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Review: Is the Lay Z Spa Monaco Hot Tub the Best to Buy?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a comfortable good quality hot tub. The Monaco offers outstanding value for money for it’s size. This is a small price to pay for a hot tub that is going to suit your lifestyle and your pocket. Most Lazy Spa Monaco reviews show that this is one of the more expensive models, but well worth the price with the quality you get from it.

This Lay Z Spa Monaco review will show you that this 6-8 person hot tub is perfect it you entertain friends or perhaps have a large family. It is spacious and it their latest design. This hot tub is easy to assemble and shouldn’t take you no more than 10 minutes before you can start filling it with water. The bubbles are generated by 90 all-round air jets.
Lay Z Spa Monaco Review

We update this site regularly, and this hot tub has been unavailable for a while now. The link will show you similar hot tub sizes and price alternatives.

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What We Liked - Key Features

90 air jet system

These are created with an AirJet Massage System. The hot tub boasts 90 all-surrounding air jets. This will make spending time in the Monaco hot tub irresistible.

Rapid heating system

The water is heated to a fantastic 40°C. This is created thanks to the rapid heating system pump that comes with the Monaco. The newest integrated technology is used to ensure the hot tub is ready in no time. The energy-saving timer allows you to set the timer prior to using it.

Comfortableness 90%
Running Costs 90%
Heat Up Times 90%
​Noisiness 100%
​Winter Usage 90%
Value For Money 100%

Lay Z Spas have been engineered with the latest innovations for over 10 years. Add to that the experience that comes with the construction of product and you have a superior hot tub. A hot tub with world-class design and build quality. There is a range of inflatable hot tubs but it is only the Monaco that has the space and build to hold 6-8 people. The Monaco was designed with reinforced rigid walls and drop stitch material which allows for The Monaco to have extra robust walls yet it is still easy to inflate and still portable.

The Monaco spa hot tub comes with a 1-year extendable warranty and is backed up with the devoted UK based Aftersales Support Team. They will assist you with all your hot tub enquiries.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item No:
6 - 8 Adults
Water Capacity (80%):
1,453 L (384 Gal)
Inflated Size:
201cm x 69cm (79" x 27")
Filled Weight:
1,973kg (4,349lb)
Cable Length:
7m approx
Max. heat capability:
40°C (104°F)

Detailed Review


The Monaco Jacuzzi is just what you need after a hard day at work or after an adventurous weekend. It is big enough for between 6-8 averaged size adults or children. You won’t feel cramped in your hot tub and there is enough space to move around or to pour another drink.

Running Costs

You will pay more for your electricity at the end of each month when you start using your hot tub. That is understandable. Your bill will go up no matter what hot tub you purchase. You can expect the cost of the Monaco to be between £7- £10 per week. Plan your usage so that the hot tub isn’t running when you are not going to use it.

Heat Up Times

Thanks to the rapid heating system the Monaco can reach a temperature of 40°C in no time. You can set the energy-saving timer on your Monaco for when you want it to be ready. Set it before you got to work or out for the day. There is an average time of between 6-12 hours of warm up time. You can climb right into the hot tub when you return home. The soothing air jets will do the rest.


A hot tub, in general, is noisy. The jets pump the water into the hot tub at high pressure and that to the noise of the bubbles being generated and that can be a bit noisy. You won’t get that from the Monaco. The distributing of the 90 air jets decreases the noise from the jets. So you can enjoy your conversation without a noisy pump in the background.

Winter Usage

The Monaco is perfect for all year-round use. Yes, that includes winter. The water reaches the perfect temperature of 40°C which is great for summer but near perfect for winter. The Monaco can also be installed indoors if you worry about the snow. Leave the lid on the hot tub in colder months to keep the water warmer for longer. It’s not recommended to use your hot tub if temperatures drop below 4°C. The water freezing could damage the pump.

Here is a guide to using a hot tub during winter.


The Monaco for its size is an extremely good value for money. For the price you are getting a hot tub that’s been perfectly engineered over the past 6 years. With energy-saving technology and a pump that can heat and filter at the same time. It’s been designed for groups and large families. Imagine up to 8 adults in a hot tub for that price! A hot tub with this much technology and space would usually sell for much more.

Warranty and support

The Monaco comes with a standard warranty when bought from Lay Z Spa themselves and if you do encounter a lot of problems or issues with the products, be sure to speak to the lay-z-spa customer service team and they’ll resolve any queries you have.

Lay Z Spa Monaco Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Monaco are good with people stating that the size of it makes it ideal for families, whilst the lining is also very comfortable when sat in it.

The Monaco is in a class of its own. It will be hard to find a 6-8 person hot tub. You would be forgiven if you thought this hot tub was a pool.

The Monaco is easy to set up and will only take about 10min to set up your hot tub. Just inflate your Monaco with the pump that is provided. It will take about 1-2 hours to fill with water.

There is an instruction manual and there are videos available to help you if you get stuck. The Monaco is reliable, safe and durable and can be used all year round. This hot tub is in a class of its own!

The Bestway Lay Z Spa Monaco hot tub is a large model and is best suited for groups or large families to make the most out of the size. 

How Does it Compare to Other Hot Tubs?

Airwave Spa Aruba

Searching our inflatable hot tub reviews this is the closest we could find to the Monaco as it seats up to 6 people. Two less than the Monaco. It looks big and cosy and holds up to 1000L of water.

It is pretty big and will need more space to set up. This hot tub does have an inner aluminium lining to help the heat and easy to reach the digital control panel.

D-AL06 Delight

The MSPA D-AL06 Delight Alpine 6 Person is one of the square inflatable tubs. Up to 4 adults and two children. It has a Patented Square Shape with Rhino-Tech 6 Layer Reinforced PVC Material.

It only has a 930L water capacity. This hot tub looks very comfortable but also relatively big like the Monaco Lay Z Spa hot tub. You'll need space to use either as an indoor hot tub. This might count against it if you wanted an indoor hot tub. This hot tub boasts a “The Built-In Control Centre with Whisper Quiet Technology”. Despite these impressive features the Monaco is still more compact and holds more people.

How To Set Up The Lazy Spa Monaco

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