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What’s the Best Hot Tub Steps UK – Reviews & Buyers Guide

Want to cut to the chase?  For the money, we picked the vidaXL Steps Non-Skid Surface as the best hot tub steps in the UK online. Read on for the full review!

Garden spas are fast becoming staple fixtures in back gardens and on patios.  Therefore, there’s little wonder why so many people are choosing to buy cool hot tub accessories to go alongside!  However, hot tub steps are more than just frivolous add-ons.  Consider how much you’d normally need to clamber in and out of a hot tub.  They’re not quite the same size as paddling pools!

Therefore, you should really be looking for steps that you can set up easily for people of all ages to safely grip and use on their way in and out of an inflatable spa.  You should be looking for steps which are easy to store, clean and can handle a decent amount of weight and those which also benefit from texturing and non-slip surfaces. 

The fact is, all hot tub owners should have steps in place if they really want to keep safe.  That’s why we’ve made sure to investigate some of the best online right now.

In this article, we are going to review the following hot tub steps:

The Key Benefits of Hot Tub Steps

an open hot tub with grey steps

Believe it or not, there’s more to buying a set of spa steps than just picking a nice set of grey or black that complements the look of your tub.  You need to consider how much weight they can handle and ensure they have a non-slide surface. Therefore, make sure to keep reading and to make sure you know what to look for when you compare and contrast.

Let’s have a look at a few of the overall benefits of buying and setting up Jacuzzi steps.

  • Convenience:  These steps are massively convenient for reasons which should be pretty obvious.  Scrambling out of a hot tub via the walls is hardly going to be easy on a regular basis.  Therefore, it’s nice to have a set of steps to hand – or foot – that you can carefully climb down.
  • Weight capacity: You want to know that any step product you purchase can handle the weight of a fully grown adult without issue. Whilst still able to be moved around easily. 
  • Safety: Spa and hot tub steps help to keep you safe.  Think about what could happen if you slip on anything less sturdy than plastic! Hot tub steps are designed with wet feet in mind, meaning that they should easily grip your soles as you walk up and down.
  • Additional storage: Although not necessarily a requirement associated with hot tub stairs and steps, it is always great to have an additional handy storage space where you can contain the accessories for your hot tub.
  • Hand Railing:  Not all hot tub steps have a handrail, but they are a nice enhancement to keep in mind. They are ideal options for people who would otherwise struggle to get in and out of a tub, meaning that they may be worth keeping an eye out for.  They are ideal for those tub users with joint problems, for example, who may need extra support.
  • Storage: Many of the best hot tub steps have extra storage, not huge, but again, it’s a nice little extra.  Storage in your steps will give you somewhere nice and easy to keep your chemicals and other accessories close by.

Product Reviews & Buyers Guide

We’ve taken the time to uncover five of the best spa step systems online right now.  Here’s our full breakdown on what you can expect, and why they’re worth holding out for.

Our Top Pick
vidaXL Steps Non-Skid Surface Hot Tub Ladder

Everyone is going to need some form of support sometimes when they need to get in and out of a hot tub.  Therefore, it makes sense to invest in a system like this, which is very likely to give you a grip on the way in as much as it does on the way out.  They are sturdy non-slip plastic steps with wide foundations, which means they shouldn’t fall over or wobble. Plus they come in three colours, white, warm grey and black. 

  • An interesting wide foundation design means zero wobbles
  • Has reversible treads to prevent slipping in any weather conditions
  • Is versatile enough in design to fit most spas, round and square alike
  • The cost isn’t extremely expensive
  • Customer reviews reveal the look and feel of this hot tub step might not appeal to everyone
  • Pretty lightweight on the whole

Heavy Duty Plastic Stairs
Happy Steps Redwood Spa Step

This tough, durable set of redwood colour plastic steps are some of the best hot tub step options and will likely appeal to anyone looking for flexible, versatile steps that line up well with any hot tub or spa look.  It’s a great choice for anyone looking for a simple set of steps that are portable yet can handle heavy weight.

  • Good durability with UV treatment, shouldn’t need any maintenance
  • Versatile to fit around most hot tub designs, square or circular
  • Great colour scheme – should blend in well outside
  • Comes with an anti-slip tread and grip, meaning no more wet footed disasters
  • Might be a little expensive for what you get
  • Some advise there may be sturdier steps out there

Best Wide Spa Steps
RockWaterAir Steps

No one wants to have to fiddle around too much when setting up steps. They are a means to an end! This RockWaterAir model is nice and simple, wide in design, has a good weight and is adaptable to both round and square tubs. It can be assembled in three simple steps and has an antislip mat on top, as well as rounded corners to reduce the chance of injury.

  • High quality and durable, making them last
  • Nice and easy to set up, you shouldn’t need any tools to clip these together
  • Available in grey and brown
  • Might be a little expensive for some

Easy to Assemble
Happy Hot Tubs ESPRESSO Plastic Handi Stairs

The Happy Hot Tub standard hot tub step is pretty easy to assemble and is built-in durable plastic, meaning they are likely to be ideal for most hot tub situations. They have a decent weight capacity and non-slip treads that have enough room for even the biggest feet. 

