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CleverSpa vs Intex: Brand Comparison In 2023

We’re a little spoilt for choice these days when it comes to inflatable hot tubs; there’s simply so many brands to choose from. That’s why we’ve decided to compare some of the most popular spa manufacturers to help you determine which ones are worth a closer look!

In over ten years of trialling, testing and researching portable hot tubs, we’ve learned what it takes to make a great brand and what to look for in a reliable spa. It’s our mission to break down the jargon and highlight the specs that matter, to bring you recommendations that can be trusted!

Today we’ll see in this CleverSpa vs Intex guide which of these manufacturers has the better hot tub range. We’ll compare prices, check for key features and focus on the quirks that may lift one brand above the other.

Ready to find a winner? Let’s get stuck in!

CleverSpa vs Intex: Introduction

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CleverSpa hasn’t been in the hot tub market for long, being formed in the UK around 2018, though in this short time, they’ve carved out a niche thanks to their affordable hot tubs and excellent customer service. Their range may be small, but you’ll find plenty of premium features such as frost protection, lights and Wi-Fi controls, all for a very competitive price!

Intex has been around a little longer, with their PureSpa range launching in 2014, so they’ve had plenty of time to refine their hot tubs and capture a fair amount of the market! Intex models are known for their ultra-durable Fiber-Tech construction, particularly resistant to punctures and weathering. All of their hot tubs come with a patented hard water treatment system.

Intex vs CleverSpa: Similarities And Differences

Though there are fundamental similarities found in all modern hot tubs, like jets, heaters and pumps, more often than not, you’ll find that each brand has its own quirks; let’s look into that!

Before we jump in, why not take a browse of some of our review guides and compare the brands top rated models. We don’t currently have a Cleverspa page but you can always check out our Intex portable hot tub review that we have on this page.

Common Similarities

CleverSpa and Intex pride themselves on their PVC construction materials, each making use of their own patented triple-layered fabric boasting UV and puncture resistance.

The heating systems used by both brands can reach a maximum temperature of 40℃
With integrated temperature cutoffs to prevent dangerously overheating of the water. Both manufacturers stick to air jet massage systems with no current hydro jet options.

There are hot tubs produced by both brands with Wi-Fi controls, and both CleverSpa and Intex models can be inflated via their pumps with no need for additional tools. You’ll also receive a protective insulating cover when purchasing a spa from either manufacturer.

Main Differences

Intex models can be found in circular and octagonal shapes, whilst CleverSpas are all circular. Intex models each contain a hard water treatment system that isn’t found on any CleverSpa model.

There are a few CleverSpas with built-in lights, a feature not currently available on any Intex model, and all new CleverSpas are fitted with a 365 FreezeGuard frost protection system whilst no Intex model carries any form of anti-icing unit.

Intex are also generally more expensive than similarly sized CleverSpas, though the most extensive Intex massage system carries 170 air jets, 30 more than the largest CleverSpa. Finally, CleverSpas have integrated pumps built into their walls, whilst Intex pumps sit next to the spa.

Product Range Comparison

The ranges produced by both brands contain hot tubs that can seat 4-6 people, though Intex has a more varied selection on their official website at 11 models compared to CleverSpa’s 7.

A few CleverSpas are exclusive to select retailers, though these models mostly only differ from the core range in terms of colour and cosmetics.

Only CleverSpas have frost protection and only Intex have a hard water treatment system, with Intex’s massage systems ranging from 100-170 jets whilst CleverSpa’s stretch from 110-140.

Cleverspa Range

  • Prices from £170-£800
  • Frost protection systems
  • A range of colours available
  • Integrated digital pumps

Intex Range

  • Prices from £580-£1260
  • Hard water treatment systems
  • A few octagonal spas
  • Up to 170 air jets

Comparing Features: CleverSpa Versus Intex

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Both brands are level-pegged in terms of their max temperature at 40℃, and both manufacturers claim that their spas can hit this in around 12-24 hours.

The deciding factor is that only CleverSpas feature frost protection, helping to prevent frozen water in the winter and aiding in retaining their heat during storage, so we have to go with CleverSpa!

Winner: CleverSpa


Again, these brands are pretty equal here! CleverSpa’s Triple-S PVC linings use three laminated sheets of UV-resistant PVC to form a tough and durable shell. However, Intex’s inclusion of ultra-strong polyester fibres between their own 3-layered PVC material just about clinches the win.

Winner: Intex

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

Though there isn’t much to separate the performance of either brand’s massage systems, with neither featuring variable speed controls, the bubble function on a CleverSpa will automatically cut off after 20 minutes of use.

Intex’s bubbles can be run continuously, and their largest hot tub features 30 more jets than the largest CleverSpa, so they win this round!

Winner: Intex


Every CleverSpa model does come with a standard cartridge filter system that can be engaged via the pump. However, Intex’s range adds a hard water treatment system that automatically filters out any minerals in your water supply.

There are also Intex models with salt water sanitation systems which can convert salt water into chlorine to reduce the amount of pool chemicals you’ll need to use, so they get our vote.

Winner: Intex


Across the board, you’ll find that most comparably sized CleverSpas are a good deal cheaper than their Intex counterparts, with several CleverSpa models also boasting additional features such as lights and patterned liners Intex models don’t carry.

CleverSpa’s official website is also known for hosting regular sales, and some of their models come with a free extended warranty, so they win the price war.

Winner: CleverSpa


CleverSpa produces a decent range of accessories, though they’re mainly limited to a few canopies, ground mats and cup holders. Intex, on the other hand, has a whole line of branded products, including:

  • Pool toys
  • Floats
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Lights
  • Cleaning supplies

Winner: Intex


Intex can be found on Amazon and stocked by a few retailers such as:

  • ALDI
  • Currys
  • Rey Furniture

Though their UK website seems to only stock a limited number of their spas.

CleverSpa’s core range can be found on their official website, which hosts fairly frequent sales, or you can find their hot tubs on sites like Amazon. They also have partnerships with a few select retailers where exclusive models can be found; these include:

  • B&Q
  • Homebase
  • Argos

Winner: CleverSpa

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Overall Winner

a cup with confetti around it

Well, this match-up was a lot closer than we’d thought! Despite CleverSpa being relative newcomers to the market, they’ve certainly made a name for themselves with their affordable hot tubs and great standard features like their frost protection systems and integrated pumps.

Despite this great showing, we think the wider variety of hot tubs, more extensive massage systems and particularly hard-wearing construction of Intex’s range just about help them take the lead. However, given a few more years, we can see CleverSpa giving them a run for their money!

John Devlin

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