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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa St Moritz Review | Ratings & Verdict

This is our Lay Z Spa St Moritz review (updated in 2023)

If you’re in the market for a larger hot tub that seats 5-7 people, the St Moritz spa will undoubtedly crop up as one of Lay Z Spa’s bigger offerings.

But it is as spacious as proclaimed? Are there any other brands that can compete with the UK’s leading hot tub manufacturer? And possibly most important of all is the St Moritz hot tub the right choice for your specific requirements?

Lay Z Spa St Moritz

This luxury spa is perfect for any garden, no matter how big or small. With a rapid dual heating and airjet massage system, you can relax in 40-degree water with 140 jets soothing your body. 

We don’t want to sound conceited, but we know a fair bit about inflatable spas; we’ve been going through them with a fine-tooth comb over the last ten years. So what’s new?

In this review, you’ll find out;

A large hot tub isn’t cheap, so the last thing you want is to make an expensive mistake!

Keep reading to see if the Saint Moritz gets the thumbs up?

Table of Contents

The Lay Z Spa St Moritz Airjet is one of the most spacious inflatable models in this industry-leading brand’s current range. Featuring a stylish rattan pattern design, the St Moritz both looks and plays the part in terms of premium inflatable hot tub design.

Whether it’s the 180 airjet massage system (the maximum amount on any airjet model) or the incredibly spacious interior, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz is an unapologetically high-end inflatable hot tub and the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade their setup.

Ideal for large families, or for couples that want as much space as possible to recline, this giant hot tub is perfect for those that pride space and air bubbles above all else when it comes to inflatable hot tubs.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


This is a 7 person hot tub.

Set Up Time

Quick setup in around 5 minutes.

How Long To Heat Up

Initial warm-up time between 6-12 hours.

Running Costs

Around £40-£50 monthly electricity costs.

Winter Frost Protection

Yes, freeze shield technology is included.


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

The St Moritz hot tub is currently in stock.


Large capacity, more airjets than most, rattan style design.


Very heavy due to its large size.

What We Liked - Key Features

Room for up to 7 adults

At a height of 71cm and a width of 216cm, the bestway Lay Z Spa St Moritz hot tub is is a good size. With ample room to fit 7 average-sized adults, we think the Lay Z Spa St Moritz really shines when you’re slightly under capacity, with plenty of room to sprawl out and enjoy those premium air jets.

If you’re looking for a hot tub to accommodate the whole family, or are planning on regularly inviting guests over for a soak, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz is definitely one of the best choices available from the most respected brand in the inflatable hot tub industry.

Contemporary design

If you’re splashing out on an inflatable hot tub, you’re probably going to want to make sure that it looks the part in your garden. Other models can be something of an eyesore, with bland colours and block designs, but the Lay Z Spa St Moritz can become a great garden feature thanks to its contemporary rattan pattern design.

Finished in a luxuriously earthy brown, the Duraplus material lining is not only incredibly stylish, but it’s also resistant to punctures and scrapes, with a comfortable I beam construction that helps to provide a great deal of support when reclining.

180 Airjet model

With as many or more massaging jets than any other airjet model, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz hot tub is catered towards those pride their hot tub’s massaging power over all else. With the jets placed around the entire circumference of the hot tub’s floor, you’ll be able to enjoy relaxing bubbles from anywhere within this spacious 7 person jacuzzi.

The air jets can be easily controlled from the digital display on the side of the hot tub, with the dual operation able to power the massage system at the same time as the rapid heating system and water filter, so nothing can interrupt your soak.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

5-7 Adults

Water Capacity (70%):

1190L (314 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

71cm x 216 cm (28″ x 85″)

Filled Weight:

1210Kg (2668lb)

Cable Length:

7 metres

Max heat capability:

40 Degrees Celsius (104 Degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

The Lay Z St Moritz Airjet does not include wi-fi controls as standard, though Lay Z Spa do sell a separate wi-fi enabled pump, that can be fitted to the St Moritz if this is a feature that you particularly enjoy.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

The Lay Z Spa St Moritz doesn’t feature any built-in lighting, in fact, very few Lay Z Spa models do. You can, however, purchase LED lights from both Lay Z Spa and other manufacturers that will work with the St Moritz model.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The St Mortiz Airjet can comfortably accommodate up to 7 average-sized adults within its spacious 216cm wide interior.

We usually find that with any inflatable hot tub, you’ll want to operate it under capacity for the most comfortable experience. But, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz really is a large model, so if you’re looking for a family-sized hot tub, this might just be the one for you!

What About Safety Features?

As the industry-leading brand, Lay Z Spa pays attention to safety features on all its hot tubs.

Standard considerations like an inflatable lid and safety lock clips on the cover prevent debris and protect against children and pets falling in. The St Moritz Lay Z Spa also includes an RCD protected socket, which will automatically cut the power to the unit if any fault is detected within the hot tub’s circuitry.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the St Moritz hot tub?

Thanks to the St Moritz’s beam construction and 180 airjet massage system, reclining in this hot tub amongst a sea of bubbles is incredibly comfortable for several hours at a time. The inner walls (at 71cms) are the perfect height to support the average-sized adult, and the cushioned floor is reasonably comfortable if you’re taking a short dip after a long day.

We do have to be honest, however, and report that after more than 3-4 hours the floor does become a little uncomfortable. This can be improved with the addition of inflatable seats, that can be purchased separately (for around £10-£20), though we think for the price of this hot tub it would be nice for them to be included.

Running costs

A larger model Lay Z Spa such as the St Moritz Airjet will usually cost upwards of £10 per week to run. Factoring in that this model features more airjets and has a higher water capacity than most other hot tubs, your electricity bill can easily creep up to £10-£15 per week if you’re getting a lot of use out of it.

