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Which Lay Z Spa Is The Biggest?

There are literally tonnes of models in the range. Sizes vary a lot. In our recent Lay Z Spa size comparison post, we listed over 20 spas.

But which Lay Z Spa is the biggest?

The Lay Z Spa Grenada is an eight-person hot tub. So by capacity, this one is the largest.

Although it has less water capacity than the 7-person Lay Z Spa Mauritius, you can actually fit more people in due to the oval shape. 

But do you need a big Lay Z Spa? Larger models usually have price tags to match, so is it worth splashing the cash on these huge blow-up spas? 

Let’s dive in and find out! 

The Biggest Lazy Spa Models in 2023

Model Water CapacitySeating Capacity Dimensions Filled Weight
Bestway Grenada Spa1350 Litres (297 Gallons)6-8 Adults236 x 71 cm(93 x 28 inches) 1,375 kg (3,032 lbs)
Bestway Napa Spa 1123 Litres (247 Gallons)5-7 Adults180 x 66cm (71 x 26 inches) 796kg (1,775 lbs)
Bestway Monaco Spa 1453 Litres(320 Gallons)6-8 Adults 201 x 69 cm(79 x 27 inches) 1973 kg(4350 lbs)
Bestway Palma Spa1050 Litres (230 Gallons)5-7 Adults201 x 80 cm(79 x 31 inches)1118kg (2465 lbs)
Bestway Santorini Spa 1190 Litres (262 Gallons)5-7 Adults216 x 80 cm(85 x 31 inches)1253 kg (2762 lbs)
Bestway Helsinki Spa1123 Litres (247 Gallons)5-7 Adults 180 x 66cm(71 x 26 inches)796kg (1,775 lbs)
Bestway Maldives Spa 1,050 Litres (230 Gallons)5-7 Adults 201 x 80cm (79 x 31 inches) 1118kg (2465 lbs)
Bestway Mauritius Spa1370 Litres (301 Gallons)5-7 Adults270 x 180 x 71 cm(106 x 71 x 28 inches)1395 kg (3076 lbs)
Bestway St Moritz Spa1190L (262 Gallons.)5-7 person hot tub 216 x 71 cm(85 x 28 inches)  1210kg (2,668lb)

The Benefits of a Big Lay Z Spa

There are more than a few benefits of having a large spa, not least the extra legroom, but who are these spas designed for and are they the right option for you? 

Great for parties and entertaining.

The biggest benefit of a large Bestway Lazy Spa is they are great for people who enjoy getting their friends around and impromptu parties. With room for eight adults and staying in for 20 minutes at a time, 24 people could enjoy a relaxing spa experience in an hour. 

This post lists some of the best hot tub party ideas.

Large families 

If you have 3 or 4 children squeezing them into a small spa can be a bit too close for comfort and it won’t be so relaxing for you either if they’re splashing about practically on top of you. Having a substantial Lay Z Spa means everyone has their own space and when the kids go to bed, there’s tons of space to truly kick back and relax. 

You’re tall. 

If you are over 6 feet and have family and friends who are tall, you’ll know that squeezing into a tiny tub is just plain uncomfortable, especially at full capacity. Sometimes, you just want to stretch your legs and having a bigger hot tub lets you do just that. 

Cons Of Having A Large Lay Z Spa

We’ve mentioned the benefits and we’re not ones to shy away from the not so good points either, so might you be better off getting a smaller Lay Z Spa?

Running costs

There’s no getting away from it; running a big hot tub can be expensive. Not only will it have extended heating times due to a large amount of water you will need more chemicals to maintain the chemistry and PH balance. 

Not only that, if you’re on a water meter, you’ll need to factor in regular water changes, which will see an increase in your bills. 

Everything you need to know about how much does it cost to heat a lay-z-spa can be found in our detailed guide where we breakdown the costs you can expect to pay.

Takes longer to heat up.

We’ve seen the smaller Lay Z Spas heat up in a couple of hours if kept running at a low temperature, but obviously, a large Lay Z Spa is going to take longer. This might not seem like much of an issue, but if you fancy a soak when you come home from work, you might be waiting until bedtime for the Grenada to be ready. 

However, if you choose the Napa Airjet, this won’t be an issue as you can use the Wi-Fi app to switch on the heater from the office.  Learning how long will a Lay Z Spa take to heat will allow you to plan in advance when you get in the tub and start the jets earlier than usual.

More difficult to pack away or move.

One of the best features about lay-z-spa inflatable hot tubs is their portability and the ease with which they can be moved around; they are fantastic if you live in rented accommodation or only use the Jacuzzi during the summer months. 

This is rather negated with Lay Z Spa’s big models. Filled with water, they nearly all weigh over 2000 lbs. That’s as much as a Rhinocerous and even when empty, you will still need two people or a trolley to manoeuvre one. You can also learn how to deflate the spa and place it in an inflatable hot tub storage bag where it will remain dry and safe from the elements.


Who makes the largest inflatable hot tub?

The biggest inflatable hot tub available right now is the Lay Z Spa Grenada Airjet. Although the Mauritius has more water capacity, its lower sides and unique shape mean only seven adults can squeeze in compared to Grenada’s eight. 

Last Word 

One of the first things to consider is how much outdoor space you have; it’s no use choosing a large hot tub if you have a tiny back garden or if you are a couple wanting romantic evenings under the stars. 

However, if you have a generous outdoor area, enjoy family get-togethers or have children, a big Lay Z Spa may be perfect. 

The Grenada and the Monaco both fit up to eight adults making them the largest Lay Z Spa hot tubs, although, to be fair, there is plenty of room in the 5-7 seater options as well. 

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