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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Bali Review [4 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the Lay Z Spa Bali (updated in (2022)

Are you looking for a smaller hot tub? The Bali is designed for 2-4 people with plenty of space for couples to unwind. But is it the best option out there? Can you get something cheaper that offers the same quality? Let’s find out!

We will give you some insights into whether the Bali is the one for you and see how it stacks up against other leading competitors.

Lay Z Spa Bali Review

This stylish Grey circular spa is ideal for couples or small families and the LED lights also make it fantastic for parties. It can be set up in minutes and used throughout the year thanks to the innovative Freeze Sheid Technology and the energy-saving timer is a real plus too.

Yes, I know this may come as a shock, but other brands out there may better fit your requirements!

In this in-depth review, you’ll discover

Whether you are searching for a 2-person tub or an 8 person one, the criteria are the same you want quality at a price you can afford

Keep reading to see if the Bali meets that criteria or if you should consider something else?

Table of Contents

Lay Z Spa has been hard at work improving many of their older models for their newest 2021 range. Our team already enjoyed the previous iteration of this inflatable hot tub, but testing out the latest version of the Bali has proven that there’s always room for improvements.

Kicking up the air jet system from 81 to an impressive 120, we’re pleased to say that you can feel the benefits of this new arrangement instantly, and it’s not just the number of jets that’s seen a boost. The Bali’s digital pump has been redesigned to maximise its efficiency, with a noticeable increase in the power of the massage system.

Couple this with a comfortable i-beam constructed interior, flashy LED lighting system and decent 2-4 person capacity. We reckon the newly re-designed Bali really shines amongst hot tubs of this size.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


2-4 adults.

Set Up Time

5-10 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

6-12 hour initial heating time.

Running Costs

£25-£40 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Yes, built-in frost protection included.


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Yes, the Bali is currently stocked by several retailers


LED lights, digitally controlled pump, improved airjet system.


Small max capacity.

What We Liked - Key Features

LED Lights

Billed as its stand-out feature and likely the first thing you’ll notice about this model, the Bali weaves an eye-catching LED lighting strip into the interior walls of its shell.

We’re often a little wary of LED lights, as not every manufacturer manages to balance form and function, but in our testing, we found the Bali’s system to be elegant and easy to use.

With seven distinct colour options to choose from, and an additional automatic colour changing mode, our team loved setting the ambience of their evenings from a simple remote control, meaning nobody needed to stumble outside of the tub just to change the lights.

Improved Airjet Massage System

With the increased popularity of inflatable hot tubs, there’s been something of an arms race between manufacturers to boost those air-jet numbers!

Lay Z Spa has taken this challenge seriously and increased the Bali’s massage system from 81 jets to 120. They have rearranged the layout and improved the efficiency of their pump to offer a noticeably more powerful massage experience.

Digitally Controlled Pump

The increased power of the Bali’s air jets is all thanks to a newly designed digital pump, which doesn’t just settle for an increase in water pressure but also offers a much more efficient operation.

With a built-in energy-saving timer and water filtration system, this powerful unit uses Lay Z Spa’s dual operation to effortlessly power the filter, heater and massaging jets simultaneously, with super simple controls that can be easily reached from inside the hot tub.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

2-4 adults.

Water Capacity (70%):

669 L (177 Gal)

Inflated Size:

1.80m x 66cm (71″ x 26”)

Filled Weight:

696kg (1534lb)

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40°C (104°F)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

The Bali may have upgraded many of its features, but Wi-Fi controls currently remain off the table.

If you are dead set on this handy function, there is an official Lay Z Spa Wi-Fi enabled pump that works with this model, but it will cost you an extra £400!

Does This Model Have Lighting?

It most certainly does! The Bali’s LED lighting strip is amongst the best that we’ve personally seen, with a range of 7 vivid colours to choose from and a super useful remote control.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

The Lay Z Spa Bali is a pretty compact inflatable hot tub with a maximum capacity of up to 4 adults.

In our tests, we found that capacity to be a bit of a push (as is often the case with these products), so we think this model is best looked at as a couple’s spa or as a family hot tub for 2 adults and 2 kids.

What About Safety Features?

As with all Lay Z Spa products, a couple of key safety features are included to protect you and your family.

The Bali comes kitted out with a secure clip cover to insulate the hot tub and prevent anybody from falling in when it’s not being used.

This inflatable hot tub also has a ground fault detection system and internal RCD unit, which monitors the electrics inside the hot tub and will cut the power if any faults become apparent whilst it’s in use.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Bali hot tub?

Featuring a soft padded floor and high-quality I-beam constructed interior walls, we’re pleased to report that the Bali is particularly comfortable to lounge in for hours at a time.

When we compare the feel of this new redesign to the old version of the Bali, of course, the increased number of air jets adds to the comfort factor, but it seems that the latest iteration of Lay Z Spa’s Duraplus lining material is also far softer and more supportive than it previously was. This lay-z-spa is ideal for families and friends who want relaxation and a memorable hot tub experience as they simmer in the bubbles.

Running costs

Your average Lay Z Spa hot tub will set you back around £7-£10 per week when getting regular use, though our tests seemed to indicate that the Bali’s energy efficiency can bring that number down.

The new pump is more efficient than previous models as a whole, but using the energy-saving timer and storing this thing with the insulated cover to save on heating costs allows the Bali to be very conservative about its energy usage.

