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How To Fit Lay Z Spa LED Lights – A Step by Step Guide

There are few fancier accessories to add to your Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub than a dazzling set of LED lights, and what’s best about these devices is that you don’t necessarily have to have bought a model with lights to benefit from this feature! 

Lay Z Spa has created its own range of quality lighting accessories, most of which can be fitted to any currently available Lay Z Spa model.

But let’s find out how to fit Lay Z Spa LED lights to your inflatable hot tub!

How To Put LED Lights In Lazy Spa

The most commonly found Lay Z Spa lighting accessory is their underwater LED light. It is a handy little device that screws directly into the housing that holds your Chem Connect dispenser. 

This vibrant little accessory produces seven colours across two lighting modes, all of which can be cycled through using a single button.

Here’s how to get Lay Z Spa’s underwater LED light up and running!

1. Insert the batteries. 

The underwater LED light takes 3 x AAA batteries, not included, though we’re sure you’ve got some knocking around in your bits and bobs draw!

To install the batteries, you’ll need to undo a single screw on the back and remove the housing; here, you’ll find the battery slot.

Pop them in, and make sure to reseal the housing before tightening the screw back up.

2. Remove the debris screen.

Locate the Chem Connect dispenser on the inner wall of your Lay Z Spa and unscrew it by rotating the device anti-clockwise; this can be done in both a full and an empty hot tub.

Ensure to store the dispenser somewhere safe in case you need to reinstall it later; we recommend keeping it with your pool chemicals, so you don’t forget about it!

3. Install the light. 

Take the LED light and screw it into the empty housing in a clockwise motion, making sure that the device is fully tightened and unlikely to fall out if accidentally knocked. 

4. Set your lighting mode.

You’re now free to mess around with the colour settings!

The light blue centre button will turn the light on, and pressing this button again will allow you to choose between 7 fixed colours or an automatic colour-changing mode. 

To turn the light off, press and hold the centre button for 3 seconds.

How To Fit Lazy Spa LED Strip lights 

If you’re after a more powerful lighting system for your Lay Z Spa or need to replace the lights on your spa, Lay Z Spa also sells a 4m long LED strip.

This battery-powered lighting system takes 2 x CR2032 (3v watch) batteries and can be threaded through pre-existing loops in the base.

Although these LED strips are designed as replacements for those used in these four spas, they can be fitted to other hot tubs. Just make sure that the diameter of your spa is no larger than 190cm! 

To install this LED light strip, you’ll just need to:

  • Place the LED strip around the perimeter of your ground mat
  • Secure the strip with clips or fasteners,
  • Pop the hot tub on top 
  • Cycle through 7 fixed colours and a colour-changing mode using the remote control

What Are Lay Z Spa’s Colorjet LED Lights?

Lay Z Spa’s Colorjet LED light is compatible with all hydro-jet models and requires no batteries or external power as it uses the kinetic energy of flowing water to produce a vibrant light show!

Installing the Colorjet LED light is super simple.

  • Remove the existing hydro-jet nozzle in the wall of your Lay Z Spa
  • Insert the Colorjet light into the hole and twist clockwise to lock into place
  • The light will burst into action as soon as the hydro-jets are powered on
  • Twist the front casing to adjust the water flow and brightness
  • Press the blue button to change the colour and lighting mode

Which Lazy Spa Has LED Lights?

There are several Lay Z Spa hot tubs with their own lighting system, available in a range of sizes stretching across both their air jet and hydro-jet ranges!

Model NameCapacityWater CapacityNumber of JetsLights?
Bali LED Hot Tub2-4 adults669L120 air-jets LED 
New York Airjet4-6 adults806L87 air-jetsLED 
Paris Airjet4-6 adults806L140 air-jetsLED 
Hollywood Airjet4-6 adults908L140 air-jetsLED 
Palma Hydrojet5-7 adults1050L180 air-jets + 8 hydro-jetsColorjet LEDs
Maldives Hydrojet5-7 adults1050L180 air-jets + 8 hydro-jetsColorjet LEDs
Santorini Hydrojet5-7 adults 1190L180 air-jets + 10 hydro-jetsColorjet LEDs

Why Use Hot Tub Lights? 

1. Chromotherapy

Our brains are wired to have physical reactions to colour, so it’s no surprise that exposing ourselves to different shades of light can have positive effects on our mood, physical health and emotions! 

  • Red – Power, strength, energy
  • Orange – Joy, enthusiasm, happiness
  • Yellow – Cheerfulness, spontaneity, intellect
  • Green – Rest, rejuvenation, healing
  • Blue – Stability, calmness, tranquillity 
  • Purple – Ambition, luxury, extravagance 
  • White – Purity, safety, cleanliness 

2. Soothes nerves

Many styles of therapy use the soothing qualities of blue-hued lights to help soothe the nerves and brain; this colour of light can help us to relax and make the most of our daily soaks! 

3. Relieves digestive disorders

Digestive disorders can be incredibly uncomfortable, but the hot tub’s warm water is known to provide a little relief; this effect can even be magnified by using red and yellow lights to stimulate the digestive system!

4. Pain-free therapy

Colour therapy is a pain-free alternative to injections and medication. Of course, you should never completely replace important medication with chromotherapy, but it can be a great way to assist in physical recovery. 

Lay Z Spa LED Lighting Prices

Lay Z Spa’s four main lighting accessories vary in price from around £20-£100, though you can sometimes find these products on sale or sold cheaper by various hot tub suppliers!

Lay Z Spa’s RRP for each of these products is:

  • Underwater LED Light – £19.99
  • Floating Hot Tub Light – £22.99
  • Colorjet LED Light – £22.99
  • LED Light Strip – £99.99

(Disclaimer – Prices are subject to change)

Are Other LED Lights Compatible With Lay Z Spa Hot Tubs? 

Several floating lights and LED strips from other manufacturers can be used with Lay Z Spa hot tubs, though their quality may not be as great, and they’re often not that much cheaper!

Also, if your Lay Z Spa suffers damage as a result of a 3rd party lighting accessory, your Lay Z Spa warranty may become invalidated.

Finally, you should only use Lay Z Spa Colorjet and Underwater Light devices if you’re planning to attach lights to your hot tub’s mechanisms. Any other products may damage your jets or Chem Connect dispenser and invalidate your warranty! 

Where to Buy the Best Lights For Lazy Spa? 

  • The Lay Z Spa Webstore
  • The Range 
  • B&Q
  • Camping World
  • Amazon


Why are my LED lights not working? 

How do you change the colour of the lights in a Lay Z Spa? 

Other Options

There are loads more lights from other brands and you can also view other fun accessories for a hot tub on our main page. Depending on what you want to add to you’re hot tub, you could have a surround, drinks holder or maybe even a floor protector.

Last Word 

There we have it! That’s just about everything you need to know about Lay Z Spa’s range of hot tub lights; they’re super easy to install and even simpler to control!

Make sure you have the right batteries for each model and that they’re tightly sealed when you pop them into the water and be wary of 3rd party accessories as they may affect your warranty.

Most of all, we hope that you can enjoy some well-deserved chromotherapy in your newly illuminated Lay Z Spa hot tub! 

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