage to wind down properly, but if your hot tub motor is firing away at 70db, you’re going to struggle to drift off or have a conversation without the hot tub noise driving you nuts.

Taking the time to fit a little insulation around your pump and being mindful of where you install the hot tub can solve this problem in an instant, allowing you to get the most out of your Lay Z Spa on a daily basis!  

Is Your Lay Z Spa Pump Faulty?

a lay z spa hot tub

Some amount of noise is to be expected from your Lay Z Spa, as it is with most hot tubs, but certain sounds might alarm you; some may even mean that your Lay Z Spa is faulty! Learning what’s involved with hot tub upkeep and more specifically lay z spa upkeep is vital to having an enjoyable spa experience.

Clicking sounds

Clicking sounds in your pump are usually caused by a relay or contactor issue. Without going into too much detail, this means that something is loose within the pump and is being knocked by the movement of the motor.

If you have some degree of mechanical know-how, it is possible to fix this alone, though we highly recommend you contact a professional to take a look to avoid harming yourself around live wires!  

If your Lay Z Spa is still under warranty, try contacting their support line, which can be found on their website! 

Your hot tub is squealing.

This is most likely the result of bad bearings or motor bearings that have worn down beyond use. 

These devices help the moving parts in your pump to spin freely, though, after a few years of use, they can become excessively worn, leading to the mechanical components in your motor contacting each other. 

To check that this is the cause, turn off the mains, close the pump’s valves, and remove the motor from the wet end. Now turn on the motor for a few seconds. If the noise persists, it’s the bearings at fault! 

To fix this issue would be very costly, so it’s almost always a better idea to buy a new pump unless yours is still under warranty! 

Lay-Z-Spa pump humming?

If you hear a low-frequency hum coming from your pump, it may be due to the device vibrating too much. Try tightening all of the screws and pop an insulating mat beneath to see if that fixes the issue. 

Humming could also be a sign that the motor capacitor is faulty. Again, we recommend having a professional take a look or contact Lay Z Spa’s customer support line if your tub is still under warranty! 

What’s that buzzing?

A constant buzzing noise could be caused by the same issues covered above, though this noise, in particular, might be down to a blockage in the pump’s ventilation system.

Switch off your Lay Z Spa at the mains and take a look at the ventilation ports on the side of the pump; make sure that they’re free from any dirt and debris before powering your hot tub back on to see if the noise has stopped.


How do I know if my Lay Z Spa has an airlock?

If your jets don’t turn on and instead make a constant humming noise when powered, you might have an airlock in your plumbing. 

Try switching your jets on low for 20 seconds, then high for 20 seconds, repeating this process 3-4 times. 

If they turn on, you’ve cleared the airlock; if not, you may need to bleed the pump by switching it off and unscrewing the water inlet to release the air. Failing this, we recommend calling a professional! 

What’s the quietest Lay Z Spa?

Final Thoughts 

That’s your lot! We hope we’ve given you some insight into how best to reduce your Lay Z Spa noisiness and given you a few ideas about how you can soundproof your Lay Z Spa pump!

Remember to install your Lay Z Spa on a suitable inflatable hot tub base, away from any windows or walls, and try to set it up in an enclosed area of shrubbery.

Make good use of an insulating mat (which can also prevent heat loss!), and listen out for any unexpected noises within the motor. Most of all, we hope you’re now free to enjoy the peaceful bliss of a good long soak!

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