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Where Can I Buy An Inflatable Hot Tub?

Inflatable hot tubs have seen a spike in popularity in recent years, which is great news for anybody looking into purchasing their first model! If you’re considering joining the hot tub revolution, you may wonder, “where can I buy an inflatable hot tub?”.

Back in the early days of this inflatable hot tub guide (10 years ago!), you couldn’t really find the best inflatable hot tub reviews online, you’d be best off going to a specialist store or to the manufacturer’s website to pick up a portable spa, though nowadays, the options are effectively endless!

Who Has Inflatable Hot Tubs For Sale In The UK 

You can buy inflatable hot tubs in the UK online or in various high-street shops. Buying direct from the manufacturer often results in an extended warranty or loyalty discount, though plenty of supermarkets and homeware stores have their own special offers. 

Some retailers have brand partnerships, meaning they’ll often stock exclusive models. Large supermarket chains like ALDI and Tesco sometimes offer massive discounts in line with their in-store sales and clearances.

You can try your luck with second-hand sites like eBay or Gumtree, though this is particularly risky with portable spas, as they could have punctures or other hidden damages that haven’t been mentioned, and you’re unlikely to get a warranty! 

Make sure you do your research on how hot do inflatable hot tubs get and how many jets you want before purchasing as these will affect the price also.


Amazon stocks various inflatable hot tubs in sizes ranging from 1-2 person spas up to 8-seater models, as both independent sellers and hot tub brands can create their own storefronts through Amazon’s marketplace. 

Prices on Amazon vary between budget models for around £150-£200, all the way up to premium spas at £1500-£2000. Amazon carries portable spas from popular brands such as:

  • Lay-Z-Spa
  • MSpa
  • Intex
  • CleverSpa
  • Wave Spa


Tesco is an official Lay-Z-Spa stockist, though often, these products are only seasonally available. Sizes ranging from 2-4 person models to 7-seaters have been sold recently, with heavy discounts compared to Lay-Z-Spa’s RRP.

Prices have been known to drop as low as £150-£185 during clearances. The average prices generally are between £300-£700 depending on the model and its capacity. 


B&M stock a variety of Lay-Z-Spas in capacities between 2-4 people and 7-8. They have a selection of circular and square-shaped hot tubs available at discounted prices as low as £200-£500, though rarely more than £700.


Homebase stocks a few Lay-Z-Spa and CleverSpa models, some of which are exclusives. You’ll find both inflatable and semi-rigid hot tubs, in sizes from 2-4 seaters to 6-7 person spas, with several circular and square-shaped models to choose from. Prices are generally between £200-£800.

The Range 

The Range has a comprehensive selection of semi-rigid and fully inflatable hot tubs stretching from 1-2 person spas to 8-seater family models. Circular, square and octagonal hot tubs make up this collection, with prices ranging from £200-£1500.

The Range stock the following brands:

  • Lay-Z-Spa
  • MSpa
  • Outsunny
  • Avenli
  • Rotorua


B&Q sell a selection of Lay-Z-Spas, CleverSpas and the odd Canadian Spa brand hot tub, in capacities from 3-7 people. Prices range from around £200-£650, with both square and circular spas available in various colours. 


A few Intex models can be purchased from ALDI, with capacities ranging from 4-6 people at prices between £300-£500. They carry octagonal and circular designs, as well as a variety of accessories, including cleaning equipment and pool chemicals. 


Why were all hot tubs out of stock last year?

Does where you buy a hot tub affect the warranty? 

Last Word 

Well, that covers where to buy inflatable hot tubs! Remember to check each brand’s official website and a few independent retailers to find the best prices, and avoid second-hand sales or unauthorised dealers to protect yourself from unforeseen faults!

Sales will generally be launched during the off-season when demand is low, so it can be worth waiting for prices to fall, though, with a bit of research, you’ll usually find deals throughout the year! If you need instructions on how does an inflatable hot tub work, see our handy guide for where we explain the fundamentals of a spa working.

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