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CleverSpa Cuba Review [6 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

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This is our review of the Cleverspa Cuba (updated in 2023)

Are all 6 seater inflatable hot tubs the same? Definitely not! Some offer a luxurious spa experience in your own back garden, whilst others, well, let’s just say they’re an expensive mistake. So which side of the fence does the Cleverspa Cuba land on?

We’ve got substantial experience in reviewing and testing inflatable hot tubs for over ten years. So, you can trust us when we say that our team leaves no stone unturned when giving a new model the once over.

Cleverspa Cuba Review

The 6-seater Cuba hot tub is one of the latest offerings from the Clever Company and they’ve really upped their game with Wi-Fi compatibility as standard on this model. Not only can you use an app to control your spa, but the faux leather outer shell also looks stylish and will complement any contemporary outdoor living space.

We understand that what may be important to some may not be to others and that there’s a fine line between cheap and cheerful and a load of rubbish.

In this guide, we’ll look at:

Keep reading to find out if the Cleverspa Cuba lives up to its name and adds a little bit of tropical paradise into your garden or if you should shop around some more.

Table of Contents

The Cleverspa Cuba is the company’s newest model and one of the largest in their ever-increasing range, seating six. And, we must admit, they keep getting better. The Cuba spa benefits from a built-in pump and filter, making it extremely portable and quieter than some inflatable hot tubs; plus, the added tech is a bonus!

Quick Glance

Review Rating


6 person spa

Set Up Time

Less than 5 minutes inflation time

How Long To Heat Up

24-48 hours

Running Costs

£50-£60 per month

Winter Frost Protection

Yes, anti-icing system included

Currently in Stock

The Cuba spa is now in stock


Large capacity, can be controlled by Cleverlink App


Jets cool down the tub quickly

What We Liked - Key Features

Integrated pump unit

Most blow up spas have an external pump unit, which takes up extra space. Cleverspa have overcome this problem by designing a built-in pump and heating system, so all you’ll see is the digital control panel on the outer rim.

This makes the Cuba hot tub incredibly portable, helps to reduce operational noise and gives it a sleek modern look that fits well into most gardens.

Wi-Fi Functionality

Wi-Fi compatibility is usually only seen in more expensive hot tub options. Hence, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the Cuba spa can be controlled remotely via the award-winning Cleverlink app. We love this feature as it allows you to switch on the heater if you’re having a hard day at the office and the spa will be heated up and ready for when you get home. Bliss!

FreezeGuard technology

If you’re anything like us, you won’t want to limit your time spent unwinding in your Jacuzzi just to the summer months and the good news is you won’t have to if you choose the Cleverspa Cuba. Its innovative FreezeGuard system means you can maintain a low temperature when the winter nights start drawing in, so the water doesn’t freeze and cause damage to the unit.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

6 people

Water Capacity (70%):

220 gallons (1000 litres)

Inflated Size:

81.6” x 26”

Filled Weight:


Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees

Is this a wi-fi controlled hot tub?

Wi-Fi can indeed control the Cleverspa Cuba. All you need to do is sync it to your home router and download the app. This is a terrific bonus as it allows you to control your heat-up times without being at home. We’ve mentioned previously that Cleverspa hot tubs can take a while to heat up, so being able to turn on the heater remotely is a win.

Does this model have lighting?

The Cuba inflatable spa hasn’t got any lights, but although we do think they create a lovely ambience, they can always be added later. Floating LED lights can be purchased cheaply online, or you could add an LED strip light around the base if you want. We don’t think that the fact they are lacking in this tub is an issue, really!

How many people can it accommodate?

Clever Spa claims that the Cuban inflatable hot tub we reviewed can comfortably seat 6 adults and whilst we managed to squeeze that many in, it was a bit close for comfort in the 220-gallon capacity. That being said, this is the case with most models and whilst there are larger 6 seaters out there. They are probably enjoyed better with 4 or 5 people too.

What about safety features?

Cleverspa doesn’t skimp on safety features; double locking child safety clips secure the insulated top cover to prevent little ones or pets from falling into the spa when not in use. As with all inflatable hot tubs, an RCD protection system also trips the electricity if any fault is detected, preventing electric shocks.

