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CleverSpa vs Wave Spa: Brand Comparison In 2023

Pop in a search for inflatable hot tubs and you’ll be blown away by choice! To help you navigate all these brands, and find the right spa, we’ve written a series of articles comparing some of the biggest manufacturers and the most promising newcomers to the hot tub market.

For ten years, our team has been testing and reviewing the most popular, the newest and sometimes the worst portable spas across the market, so we know what separates a champion from a dud!

This article sees two relatively new hot tub brands go head-to-head in the CleverSpa vs Wave Spa comparison, a battle to see which manufacturer comes out on top! We’ll dive deeply into both spa ranges, focusing on value, performance and any unique features these hot tubs may be hiding.

Ready to crown a champion? Let’s dive in!

CleverSpa vs Wave Spa: Introduction

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The UK-based CleverSpa team was founded in 2018. Though they’re relative newcomers to the hot tub market, they’ve already formed a reputation for producing affordable spas with a great range of features, including frost protection, lights and Wi-Fi controls. The brand is stocked by several large retailers and is known for its excellent customer support.

Wave Spa has been around just as long, with its company being founded in 2016. Their range of portable spas can be split between standard inflatable hot tubs and semi-rigid foam-walled models, with many spas featuring eye-catching printed designs. The brand has been growing fast in recent years, with its products now sold in the US and UAE!

Wave Spa vs CleverSpa: Similarities And Differences

You can expect jets and heaters in just about any modern hot tub, but beneath the surface, you’ll often find surprising differences between brands! Let’s take a look at these two.

We don’t currently have any review guides for Wave Spa or CleverSpa yet, but they are coming in the near future, so keep your eyes peeled.

Common Similarities

Both brands construct their hot tubs primarily from layered PVC, though some Wave Spa models include an extra layer of faux leather. Hot tubs from both brands have a maximum temperature of 40℃, and both make use of a standard cartridge-based filtration system.

Both ranges are comparably priced, though as there are a more significant number of Wave Spas, they have a couple of more expensive hot tubs. You’ll also find spas in each range with coloured or patterned exteriors!

Main Differences

Wave Spa produces a range of semi-rigid hot tubs which aren’t mirrored by any CleverSpa models, and they carry square-style hot tubs whilst all CleverSpas are circular.

Some CleverSpas include premium features such as lights and Wi-Fi controls, whilst no currently produced Wave Spa does. All new CleverSpas are fitted with frost protection systems, whilst Wave Spas are only equipped with physical insulation.

A big one is that the pumps on CleverSpas are integrated, meaning they’re built into the hot tub’s walls. Wave Spas have exterior pump units that take up a little more room when installed.

Product Range Comparison

The Wave Spa range is more extensive, with around 20 models compared to about 10-15 CleverSpas between their web-store and retailer-exclusive models. Both ranges carry hot tubs that accommodate 4-6 people; neither collection includes any hydro jet spas.

Wave Spas have between 90-140 air jets. CleverSpas range from 110-140, though CleverSpa’s massage function automatically switches off after 20 minutes of use whilst Wave Spa’s will disengage after 15!

CleverSpa range

  • Prices from £170-£800
  • Integrated digital pumps
  • Options for lights and Wi-Fi controls
  • Included frost protection

Wave Spa range

  • Prices from £200-£1300
  • Some semi-rigid spas
  • Circular, square and octagonal models
  • Options for faux-leather linings

Comparing Features: CleverSpa Versus Wave Spa

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With a maximum water temperature of 40℃, there’s not much to separate these two, though Wave Spa’s heater is more powerful at 2040w compared to CleverSpa’s 1800w.

Despite this, we’re big fans of CleverSpa’s frost protection which allows their hot tubs to be used year-round, whilst Wave Spa advises against using their tubs in temperatures below 0℃.

Winner: CleverSpa


All CleverSpas are constructed from their patented Triple-S material, combining 3-layers of PVC to produce a UV and puncture-resistant shell.

Standard Wave Spas are made in a similar fashion, though using their own triple-layered PVC material. Their foam-walled models add an extra layer of faux-leather and hard-wearing foam chambers, so they get this one!

Winner: Wave Spa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

Though both brands are equal in terms of their largest massage system at 140 jets, the smallest CleverSpa has 110 and the smallest Wave Spa has 90.

Wave Spa’s bubble function also cuts out after 15 minutes to prevent the pump from overheating, whilst CleverSpa’s is good for 20 minutes at a time!

Winner: CleverSpa


Neither of these brands is particularly well known for their filtration units, with both using a standard cartridge-based system that can be engaged via the pump.

The brand’s filters for each hot tub are also comparably priced, though Wave Spas made before 2020 use a different type of cartridge to those made after, which can be a little confusing!

Winner: CleverSpa


The more significant number of Wave Spa models means they have a few hot tubs that are more expensive than the priciest CleverSpa, though, in a general comparison, both brands are fairly equal.

We would say that your average CleverSpa contains more features, with options for lights and Wi-Fi controls alongside their standard frost protection, providing a little more value.

Winner: CleverSpa


Wave Spa’s accessories mainly cover headrests and cushions, with a few cleaning supplies and mats for good measure. CleverSpa’s selection isn’t much more impressive, but a few canopies and spa-safe tumblers are thrown in, so we think they just about win.

Winner: Lay-Z-Spa


Alongside their web store and online retailers like Amazon, CleverSpas can be found at a few high-street retailers; they even have some exclusive models stocked by:

  • B&Q
  • Homebase
  • The Range

Wave Spa also has a great UK web store, and their hot tubs can be found on Amazon, though we’ve also come across these spas in:

  • Selfridges
  • Rey Furniture

Winner: CleverSpa

Other Popular CleverSpa and Wave Spa Comparisons

If you want more advice on each of the different hot tub brands, have a look at some of our other comparison articles.

Overall Winner

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Though we have a clear winner today, we would like to say that Wave Spa was not that far behind! We love that they produce semi-rigid and fully inflatable models, and their range of square and octagonal hot tubs scratch an itch that CleverSpas can’t.

Having said this, for their inclusion of frost protection in every spa, their options to include lights and Wi-Fi controls, and their slightly superior massage systems, CleverSpa is walking away with our recommendation. Perhaps next time these brands meet, things will be different!

John Devlin

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