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Review: Is the Lay Z Spa Siena Hot Tub the Best to Buy?

Lay Z Spa Siena Review

The Lazy Spa Siena is an interesting variation of this companies hot tub line. Unlike others produced by this company, the Siena is uniquely designed in an oblong shape to accommodate just two people or one reclining.

Comfortableness 90%
Running Costs 90%
Heat Up Times 90%
​Noisiness 100%
​Winter Usage 95%
Value For Money 90%

When I grew up, a hot tub was a luxury piece of kit which I envied my neighbours for owning. I can see why my parents refused to get one; they’re bulky and expensive.

Luckily, today’s hot tubs are far less conspicuous, far more convenient and cheaper in price. Enter the Siena spa, a fully inflatable solution that’s still state of the art. Our Lay Z Spa Siena review outlines the key features of this inflatable.

Unfortunately, this hot tub model is not currently available, please see all of the hot tubs that are currently in stock with the link below.

This hot tub is a clever solution to limited space, intelligently designed from hard wearing — but comfortable — inflatable TriTech material. It is ideal for couples looking to move it around throughout the year with ease. Rapid heating and pre-set timers allow you to set the hot tub up in advance. This makes it ideal for busy couples looking for a relaxing evening once they get home from a long day at work.

Of course, the hot tub has its restrictions as well. Don’t expect a significantly big piece of kit that can accommodate more than two people. Instead, this is an intimate hot tub for couples or single-occupation only. In fact, the unique design ideally sees the two users sitting across from each other with enough space to lie back when occupied by just one person. It’s a perfect couples-only hot tub for making evenings special, complete with a drinks tray for drinking bubbles within bubbles.

Don’t let the size fool you, despite its small and portable nature, the hot tub is designed to compete with more bulky, non-inflatable brands. It offers a wealth of admirable features, including a massage system featuring 127 air jets, a rapid heating system, a state of the art water filtration system and a leatheroid cover when not in use.

With that said, this is among the company’s most opulent hot tubs and commands a price tag similar to many larger products. This is reflected in its built quality as it is constructed with durable inflatable TriTech material and constructed with I-beam technology. The company states that the hot tub has taken its inflatable technology to a new level of durability and comfort with this product, after years of development and construction research.

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item No:
2 Adults
Water Capacity (80%):
509L (134 Gal)
Inflated Size:
2.49m x 1.49m x 66cm
Filled Weight:
548kg (1,205 Lb)
Cable Length:
7m approx
Max. heat capability:
40 Degrees Celsius

What We Liked - Key Features

couple fastening cover over the siena


Comfort is key with the Siena hot tub owing to its TriTech design. TriTech may sound like a mouthful, but it’s essentially a durable 3-ply reinforced fabricated material which allows for a decent combination of sturdiness and comfort.

This means that the seats are pleasurable to relax in with no rough edges or sharp corners. The exterior of the hot tub, by contrast, is fortified to be a lot more substantial, utilising what the manufacturers call I-beam technology – essentially a strong interior build allowing for sturdiness, no matter how many times the hot tub is inflated or deflated.

This is good because these hot tubs require this durable and fortified quality to last over time. You don’t trade any comfort for this stability and the room for two is perfect. Add to that the drinks tray and you are in bubble heaven. Perfect for adults wanting a romantic experience with no children about, use the control panel to set the mood and start the airjet.

Running Costs

As with other inflatable hot tubs, average usage is estimated to cost between £7 to £10 per week. With the Siena, you also have the added advantage of a pre-set timer, allowing you to set your hot tub 72 hours in advance to reach 40°C at a particular time.

That means no more waiting around for the hot tub to heat up and no more mindlessly wasting energy; just pre-time and you’re good to go! Just remember to switch your heater off when it is not needed. With the Siena’s slimline build, you’ll also save energy compared to larger tubs due to the smaller surface area.

Heat Up Times

The Siena has a stellar heat up time, reaching 40°C in 4 hours. However, as mentioned above, the Siena comes with an ingenious pre-set timer. If you use the jacuzzi at 6 pm every day, pre-set your controller and you’ll have a warm hot tub waiting for you on the dot.

