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Can Pregnant Women Go In A Hot Tub? – Questions Answered

It’s probably very tempting to enjoy a hot tub during your pregnancy. After all, you are likely to be going through plenty of aches and pains and hot tubs usually have plenty of health benefits.

However, there have been plenty of studies conducted and rumours spread across the years.

  • Can pregnant women go in a hot tub?
  • Is it possible to reach a healthy body temperature in a tub while pregnant?

There are various rumours going around regarding birth defects, for example. We need to consider the facts by experts regarding saunas, symptoms and activities. It’s important to look at all information like this very carefully when a new life may be at stake!

Before you ease yourself into a hot tub in your third trimester, make sure to read up on what statistics, surveys and their findings have to say.

a woman holding her pregnant belly

Is it Safe to Use a Hot Tub While Pregnant?

Pregnancy is a very sensitive time. All women should be very careful about how they treat their bodies during the nine months. However, some people may not think that water temperature will have much of an effect on the way their babies develop.

High Temperatures

Some women, otherwise, believe that high temperatures are to be avoided as an increase can cause overheating and concern regarding child safety. Symptoms can include fainting, so it’s always important to have a partner or parents around when doing any type of activity.

In one sense, they are correct. Real hot tubs and inflatable tubs are known to rise to extreme temperatures in just under 10 minutes. No matter where you are in your pregnancy, water at too high a temperature could cause you both problems further down the line.

Hot tubs in pregnancy don’t mix purely for the fact that – while they might ease your swollen feet – they are unlikely to be very healthy in the long run.

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Study Findings

Health information from the likes of the Mayo Clinic states that your baby could be at risk of neural tube defects, even after 10 minutes in a spa. Studies are, of course, ongoing regarding whether they affect a miscarriage, skin issues, the brain and other vital organs. Jacuzzi use, and hot tub during pregnancy is therefore encouraged out of bounds until after women have given birth.

Hot Tub Pregnancy First Trimester

A 2011 study suggests that pregnant women in their first trimester are more likely to suffer such problems during hot tub exposure. Therefore, if you are in early pregnancy, there are likely to be many more risks.

Beyond body temperature risks, hot tub and spa usage during pregnancy will put you at greater risk of dehydration. While research into quite how jacuzzis and spas affect pregnancy is ongoing, it remains to be said that high core temperature will always cause more harm than good.

Hot Baths When Pregnant?

There is nothing to say that a nice hot bath will harm you in the long run. However, going into a hot tub during pregnancy is slightly different, and even with a bathtub, you will need to be careful with the temperature to ensure safety. According to the NHS, information states you should never immerse yourself in water hotter than 32 – 35 degrees centigrade.

If you attend antenatal swimming classes, for example, you will never find pool temperature to rise above this. It may be worth you investing in a thermometer if you are worried. Crucially, you’re going to need to lower discomfort and blood pressure as much as possible.

a woman stood in water holding her stomach

In fact, further information from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists states that pregnant women should have no problem taking warm baths regularly. This is because most of your body is unlikely to be immersed in the water, as much as your body temperature is likely to be lower compared to submerging in a hot tub.

This is especially the case if you are in a late stage of pregnancy development, as more and more of you will float above the water as your belly gets bigger! In a hot tub, you are always likely to be completely immersed.

Are Spas Safe to Use When Pregnant?

There is a lot of confusing information out there when it comes to using a hot tub when pregnant. Pregnancy and hot tubs can be a difficult combination and while there are only a few studies out there, most of them confirm that avoiding sauna use or any kind of conditions likely to cause extreme heat like a hot tub is beneficial.

This is always likely to be the case during early pregnancy, but any pregnant woman should be careful when heading into hot water.

Extreme temperatures during pregnancy can cause more than just dizziness. It is crucial that you avoid hot tub use during all trimesters – as you will never truly know the damage you could cause.

Generally, providing you are not using a jacuzzi or hot tub for bath purposes, you should be more than safe. Warm baths are great for pain relief and can be extremely relaxing!

To avoid any chances of pregnancy complications, make sure to avoid using hot tubs until long after you give birth. Make sure to read up on health guidelines both in the UK and the United States for more details regarding hot tub use.

After you have given birth, you may want to know, can a baby go in a hot tub?

Last Word

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