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What Is The Quietest Hot Tub To Get in 2023

For all the benefits of owning an inflatable hot tub, one common complaint is that they can be a little noisy! With this in mind, you may ask, “what is the quietest hot tub?”.

In the decade or so since we started this site, we’ve seen new technology make portable spas much quieter, but a few general rules still remain: 

  • Fewer jets make less noise
  • Timer functions help reduce extended noise
  • Insulated pumps run the quietest

Considering these 3 points, we think the best quietest hot tub is the Nest 4-person model with only 104 air jets and an insulated digital pump that reduces vibrational noise even at full power. Still, there are a few other options you can choose from! 

Quietest Inflatable Hot Tub: Our 4 Top Picks

MSPA Nest 

As mentioned earlier, the 2-seater Nest not only has a reasonably small (thus quiet) massage system with just 104 jets but it’s also fitted with MSpa’s “whisper quiet” insulated digital pump.

This specialised device features an internal control box with a coating of muffling insulation designed to reduce the vibrations inside the pump as it’s firing away! You’ll also find an energy-saving timer on this space saving spa that can be used to switch off the jets at regular intervals automatically.

Wave Spa Osaka 

This semi-rigid hot tub comes in two sizes, a 6-seater and a 4-person model. The smaller version is our pick as one of the quietest hot tubs. The Osaka has a modest 70 air jet massage system with a gentle bubble function that automatically cuts out after 15 minutes of use.

This means you can’t accidentally leave the jets running all day, which can risk annoying the neighbours, and this hot tub has semi-rigid foam-filled walls that act as an extra layer of noise-reducing insulation for the jets as they’re bubbling away!  

CleverSpa Turin 

One of the most significant selling points for all CleverSpas is their integrated pumps, meaning rather than having a separate pump unit that sits next to the hot tub (the most common design), the pumps in these spas are actually built into their walls!

This design means the Turin’s shell acts as its own sound-reducing insulation, but we chose this model in particular as one of the quietest hot tubs because it also comes with Wi-Fi controls, so you can switch off the heater and jets from your smartphone if they get too loud!

Lay-Z-Spa St Lucia

image of a lay z spa hot tub

Of course, we had to include the ever-popular Lay-Z-Spa in this list! Though this brand isn’t necessarily known for making the quietest hot tubs, research shows the Lazy Spa St Lucia model to be particularly quiet when bubbling away.

It’s a 3-person hot tub, so there’s only 605L of water for its 110 air jets to move, and it has an energy-saving timer function accessible via the pump, which can help prevent running the jets for too long! The pump is also fairly well insulated, though this isn’t an advertised feature! 

Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Make A Noise?

All inflatable hot tubs will make some noise, generally between 40-70 dB.

Where you install your spa will impact its noisiness, so:

  • Avoid raised surfaces (like decking)
  • Use padded ground mats 
  • Avoid reflective surfaces (walls and windows)
  • Use natural barriers (bushes etc.)

You can build an insulating shelter around your hot tub from plywood sheets and acoustic foam if excessive noise becomes a problem. Still, the biggest factor in noisiness will simply be how many jets you have, so look for spas with 100 or less if noise is going to be an issue!


Are hot tubs noisy for neighbours?

Are hot tubs loud at night?

Last Word 

There we have it; whilst any portable spa with jets and a pump will make some noise, there are several ways to avoid excessive sound levels becoming a problem. 

It all starts with the hot tub you choose, so look for fewer jets, timer functions, and check for an insulated pump. The quietest hot tubs have all these features, though even noisier models can be muffled by clever positioning and homemade shelters, just don’t run them at night!

John Devlin

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