What’s more, this is one of the easiest and quickest inflatable spas to install, maintain and set up. From box to filtered and filled in just 10 minutes!


Some hot tubs can be pretty deafening. Luckily, the spa siena consists of a low humming sound when heating up and operating, with gentle bubbles and air jets being confined to the tub alone.

The noise won’t travel and is actually very soothing once you’re in the tub. When cleaning with the filtration system, you will again hear a low hum but nothing that will travel or cause concern either inside or next door.

Winter Usage

The Siena spa hot tub is perfectly adept at being used in winter. When opting for use in colder seasons, remember to account for any ice or snow, keep your hot tub warming up for longer and, finally, keep it covered with the provided leatheroid cover and lockable clips when not in use.

Because the Siena is such a lightweight piece of kit, you can move it around easily to a spot in the garden that may be more beneficial in winter, such as the patio under a parasol or decking. Just be smart with your energy and know that you’ll lose more heat in winter than summer.


The Siena is a little expensive when compared to other inflatable tubs even of a larger size, but you are getting value for money in the hot tubs construction, facilities and features. With the Siena, you receive a host of accessories, including filter cartridges, chemical floater and a food and drinks tray. These usually come at an additional cost with hot tubs but are provided for free with the Siena Lay Z Spa. More crucially, you receive a lay-z-spa ground mat within the cost which helps to both cushion and insulate the hot tub, ensuring that it remains in place at all times. The cost is very fair for a luxurious and intimate spa built to last.

Lay Z Spa Siena Reviews

The reviews of the Lay Z Spa Siena are good and clearly state that it’s perfect for couples wanting to relax together. The tub offers a romantic feel and is made up of quality materials for extra durability.

Having scoured the world wide web for opinions, we can see that customers enjoy this hot tub as a great alternative to non-inflatable options. For one, it is painless to set up and easy to maintain. Here are some more thoughts in detail:

A customer suffering from back problems found that the Siena has become a vital part of daily recovery. When used solo, it helped to relieve pain and get to sleep, thanks mainly to its reclining space and therapeutic bubbles.

Another reviewer found that the product was super easy to assemble and durable, praising its solid construction and customer support.

How To Set Up The Lazy Spa Siena

Take a look at this short video before you start and find the simplest way to set up your Lay Z Spa without running into any problems.

How Does it Compare to Other Hot Tubs?

The Miami

A slightly bigger model which accommodates up to 4 people, this similarly designed hot tub features the same massaging technology with 81 air jets.

This may be a good alternative if size is an issue but you’re still trying to accommodate more people than the Siena. Set up is just as quick and easy and you benefit from a strong and sturdy design.

However, you’ll find the space more comfortable with room to move.

MSPA Silver Cloud

We prefer the Siena. However, you can expect a compact and portable hot tub which accommodates up to 4 people.

This makes it perfect for a couple’s use with additional space and optional drinks tray extras. Similarly kitted out with 118 air jets and a quick heat feature, you can pack this hot tub away or cover it up when unused.

It's a lot simpler to set up, with customers claiming to have it up and running in 3 minutes. You lose out on some of the Siena’s fantastic build quality and accessories, but it is a good basic alternative for those on a tighter budget.

Last Word

Inflatable spas have received something of a bad reputation in the past due to poorly constructed materials and potential leak worries. Those concerns are lessened with this incredibly strong and durable tub. They ensure that each tub has been carefully constructed to the highest standard and if you encounter any issues, their support team is always on hand.

This has been particularly designed for couples looking to pre-heat their next relaxing water massage, with handy controls and a host of accessories you would normally have to pay extra for. If you’re short on space but require a high-quality product, the Siena ticks the boxes.

It may not be the cheapest Lay Z Spa, but it has among the strongest air jets. Click here to to see prices and reviews at or see our guide on lay-z-spa hot tubs and see if there are any models there that are better suited to your family and garden.

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