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How Hot Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Get?

One of the main benefits of an inflatable hot tub is its ability to produce warm water; it’s in the name! Though there needs to be a limit on this heat to keep things safe, with this in mind, many people ask us, “how hot do inflatable hot tubs get?”.

Loads of things change in the world of hot tubbing. We’ve seen many design standards and trends come and go in the decade since we started this guide when searching for the best inflatable spa, but when it comes to water temperature, it’s pretty much set in stone.

How Hot Can an Inflatable Hot Tub Get? 

Inflatable hot tubs generally have a maximum water temperature of 36-40°C (96.8-104°F), as this is the hottest water can be before it risks harming the human body. 

Most brands provide automatic temperature cutoffs that prevent their heaters from exceeding this value. However, when bathing in hot weather, you should consider that the sun can contribute to your spa’s water temperature, so you may need to dial back your hot tub’s heater in order to bathe safely. 

You should always reduce the temperature by a few degrees if elderly relatives or children use the tub. People often ask what are inflatable hot tubs made of as they want to know whether the materials affect the heat retention inside the tub.

Lazy Spa 

Lay-Z-Spas are equipped with a rapid heating system that can reach a maximum water temperature of 40°C (104°F) in around 6-12 hours, with a heating rate of 1.5-2°C (3-4°F) per hour.

Their heating systems are thermostatically regulated (like a central heating system), so they’ll automatically switch off once your desired temperature is reached, 


MSpas have a maximum water temperature of 36°C, with an average heating rate of 1.5-2°C (3-4°F) per hour. 

Their hot tubs use PTC heating elements, meaning as the temperature increases, they draw less power, resulting in a particularly energy-efficient system that can reduce your energy bills.


Intex models can reach a blissful 40°C (104°F) within 20-24 hours. Their heaters work at a rate of around 1-1.5°C (2-3°F) per hour. 

Their heating system also includes a temperature cutoff at 40°C, preventing the water from getting hotter. They also use a dual-operated pump meaning the massage system and heater can be powered simultaneously.

Wave Spa 

Wave Spas can reach a maximum water temperature of 40°C (104°F). The brand claims their hot tubs can take between 20-40 hours to reach this mark.

Additionally, only their heaters or massage systems can be powered at once, so the temperature will drop quickly when the jets are on.


Cleverspas can be heated to a maximum temperature of 40°C (104°F). This should take between 12-24 hours, depending on the spa’s size and the ambient temperature outside. 

Temperatures up to 40°C can be set via the pump’s control panel, with the heating system automatically disengaging once the set temperature is reached. The heater on newer models will automatically re-engage if the water drops 2°C below your desired temperature. 


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Last Word

We hope this guide shines some light on the maximum temperatures of inflatable hot tubs. Water temperature isn’t something to mess with, which is why all modern manufacturers take their heating systems seriously! 

You’ll never find a hot tub from a reputable brand that can reach a temperature over 40°C (104°F). In fact, almost every manufacturer makes use of an automatic cutoff that prevents their heaters from climbing above this threshold. 

Regardless of your hot tub’s heating system, remember to be mindful of the temperature outside, and dial back the heater during hot weather. Most importantly, never introduce water warmer than 40°C (104°F) to your spa to prevent the onset of serious health issues! If you’re wondering where can I buy an inflatable hot tub from, then see this useful guide for a whole host of options.

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