  • Versatile look, colour and design
  • Snap-together design for making them easy to assemble
  • Good, durable plastic hot tub step
  • Reasonable size for most hot tub applications
  • Some might feel the look and build of the steps to be less than premium
  • Some may feel the extra cost isn’t worth it

Best Wooden Hot Tub Stairs
VaeFae Bamboo 2 Step Stool

Not so much wooden hot tub steps but all-purpose step systems and your best bet for various uses around the house, this hot tub step is likely to work well in most spa and tub situations.  It’s built for safe use and is ideal for kids or adults, though you’ll definitely be able to repurpose them for the spa. Wood hot tub steps may also appeal to most spa owners looking for a modern twist.

  • Very lightweight for the construction
  • Round corners
  • Cutout handles
  • Non-slip design
  • Not built for use with spas and hot tubs specifically

Curved Ratten Option with Storage
vidaXL Spa Step

These hot tub steps with storage are easy to assemble and easy to clean these stylish steps by VidaXL is a welcome addition to any inflatable hot tub. 

The powder-coated steel frame makes these curved hot tub steps incredibly durable as well as attractive. The PE rattan and natural eucalyptus construction with natural oil finish is weather-resistant comfortable to use and can take the weight of an adult easily

  • UV resistant so won’t fade in the sun
  • Fits most circular spas
  • Matching spa surround available
  • A little pricey
  • No storage space 

#1 Pick with Safety Handrails
SpaSmart Hot Tub Step

These 2 tier hot tub steps are wide with an anti-slip surface making them ideal to get in and out of most inflatable hot tubs safely. 

They have an excellent weight capacity and come in 4  different colours so can be matched to almost any spa and the clip-together parts are easily put together with no tools required. 

  • Choice of colours
  • Mult-functional can be used indoors for hard-to-reach places for caravanning, swimming pools or as a pet stairs
  • Durable construction
  • Not the most stylish option 

How to Buy The Right Jacuzzi Steps

Let’s break this down a little.  What are some of the key things to look for when shopping around?

  • Consider the look and feel of your steps.  Yes – this is still important!  Do the steps you want or need necessarily match your warm grey spa or light brown hot tub?  Which material is likely to appeal to you the most?
  • Look for grip and sturdiness.  There is little point in buying steps which won’t stand up to regular use.  Choose a step solution or system which is steadfast, and which offers lots of grip for wet feet.
  • Look for warranty features.  You never know when you might need to make a complaint.
  • Consider handy storage features, too, if you have lots of knick-knacks to put away, and do also think about whether you need extra support.  For example, handrails may be beneficial to you if you struggle with mobility outside of a pool or tub setting otherwise.
  • Try to avoid really cheap steps, these inferior products may not be able to handle the weight and can be accidents waiting to happen.

A Quick Note About Lazy Spa Products

The steps from Lay Z Spa are not a thing as such, meaning they don’t manufacture steps like the ones below. What they have are the surrounds which work like steps creating easy and safe access. To see the Lay Z Spa surrounds it’s here.


Do I need hot tub steps?

Hot tub steps are quite self-explanatory, they’re designed to help you get in and out of the hot tub with ease. They are considered hot tub accessories and far safer than trying to get in and out without one due to a wet floor or high sides. The hot tub steps themselves are often soft and rounded due to the majority of hot tubs being circular.

Most steps can take a heavyweight, are extremely sturdy and come in a variety of colours and styles, so you can pick one that matches your hot tub. You can also place your towel on there or purchase a towel rack instead.

The quick answer is no, however, the safe answer is yes. When getting out of a hot tub, whether you are a child, adult or elderly person, you always run the risk of slipping over and doing serious damage. Hot tub steps reduce the risk significantly of falling, and the surface of where the hot tub is based, is not designed to be slip-resistant, it’s there to provide stability as a base. Compare this to the hot tub steps which are designed to be slip-resistant, therefore reducing the risk of injury. 

As well as safety, hot tub steps are also a great addition for style and make the hot tub experience more enjoyable. Rather than lifting your leg over or picking your child up to put them in, they can simply climb up two soft hot tub steps and gently get into the water. Lastly, a hidden benefit of hot tub steps, is that there is a small amount of storage under the hot tub steps for accessories such as filters and chlorine tablets.

Last Word

all purpose steps being cleaned

Out of the products I’ve taken a look at above, it is clear to me that the vidaXL Steps Non-Skid Surface system is most likely to appeal to a wide audience.  These dark brown steps look great, are sturdy, and should give most hot tub users plenty of stability and support.  What’s more, they’re pretty versatile.  Hot tubs and spas come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and this set will most likely slide up to round and square inflatable spas alike without much complaint.

Finding the best steps for hot tubs might be trickier than you think.  After all, for some people, it’s a bit of an afterthought.  However, don’t overlook your safety near the tub!  Take a look through the top picks on this market, and be sure to do a bit of wider reading and shop around if you feel you need to.

John Devlin

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