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CleverSpa vs Cosyspa: Brand Comparison In 2023

Settling on the perfect hot tub can be difficult, especially considering how many brands there are! We’re here to help, so today, we’ll look at how two newer brands match up in CleverSpa vs Cosyspa.

We’ve been putting the world’s best and sometimes least impressive hot tubs through the wringer for over a decade! In that time, our reviewers have honed their skills so that no hot tub is safe from their watchful eyes; we know what to look for and how to find it!

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Today we’ll look at CleverSpa vs Cosyspa, two fairly young brands making waves on the hot tub scene. We’ll cover their entire collections and gauge the best across price, features, functionality and design.

So, let’s get on with it!

CleverSpa vs Cosyspa: Introduction

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CleverSpa has been around since 2018; they’re a UK-based company focusing solely on producing affordable, easy-to-use, inflatable hot tubs.

Their spas are known for featuring integrated pumps, so they’re great for smaller gardens, and they offer a wide range of premium features such as anti-icing units, lights and Wi-Fi controls!

Cosyspa is an arm of the larger Net World Sports company, a well-established sporting goods supplier that started trading in 2009. The Cosyspa brand itself only began in 2020, with its first inflatable hot tub launch later that year.

Though their range is small, Cosyspas are known to be affordable, well-built and straightforward to operate.

Cosyspa vs CleverSpa: Similarities And Differences

As two relatively new brands, CleverSpas and Cosyspas have a fair bit in common, but some pretty interesting differences pop up when you look a little closer!

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Common Similarities

Both CleverSpas and Cosyspas are self-inflating, requiring no additional tools during setup, and both brands use laminated PVC linings in their construction with built-in UV protection.

The maximum water temperature achievable using each brand’s heating system is 40℃, with an identical heating rate of 1.5-2℃ per hour. Hot tubs from both brands use a cartridge-based water filtration system and neither brand produces any hydro jet models, only air jet systems.

Lastly, CleverSpa and Cosyspa host UK-based support lines, which can be super handy if you run into any issues while using your new spa!

Main Differences

Cosyspa has a much smaller selection of hot tubs with only two currently produced fully inflatable models, though they have launched one semi-rigid foam-walled spa new for 2023.

CleverSpa does not produce semi-rigid hot tubs, though they have around 15 inflatable spas between their website and a few retailer exclusives.

CleverSpas can be found in a variety of colours, including:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green
  • Beige

Some even come with exterior printed designs, whilst Cosyspas are only available in black. However, Cosyspas come with an aluminium-lined thermal cover that can’t be found with any CleverSpa.

A few CleverSpas feature lights and Wi-Fi controls, neither of these options are available with any Cosyspa, and all CleverSpas come with frost protection systems to help prevent the water from freezing in the winter. Cosyspa does not offer this feature.

Product Range Comparison

Price-wise, you’ll find that the Cosyspa range is generally a little cheaper than any comparably sized CleverSpa, barring their semi-rigid model. But, even the most affordable CleverSpas feature frost protection and their larger models have more air jets.

Speaking of jets, a 2-4 person Cosyspa is fitted with a 110 air jet massage system, the same number of jets found in CleverSpa’s 2-4 person models. However, a larger 4-6 person CleverSpa features 140 jets compared to a 4-6 person inflatable Cosyspa with only 130.

CleverSpa range

  • Prices from £170-£800
  • Extensive range of colours and designs
  • Frost protection included
  • Options for lights and Wi-Fi controls

Cosyspa range

  • Prices from £200-£800
  • Thermal aluminium cover included
  • Semi-rigid model available
  • Comes with filter cartridges

Comparing Features: CleverSpa Versus Cosyspa

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As both brands can reach a max temperature of 40℃ and heat up at the same 1.5-2℃ rate, this one’s pretty tough! Cosyspa does throw in an aluminium-lined thermal cover. Still, in our opinion, this isn’t as effective when trying to retain heat as CleverSpa’s frost protection unit is, so they win this round.

Winner: CleverSpa


Cosyspas are by no means poorly-made, thanks to their laminated PVC linings. However, as CleverSpa make use of a triple-layered PVC material, we feel they offer a little more protection against punctures, UV damage, and weathering.

Winner: CleverSpa

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

The smallest 2-4 seater hot tubs sold by each brand share the same number of jets at 110, though CleverSpa pulls ahead in their larger models with 140 jets compared to Cosyspa’s 130.

CleverSpa’s pumps are also built into the walls of their hot tubs, which helps to muffle the sound a little when the jets are on, so you’re less likely to wind the neighbours up during your soaks!

Winner: CleverSpa


Both brands use a cartridge-based water filtration system, which can be switched on via their pump’s control panel, and both brands chuck in a free filter with every spa purchase.

Cosyspa does provide the option to include a 6 or 12 pack of extra cartridges at a discounted rate when checking out on their web store though, so we’ll give them this one, just!

Winner: Cosyspa


While a few CleverSpas are available for a little less than the cheapest Cosyspa, these models are exclusive to certain retailers, so the price isn’t 100% down to the brand!

Generally speaking, you’ll find that Cosyspas are less expensive, though you’ll need to weigh up how critical extra features are like frost protection, lights or Wi-Fi controls, as you won’t find them in any Cosyspa model.

Winner: Cosyspa


CleverSpa sells a respectable range of accessories, including canopies, ground mats and drinks holders. Still, Cosyspa has their own versions of these products and stocks a few specific items that just about win this one, including:

  • Steps
  • Spare spa parts
  • Floating lights
  • Spa filter brushes
  • Submersible pumps
  • Pool vacuums

Winner: Cosyspa


The easiest way to grab a Cosyspa is through their official website, where it’s not uncommon to find a discount. Barring this, you can pick one up on Amazon or a few other sites, including:

  • Druppo
  • Zed Houses

CleverSpa’s core range can be purchased directly from their web store or from Amazon, though CleverSpa is also partnered with a few high-street retailers which even stock some exclusive models; these include:

  • Homebase
  • B&Q
  • Argos

Winner: CleverSpa

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Overall Winner

a cup with confetti around it

These two fairly recent additions to the hot tub market offer fierce competition between them, though perhaps down to their slightly longer existence, CleverSpa is currently pulling ahead.

Their range is much more extensive and varied than Cosyspa’s, and their great standard features, including frost protection and integrated pumps, make their slightly higher cost worth it!

We also love that there are options to include lights and Wi-Fi controls, alongside several choices of colour for your outer shell, though if Cosyspa can add a few more models in the coming years, maybe the rematch will come out different!

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