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Wave Spa vs Cosyspa: Brand Comparison In 2023

Before splashing any cash on an inflatable hot tub, it’s worth doing some brand research. We’re here to help, so today, we’ll compare Wave Spa and Cosyspa to see which hot tub range comes out on top!

Our eagle-eyed team is ready to pick these brands apart, drawing on a decade’s worth of hot tubbing know-how and research experience; we go deep, so you don’t have to.

In today’s matchup, we’ll see Wave Spa vs Cosyspa, two popular brands with pretty distinctive spa collections. We’ll cover everything from their prices to their massage systems and any idiosyncrasies we think you should consider, and in the end, we’ll pick an overall winner.

Let’s get into it!

Wave Spa vs Cosyspa: Introduction

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Wave Spa is a UK-based hot tub manufacturer producing both fully inflatable and semi-rigid portable spas. Founded in 2017, the company has become known for its stylish printed designs and premium foam-walled hot tubs. Wave Spa is one of the fastest growing hot tub brands on the scene, with their spas now available in the UK, the US and the UAE!

Cosyspa also operates out of the UK, though they exist as part of the larger Net World Sports company, which has been trading since 2009. Despite their parent company’s age, the Cosyspa brand is one of the newest on the market, with their first hot tubs seeing a 2020 release. Though their selection is limited, their spas are known for being affordable and straightforward to use.

Wave Spa vs Cosyspa: Similarities And Differences

All the basic principles of hot tubbing are shared between these brands (we’re talking water, jets and heating), but taking a closer look quickly reveals some unique quirks!

Stay on the lookout for our review pages for Wave Spa and Cosyspa where we compare the different hot tub models from these smaller brands.

Common Similarities

Both brands use PVC as their primary construction material, promising excellent UV and puncture resistance, and both use heating systems that can hit a maximum water temperature of 40℃.

The fully inflatable hot tubs in each brand’s range make use of a tool-free setup that should have their spas ready to be filled in under 5 minutes, and both Wave Spa and Cosyspa produce semi-rigid models featuring insulating foam walls and additional exterior liners.

Hot tubs from both brands are fitted with digital pumps with dedicated controls for their heaters, jets and water filtration systems. Both stick to air jet models with no currently produced hydro jet hot tubs available in either range.

Main Differences

Cosyspa’s singular foam-walled hot tub has a dual-operated pump, which can be used to provide heated bubbles. This feature isn’t available on any Wave Spa model, with their hot tubs only able to power the jets or the heater at any one time.

Wave Spas come in a variety of colours, with many featuring patterned designs, whilst Cosyspas all have black exterior liners and white interior trim.

Wave Spas can also be found in circular, octagonal and square shapes, all fully inflatable Cosyspas are circular and their one foam-walled tub is octagonal.

Product Range Comparison

Wave Spa’s collection is much more extensive than Cosyspa’s, with the former offering over 15 unique models and the latter only providing 3. Cosyspa’s fully inflatable models differ only in their capacities and massage systems, with a 110 air jet 4-seater and a 130 air jet 6-person spa.
Wave Spas stretch from 2-4 seaters to 4-6 person capacities, with between 90-140 jets and various shapes, colours and designs to choose from. This remains true across both their inflatable and semi-rigid spas.

Cosyspas are generally a little cheaper than Wave Spas, though Wave Spa are partial to the odd sale! Lastly, we could not find any options for lights or Wi-Fi controls in hot tubs from either brand.

Wave Spa range

  • Prices from £200-£1300
  • Several colours and patterns are available
  • Circular, octagonal and square spas
  • Between 90-140 air jets

Cosyspa range

  • Prices from £200-£800
  • Inflatable and foam-walled spas
  • Laminated PVC linings
  • Between 110-130 air jets

Comparing Features: Wave Spa Versus Cosyspa

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Though both brands’ heaters can reach a maximum water temperature of 40℃, Wave Spas heat up faster at a rate of 1.5-2℃ per hour compared to Cosyspa’s 1-1.5℃. Cosyspa does throw in an aluminium-lined thermal cover to help retain heat during storage, though we still believe Wave Spa’s superior heating times win them this round.

Winner: Wave Spa


Both manufacturers’ fully inflatable spas use comparable laminated PVC linings, and even their semi-rigid models are hard to separate with equally insulating foam walls. Wave Spa opt for an extra layer of faux leather covering their foam models whilst Cosyspa uses a woven rattan PVC material, with no real advantages over either; this one’s a draw!

Winner: Draw

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

Though the lowest number of jets in any Cosyspa is greater than Wave Spa’s smallest system, most Wave Spas have more air jets than a comparably-sized Cosyspa.

Cosyspa’s jets are also slightly less powerful at 600w compared to Wave Spa’s 650w, and although Cosyspa’s foam-walled spa has heated jets, this feature isn’t available in their more affordable spas.

Winner: Wave Spa


Hot tubs sold by both brands are equipped with standard cartridge-based filtration systems which can be activated via their pump’s control panels, and both include a filter cartridge with every purchase. Cosyspa does offer additional filter packs at a discounted rate when purchasing through their website, though, so we’ll give them this one.

Winner: Cosyspa


Cosyspa’s niche is their affordability, with their standard inflatable hot tubs and their foam-walled spa being considerably cheaper than most of the competition. Wave Spa is still considered a reasonably affordable hot tub brand, but not to the same extent as Cosyspa!

Winner: Cosyspa


Wave Spa’s accessories centre mainly on headrests and cushions, though they are very high-quality products! Cosyspa stock these items too, but they also offer a wider variety of maintenance and leisure accessories, including:

  • Floating lights
  • Canopies
  • Foot baths
  • Filter brushes
  • Submersible pumps
  • Pool vacuums

Winner: Cosyspa


Cosyspas are easily found online, with their web store or Amazon being your best bets, though we’ve also found their hot tubs stocked by:

  • Druppo
  • Zed Houses
  • eBay

Wave Spas are also easily picked up online via their website or Amazon, though we have found their spas sold by a few high-street retailers, including:

  • Selfridges
  • Rey Furniture

Winner: Wave Spa

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Overall Winner

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This has been one tight competition! These brands are equally matched across many of their key features, with comparable build-quality, filtration systems, maximum temperatures and capacities. Having said this, we think Wave Spa pulls ahead where it counts.

With a more extensive range featuring more colours and designs, and a faster-acting heater with slightly more powerful air jets, we think spending that little bit extra on a Wave Spa will be worth it in the long run!

Cosyspa deserves praise for their low prices and the inclusion of heated jets in their foam-walled spa, but we’d like to see their range expand before they rechallenge Wave Spa.

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