Using the energy-saving timer and retaining the hot tub’s heat by storing it with the lid firmly sealed can help cut down on energy costs, but any way that you look at it, this model is going to be one of the more expensive ones to run.

You’ll also need to change the filter cartridge and clearwater chemicals fairly often, both of which can become a little expensive, so look for the chemical starter pack that Lay Z Spa often include with new hot tub purchases to offset some of your running costs!

Heat up times

Your initial heat-up time will usually be between 6-12 hours out of the box, though the hot tub will heat faster if you fill a hot tub with hot water and position it in direct sunlight during your installation. 

The rapid heating system does a great job of reaching your desired temperature and retaining that heat whilst the tub is in use. Still, you might want to switch on the power-saving timer to ensure that your energy bills don’t spike when you’re regularly using the St Moritz.

How noisy is the St Moritz model

As a larger model, the St Moritz Airjet is particularly noisy, so you’ll want to position the hot tub away from any windows and choose a sheltered area of the garden to minimise any noise complaints.

Though the St Moritz does feature a fairly efficient pump, powering 180 airjets at a filled weight of 1210Kg is going to be noticeably loud at full power, so make sure to keep an eye on your usage during the evenings and in residential areas.

Winter usage

Like all Lay Z Spa models, the St Moritz Airjet makes great use of its freeze shield and rapid heating system during the colder months of the year. In particular, the freeze shield is crucial for year-round use, constantly monitoring the water temperature and automatically applying heat if the ambient air temperature drops below 4 degrees

This helps to protect the hot tub’s pipes and pump from being damaged by frozen water overnight, and aids the rapid heating system reach your desired temperature much faster. This means the St Moritz spa can be used year-round with no issues.

Price and discounts

The St Moritz Airjet is amongst the most expensive inflatable hot tubs in this brand’s current range, which is to be expected for its size and the amount of airjets included.

Lay Z Spa is definitely a premium brand, so a high price point is to be expected, and in our experience this is reflected in the build quality and durability of the hot tub as a whole.

It can be worth timing your hot tub purchase for the off-season. When many suppliers are likely to drop their price due to a decrease in demand, you can often find a considerable saving on premium models such as the St Moritz, which could save you money.

Warranty and support

With a standard warranty of 12 months for the pump and 6 months for the top cover, the St Moritz Airjet offers a decent amount of protection against any issues that may arise during your initial uses.

It can be worth registering your hot tub online, as doing so will double the length of your warranty to 24 moths on the pump and 12 months on the top cover, providing a little extra financial protection.

There’s also an official Lay Z Spa hotline, staffed by a support team that offers free advice on any issues with your inflatable hot tub, details of this UK based hotline can be found on the brand’s website.

Lay Z Spa St Moritz Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa St Moritz are fantastic. With an average score of 4.5/5 stars. People seem to love the rattan pattern and how easy the tub is to set up and maintain.

The Lay Z Spa St Moritz is an excellent choice of inflatable hot tub for large families or for people that are intending to invite several friends to come over and enjoy a premium hot tub experience.

With one of the largest capacities available from this brand, and the most amount of airjets possible, you can expect one of the most high-quality hot tubs on the market, though the price tag will reflect that statement.

Though the St Moritz is a little lacking in terms of comfort and doesn’t feature the functionality of wi-fi controls, its features are all of premium quality. Plus, there’s plenty of scope for upgrades somewhere further down the line.

If you need more convincing, decide what’s the best lay z spa from our comparison page. There we look at the features and break down the benefits and drawbacks of all tubs.

How Does it Compare?

Intex 85 x 28-inch Purespa

Intex are fierce rivals to Lay Z Spa, and models like the Purespa do a great job of illustrating why. With a comparable capacity and equally durable build quality, this model can match the St Moritz in terms of comfort and may suit your style a little better.

Having said that, at a comparable price, the Purespa hot tubs feature fewer jets and less available space than the St Moritz so unless you can find it for a much cheaper price, we think the St Moritz comes out on top.

The Helsinki

The Helsinki Airjet is the closest competitor to the St Moritz Airjet in Lay Z Spa's current range. Featuring the same number of airjets, with a slightly smaller capacity, the spa really shines in its stylish faux wood-grain finish, making it the most eye-catching model that Lay Z Spa produce.

Reviews often mention that this is a little more comfortable than comparable models, so this may influence your decision between the two, but in terms of features, pump, low-cost filtration and heating capabilities, both this spa tub and the St Moritz remain fairly equal.

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa St Moritz

Like all their current models, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz requires no professional installation and features an effortless tool-free setup that can be completed in under 10 minutes.

Just connect the pump and the Lay Z Spa St Moritz will essentially inflate itself, then all you’ll need is to fill the hot tub with fresh water, pop in the Chemconnect filter cartridge wait for the spa to reach the right temperature.

Last Word

We think the Lay Z Spa St Moritz is an amazing hot tub for large families and for those looking to regularly entertain large groups of friends. It offers one of the most spacious designs available, with great considerations in the way of bubbles, temperature control and stylish design.

As an unapologetically premium hot tub, the Lay Z Spa St Moritz will likely cost you a fair amount of money, though if you’re looking for a durable, spacious and versatile hot tub, this might just be one of the best options currently on the market.

The freeze shield, DuraPlus construction with protection from UV rays and rapid heating system allow the Lay Z Spa St Moritz to be used year-round with no issue. Plus, with a filled capacity of 1190L, there’s plenty of space for the whole family to sit and bask in the warm water for hours on end. 

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