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Cleverspa Cuba hot tub?

The Cuba portable hot tub is relatively comfortable, with the I Beam construction providing a sturdy yet soft-touch shell. We recommend investing in a cushioned floor mat, though, as a groundsheet isn’t included. This will make the floor a bit softer for longer soaks and help the tub retain heat. As a whole, the tub offers luxury, comfort and style and is ideal for family and friends wanting to enjoy 6 person hot tubs.

Running costs

The one feature we’ve found that customers don’t love about Cleverspa is how quick the temperature cools down, especially when the jets are used and it takes a while to heat back up again. This will automatically see your bills increase significantly compared to some spas, especially when running the heater constantly in the winter months. However, there are some things you can do to cut this down.

Heat up times

Cleverspa says on the website that it takes between 12-24 hours to heat their tubs, depending on the ambient air temperature. However, some customers have had issues with the lack of insulation and heat-up times of previous models and we couldn’t see any signs of improvement with this one. Although Cleverspa does sell a thermal cover to retain the heat, it’s an extra £100.

How noisy is the Cleverspa Cuba model

Running 130 bubble jets is never going to be a silent process, but because the Cuba round hot tub has a built-in pump, the noise is slightly reduced and you can go one further by investing in an insulated ground mat. By taking these precautions, you should have no complaints from the neighbours about nighttime soaks.

Winter usage

Cleverspas can be used during the colder months thanks to their FreezeGuard technology. Activating this anti-icing system keeps the water at a consistent temperature and prevents freezing. As we’ve mentioned, these spas take a while to heat up, so you may have to wait a few hours before jumping in.

Price and discounts

The Cleverspa Cuba is a reasonable price for its size and features. At the moment, as it is a newer model, there aren’t many discounts, but if you shop around or purchase through a cashback site, there are always ways to save a few quid. If you’re not in a rush, you may find the price goes down towards the end of the year when demand is lower and next year’s models are due to be released.

Warranty and support

The warranty for the Cleverspa Cuba is twelve months for the pump and six for the cover and liner, although this can be extended by registering on the website within 28 days of purchase. Cleverspa also have a UK based aftersales support team to answer any customer queries on 0151 318 6163

Cleverspa Cuba Reviews

The reviews of the Cleverspa Cuba are very good with much of the feedback highlighting the quality and quietness of the pump.

We think this hot tub is ideal for families wanting affordable Wi-Fi functionality in their hot tub. It’s an excellent feature suited to busy modern living and although there are bigger, better quality hot tubs for a comparable price, they don’t offer Wi-Fi control as standard.

How does it compare?

The Helsinki

The Bestway Helsinki spa is similar to the Cuba hot tub price-wise, but with an impressive 180 air jets surrounding the base and a larger capacity, this 5-7 seater spa takes some beating. Both have an anti-freezing system, although we think this is better also easier maintenance with the ChemConnect dispenser included as standard. In fact, the only thing the it lacks is the Wi-Fi, so if that isn’t your primary concern, it wins, hands down.

Intex Bubble

This six-seater spa has a lot going for it, including quality construction and a host of convenient features such as a hard water treatment system and excellent heat retention. Unsurprisingly you’ll pay quite a bit more for the Purespa and once again, you won’t get the Wi-Fi, but if you read the reviews, you may think it’s worth paying that little bit extra.

How to Set Up The Cleverspa Cuba

Like all the Cleverspa’s we cover, the Cleverspa Cuba is a breeze to set up, which is why they got the name plug and play. We would always recommend getting an electrician to install a safe outdoor socket as portable spas can’t be plugged into an extension.

Simply, unpack the box; the motor and heater are built-in, so it’s just a case of placing the spa on a flat level surface and inflating, which takes around five minutes.

Last Word

We think the Cleverspa Cuba comes up trumps in the tech department with its included Wi-Fi compatibility and the sleek black diamond design is ideal for contemporary living. However, we think there are still a few more improvements to be made before they top the list, namely the insulation, heating issues and running costs.

As an occasional spa, it’s a good buy, but if you are a seasoned hot tubber and not too bothered about the app, better quality options may be available.

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