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Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Grenada Review | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the Lay Z Spa Grenada (updated 2023)

The largest hot tub in the Lay Z Spa range, The Grenada, is a popular choice for larger families and those who enjoy entertaining. But is this spa the right one for your family, or are there better options on the market?

We’ve been reviewing blow-up spas for ten years, and we know that not all inflatables live up to the hype. So does this one?

Lay Z Spa Grenada  Review

The Grenada is a stylish addition to any garden and as it can accommodate up to eight adults is ideal for large families. And has an incredible 190 airjets ensuring a therapeutic all over body massage. It's an absolute breeze to set up and, like all Lay Z Spas, comes with Freeze Shield technology.

If you are looking for a large tub for parties, the Grenada may be just the thing but are there other options that better suit your requirements?

In this review, we’re going to see:

Keep reading to find out if the Grenada exceeds expectations or if it leaves you feeling a little deflated.

Table of Contents

As one of the most spacious inflatable hot tubs produced by Lay Z Spa, the 8-person Grenada is purpose-built for large families and those looking to entertain sizable social groups.

With a frankly enormous capacity of 1350L, you can expect to find a powerful massage system to boot, which is why the Grenada packs an incredible 190 adjustable air jets into its comfortable Duraplus lined interior.

Whilst the size and massage system are indeed the standout features of this hot tub, you’ll also find a slew of premium features hiding under the hood, so let’s take a closer look at what makes this hot tub tick.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


6-8 adults

Set Up Time

5-10 minutes.

How Long To Heat Up

6-12 hours to initially heat.

Running Costs

£40-£50 per month.

Winter Frost Protection

Included frost protection


  What Previous Buyers Say

Currently in Stock

Currently available for purchase.


8 person capacity, 190 jets, Duraplus construction.


Heavy when filled, noisy to run.

What We Liked - Key Features

6-8 Person Capacity

We’ll pop this feature front and centre, as it’s impossible to ignore just how spacious this inflatable hot tub really is. With room to comfortably seat up to 8 of your friends, we think most hot tubbers will actually have trouble reaching maximum capacity!

Whilst a 6-8 person capacity may seem excessive to some, we usually find that inflatable hot tubs are best enjoyed by keeping the capacity down by one or two, meaning we reckon the Grenada is actually the ideal size for the average family.

190 Air Jet Massage System

The minimum number of air jets most people look for is around 100, so with almost double that amount available in the Grenada, we can’t imagine anybody will be disappointed here.

These massaging jets aren’t only plentiful in numbers but carefully positioned around the entire circumference of the cushioned floor, control both heat and massage providing 2-levels of intensity that an easy-to-reach control panel can switch between on the sidewall of the hot tub.

Premium Duraplus Lining

If you’re going to design an inflatable hot tub to be used by as many as 8 people at once, you’d better hope it can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear.

Lay Z Spa’s patented Duraplus material has gone through many iterations in recent years, with their latest design working in unison with an i-beam construction technique to produce, in our opinion, the best balance between comfort and durability that this brand has ever achieved.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

6-8 people.

Water Capacity (80%):

1350L (357 Gallons)

Inflated Size:

71cm x 236cm

Filled Weight:

1375kg (3032lbs)

Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit)

Is This a WI-FI Controlled Hot Tub?

Unfortunately, the Lay-Z-Spa Grenada does not have Wi-Fi controls as standard, though their separate Wi-Fi enabled pump will work with this model.

Given how many people you’re likely to squeeze into this inflatable hot tub, Wi-Fi controls can be super handy. Still, you’ll be looking at a very pricey set-up at an extra cost of around £400 for the necessary pump.

Does This Model Have Lighting?

There are no LED lights included with this model, though additional lighting accessories are relatively inexpensive, coming in at around £10-£20 for a floating colour-changing light.

How Many People Can it Accommodate?

You can expect to fit as many as 8 adults into this inflatable hot tub with no issues.

Our reviewers found the Grenada to be best enjoyed by a group of 6, but they were quick to confirm that 8 people can be more than happy reclining in here, mainly down to the supportive inner walls and the massaging comfort of the 190 air jets.

What About Safety Features?

The Lay Z Spa Grenada Airjet comes packed with an inflatable lid and clip cover that can be fully secured when the Grenada Spa is not in use, preventing accidental trips or falls.

It also comes fitted with a ground fault detection system and internal RCD unit; these clever systems work to shut off the power supply if any water comes into contact with the electrics or if any electrical faults pop up within the circuitry.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Grenada hot tub?

According to our reviewers, very! The combination of a massive 236cm diameter padded floor, cushioned internal lining and well-arranged air jet system produces a luxurious spa experience even at max capacity.

Lay Z Spa’s improved Duraplus lining works well with a rigid i-beam construction design. It offers soft and supportive cushioning to the back, which our team found super comfortable to recline against for hours at a time.