We’ve heard of hot tubbers spending as little as £5 per week running this thing, and that seems to check out with the testing that we’ve been able to do.

Heat up times

Thanks to its smaller size and dual-op pump, you’ll find that the Lay Z Spa Bali can heat up to its maximum temperature of 40 degrees Celsius within around 10 hours of initial setup.

This can be reduced even further by setting your jacuzzi up on a sunny day and adding a little warm water, but 10 hours as an initial heating time deserves a little praise!

Subsequent heating times are pretty rapid also. By storing the Bali with its insulated cover to maintain the water temperature, you’ll find it pretty easy to get this hot tub hot and ready within an hour or two if you’re using it daily.

How noisy is the Bali model?

Running the Bali at full whack with all 120 air jets firing at max power will be a little noisy, but the new digital pump does a pretty good job of limiting the noise where it can.

If you’re keeping an eye on the energy-saving timer and not running this thing at full power throughout the night, we don’t think you’ll have too many problems with excessive noise.

Suppose you live in a crowded area, however, and want to limit any operational noise as much as possible. In that case, we recommend popping the Bali on an insulated ground mat and positioning your hot tub in a sheltered area of the garden where the sound can be muffled.

Winter usage

If you’ve been scrolling through our site, searching for the right inflatable hot tub, you’ve probably come across the terms Freeze Shield technology or freeze protection.

This fancy bit of tech is a lifesaver during the winter months and allows your hot tub to remain functional even during freezing conditions. The Bali will kick in its heating system using sensors inside the hot tub whenever the water temperature drops below 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Not only does this stop frozen water from causing damage, but it also saves a decent amount on heating costs, as you’ll never be fighting against the elements when you want to take a dip; nice!

Price and discounts

You’ll find the Lay Z Spa Bali at a fairly reasonable price from most retailers, especially considering the cost of similarly sized models from this brand.

With the inclusion of its LED lights and improved air jet massage system, we really do believe this model is an excellent choice for first-time buyers, especially for small families, as its durable construction and fancy lights are perfect for the kids!

As with any inflatable hot tub, it’s worth your while to check several suppliers at different points in the year. In our 10+ years of experience, it’s become pretty clear that this market fluctuates in demand pretty regularly, so being patient can often result in a decent amount of savings!

Warranty and support

Lay Z Spa’s standard warranty will cover your pump for 12 months and the lid, liner and cover for 6 months.

A top tip for new hot tubbers is registering your Lay Z Spa products on their official website; doing this will double your warranty to 24 months and 12 months, respectively, and is definitely worth the minute or so it takes to do so!

Whilst you’re registering your inflatable hot tub, you’ll be able to find details for the Lay Z Spa customer support line, a UK-based hotline staffed by professionals who can help you with any problems or questions you may have about your hot tub.

Lay Z Spa Bali Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Bali are good scoring 4.2/5 stars and people say how strong and powerful the air jets are and that overall, it’s good value for money.

If your primary wants out of an inflatable hot tub purchase are durability, efficiency and visual appeal, we reckon you’ll be impressed by what the Lay Z Spa Bali has to offer.

This model features measurable improvements over its old design, but it’s also available at an incredibly reasonable price, and by making use of its efficiency features, you can keep the running costs down with ease.

The only real downside is its limited capacity, so you’ll find more suitable candidates elsewhere if you’re looking for a party hot tub. But, if you’re a first-time buyer looking for a couples inflatable spa or family treat, there’s not much bad you could say about the bestway Lay Z Spa Bali Airjet.

How Does it Compare?

The Miami

The Bestway Miami and the Bali are pretty evenly pegged across the board, with an identical max capacity, air jet system and heating features.

These two differ in the Bali’s inclusion of LED lights, so if you’re dead set on this feature, you’re best off with the Bali, though if you’re not too fussed, you can save a couple of quid going for the Miami.

The Atlantic (2-4 Person)

At a similar price to the Lay Z Spa Bali, you’d expect the Wave Spa Atlantic to match its specifications closely.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case, with the Atlantic falling short in terms of air jets, max capacity, heating and lighting. In our opinion, the Bali is an easy win here!

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa Bali

One thing we’ve been consistently impressed by Lay Z Spa with is their super simple tool-free setup.

Everything you need to get the Bali up and running is included in the box, meaning you just have to attach the inflation hose to the pump and the hot tub, then wait around 5-10 minutes for the model to inflate.

Once the body is inflated, it’s just a case of filling the hot tub up, which for a model of this size should take around an hour or two depending on the flow rate of the water supply.

Last Word

Overall, we’re super impressed with the Lay Z Spa Bali, finding the improved functions and design incredibly well thought out and the comfort and usability almost flawless.

120 air jets is just about perfect for a model of this size, and thanks to the easy-to-use digital controls, you’ll be able to both keep the noise down and keep an eye on your energy usage with ease.

We hope this lay z spa bali review helped you out as it’s a great choice for couples, and ideal for small families with kids, as the spectacular light show is sure to keep them entertained for hours on end. If you can find this model at a price reasonable to your budget, we’d recommend picking this one up! 

There are also plenty of other options and you can see which lazy spa hot tubs we like on our main page as we compare all the different models by Lay Z Spa.

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