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Intex Vs Cosyspa: Brand Comparison In 2023

When choosing a hot tub, it often comes down to two options. Here we compare Intex vs Cosyspa and find out which is the better buy?

Over the years, we’ve become a bit of an authority on portable spas. We’ve seen manufacturer’s come and go and a fair few examples of tubs not living up to the brand’s claims.

So, how do these two fare? Read on to see what features you’ll be getting with each, does it make a difference and which is better value for money. The results may surprise you!

Intex vs Cosyspa: Introduction

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Intex is renowned for the build quality of their inflatable hot tubs, constructed using Fiber-Tech material for longevity and durability.

They made a big splash in 1997 with the launch of their first above-ground pool. Based in California, their innovative designs, premium quality and affordable prices have seen them become one of the industry leaders.

Cosyspa, meanwhile, is a subsidiary of Net World Sports Ltd, an English sporting goods and garden furniture specialist.

Cosyspa vs Intex: Similarities and Differences

There are a couple of similarities between Intex and CosySpa, but there are also areas where they are miles apart; let’s lift the lid and take a look.

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Common similarities

Both manufacturers produce a circular model with an external pump, which is incredibly easy to set up in minutes and requires no tools. Both also offer a 12-month warranty, although CosySpa does have a UK-based support team for any queries and aftersales support.

They both also have no dedicated frost protection, relying on the hot tub’s insulation properties to retain heat.

However, that’s about where the similarities end.

Main differences

Intex manufactures a few models, whereas Cosyspa has a single inflatable design, a no-frills black circular spa that comes in two sizes and a rigid foam hot tub.

Intex models also include a patented hard water treatment system which you won’t get with a Cosyspa. This could be an important consideration if you reside in one of the UK’s many hard water regions.

The heater is also much more powerful on Intex models at 2200 watts compared to 1200 watts for the Cosyspa whilst this may make the Cosyspa more economical, it means heating times will be longer and not as easily maintained.

Product Range Comparison

All hot tubs are definitely not the same and these two brands from opposite sides of the world are very different, with pluses and minuses on both sides.

Although Intex do a much more extensive range and their spas are, in our opinion, slightly better quality, Cosyspa has produced a model that appeals to the mass market and does the basics well for an affordable price.

Lay Z Spa range

  • Various shapes and sizes, sleek contemporary design
  • Unique hard water treatment = increased lifespan
  • Excellent quality with Fiber-Tech construction

MSPA range

  • Consists of one model, which comes in either a 2-4 person or 4-6 people option
  • Easy to set up, ideal for first-time buyers
  • The most affordable option around but comes with no cover or extras

Comparing Features: Intex Versus Cosyspa

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The hot tub models by Intex boast the industry standard maximum temperature of 40℃ perfect for long soaks under the stars. Cosyspa says their offering can be heated to 42 degrees. However, reviews mention the less powerful heater struggles to reach that number and doesn’t retain the heat as well.

Winner – Intex


While Cosyspa uses reinforced PVC for their blow-up spas, Intex has years of manufacturing inflatable water sports equipment, so they use their patented construction methods to ensure their hot tubs are some of the most durable on the market.

Winner – Intex

Air Jets: Bubble Massage

Both size models by Cosyspa have 130 jets positioned around the interior and while this is more than the Intex 4-person models, it’s less than their larger units, with Intex’s huge eight-seater boasting 170 bubble jets.

Winner – Intex


Cosyspa has a very basic filtration system consisting of one filter housed in the pump. Intex has two filter cartridges and their newer models come with a floating chemical dispenser. Of course, the water treatment system stops the build-up of scale in hard water areas, increasing the lifespan of your spa.

Winner – Intex


Intex spas are undoubtedly more expensive than the Cosyspa, although you will find that after buying some essential extras like a cover, the price of your Cosyspa will increase slightly.

However, there is an old saying, “you get what you pay for”. Whilst it may not always be accurate, we feel that in this case, although Cosyspa offers a competitively priced option that may well suffice for many, Intex are definitely worth paying that bit extra.

Winner – Cosyspa


It’s no surprise that the guys at Intex produce a range of quality accessories for their hot tubs, from seats to beverage holders, plus a huge range of chemicals. Cosyspa also does a decent range of extras, so there’s not much to choose between the two here; however, Intex pips it once again for quality, if not price.

Winner – Intex


Although Intex is an American company, quite a few high street stores, budget supermarkets and mail order catalogues stock their range; they can be found in:

  • Currys
  • Aldi
  • JD Williams
  • Amazon
  • (however, these come from the USA, so delivery may cost more and take longer)

Cosyspa is not generally found on the high street and can be bought either via the parent company website or on Amazon.

Winner – Intex

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Overall Winner

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This contest might seem like a bit of a whitewash for Intex over Cosyspa. Still, like cars, some people are happy with something that gets them from A to B, whilst others prefer innovative design and technology and don’t mind paying extra for it.

Intex produces some of the best inflatables out there and their spas are no exception. Boasting premium construction techniques and the unique hard water treatment system, which, if you live in a hard water area, can stop the tub been damaged by scale build-up.

They also have more choice with various sizes, tubs with hydro jets and a smart octagonal model that complements contemporary gardens perfectly.

That being said, you can expect to pay at least a couple of hundred pounds more for an Intex model. Are they worth it? Definitely!

John Devlin

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