Running costs

Lay Z Spa estimates costs of £7-£10 per week, though we found that running the Grenada at full power for a few hours a day can quickly rack up an energy bill of around £15 per week.

Thankfully, you are offered a decent amount of control over this hot tub’s energy usage. With 2-levels of intensity for the massage system and an energy-saving timer, it’s more than possible to decrease your expense; it just takes a little bit of planning!

Heat up times

Due to its size, the Bestway Lay Z Spa Grenada can take a while to reach its maximum water temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, though we reckon you’ll be able to hit this mark within about 12 hours of initial setup.

Thanks to the insulating properties of the Duraplus lined walls, the inflatable lid and the use of the hot tub’s freeze protection unit; we were able to keep the water temperature above 10 degrees Celsius during storage, allowing for further heating times of around 1-2 hours.

How noisy is the Grenada model?

With 190 powerful air jets moving 1350L of water, the Grenada Bestway Lay Z Spa can make quite the racket when fully powered.

Of course, the user-friendly controls included by Lay Z Spa do allow you to keep an eye on this, and by engaging the energy-saving timer or switching the jets to their lowest power setting, you’ll be able to run the Grenada without angering the neighbours.

We suggest installing this inflatable hot tub on an insulating mat. This will help minimise the operational noise for the Lay Z Spa but be warned that this is far from a silent hot tub.

Winter usage

One of our favourite features in the latest Lay Z Spa models is their Freeze Shield system, an interesting unit that monitors the water temperature, engaging the heater if it drops below 6-10 degrees Celsius.

Combining this with the insulated cover of the Grenada allows this inflatable hot tub to do a great job of resisting frost and freezing temperatures, which also results in lowered heating costs and quicker heat-up times, lovely stuff!

Price and discounts

For an inflatable hot tub of this size, we think the Lay Z Spa Grenada is very reasonably priced and well worth it for the amount of space and the powerful massage system you’ll benefit from.

If you are determined to get a good deal on the Grenada, it may be worth checking a wide range of suppliers over several months, as often, during periods of low demand, you’ll find that inflatable hot tubs enjoy some sizable discounts; in this case, patience can definitely pay off!

Warranty and support

Lay Z Spa’s standard warranty will cover your pump for 12 months and your cover for 6, though this can be doubled by registering your inflatable spa on the brand’s website.

We’ve always been pretty impressed with Lay Z Spa’s official UK-based support line, which offers expert advice on any hot tub related issues. You’ll find this contact number by visiting their official website, where you’ll also find a handy list of FAQs.

Lay Z Spa Grenada Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Grenada are fairly positive with people impressed by the size and durability of the tub. Not to mention how aesthetically pleasing it is.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find an inflatable hot tub of this quality, with this number of air jets and such a large capacity, at a reasonable price as the Lay Z Spa Grenada.

If your primary wants are simply size and massaging power, we say go for this one, though if you’re not planning on enjoying regular soaks with upwards of 6 people, you can save a little money by choosing a smaller model.

The Grenada will provide excellent resistance to wear and tear thanks to its Duraplus lining. You’ll surely be more than comfortable lounging in this thing for hours at a time, but be warned that your energy bills will quickly mount up if you’re running this hot tub at full power on a regular basis!

How Does it Compare?

You can compare the Grenada to the hot tubs below or you can view all of the reviews for Lay Z Spa on our main page. There, we have done a detailed review of each model for you to have a look at.

Intex Bubble

This Intex hot tub can match the Grenada in terms of durability with its Fiber Tech material lining, and some hot tubbers may prefer its stylish beige coloured shell.

Though we believe you’ll get more bang for your buck by siding with Lay Z Spa in this battle, as the Grenada features a larger capacity and 50 more air jets at a comparable price point.

MSPA Bergen

You’ll save yourself a decent amount by choosing the MSPA Bergen, though this will come at the cost of far fewer air jets at just 118 compared to the Grenadas 190. 

The Bergen is one of the most affordable models on the market for a family of four and still includes a smart filtration system and a UVC sanitiser which can kill up to 60 microorganisms and pathogens. 

How to Set Up The Lazy Spa Grenada

With no tools required, the Grenada can be easily inflated and ready to be filled in under 10 minutes, just attach the included inflation hose and pump and you’ll be good to go. Many people ask where should it go and will my decking hold a lazy spa? We would only advise decking if it’s highly durable and strong enough as a filled hot tub is extremely heavy.

Last Word

In terms of large-capacity inflatable hot tubs, we think the Lay Z Spa Grenada is amongst the best; though it may not feature some of the flashier features like Wi-Fi controls or lights that you see on other models, it more than makes up for this in comfort and relative affordability.

Its 190 air jets are enough to provide one of the most intensive massage experiences we’ve ever enjoyed. We are convinced any average-sized family will be more than comfortable reclining in its spacious interior.

Though you can save a little by purchasing a smaller capacity model, those who need a larger hot tub will be very impressed by what the Grenada offers.

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