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CleverSpa Mia Review [4 Person] | Ratings & Verdict

This is our review of the Cleverspa Mia (updated in 2023)

A little fancier than your average spa, the Cleverspa Mia takes pride of place in any garden thanks to its lovely rattan-printed shell, but it’s not just looks that this inflatable tub offers. You’ll also find a thermally regulated heater, a 110 air jet massage system, and an energy-efficient integrated pump!

Cleverspa Mia Review

With the ability to look at home in just about any garden, the stylish rattan design of the Cleverspa Mia is probably the first of its features that you’ll notice, but beneath this fancy shell lies a great range of high-tech functions.

But is the Cleverspa Mia missing any important tricks? And is this hot tub worth a closer look?

After ten years of putting inflatable hot tubs under the microscope, we’ve learned how to find the diamonds in the rough. So, how does the Cleverspa Mia stack up?

In this guide, we’ll look at:

Keep reading to find out whether the Cleverspa Mia comes out on top!

Table of Contents

Surprisingly spacious for a 4-person inflatable hot tub, the Cleverspa Mia offers 180cms of cushioned floor space and an impressively supportive soft-touch PVC lining which is triple-layered for maximum durability!

Beyond the comfort factor, we found a great 110 airjet massage system powered by an integrated pump for lovely warm bubbles, a powerful frost protection system, and an automatic thermal regulator to help manage your heating cycles safely and efficiently.

Quick Glance

Review Rating


2-4 adults

Set Up Time

5 minutes

How Long To Heat Up

12-16 hours

Running Costs

£40-£50 per month

Winter Frost Protection

365 FreezeGuard system included

Currently in Stock

Yes, you can currently buy the Cleverspa Mia


Rattan design, integrated pump, automatic thermal regulation


No Wi-Fi or lighting options

What We Liked - Key Features

Rattan printed design

Whilst how good your hot tub looks isn’t necessarily the most crucial factor to consider, our team reckons that a stylish spa will always see more daily use!

The Cleverspa Mia enjoys a sophisticated visual appeal with a gorgeous rattan-printed exterior liner. From afar, it’s actually hard to tell that this isn’t a more expensive hard-body hot tub or jacuzzi.

This fancy-looking liner isn’t just for show, however, it’s fashioned from Cleverspa’s patented Triple-S PVC construction material, offering 3-layers of reinforced support against punctures and scrapes, alongside excellent insulating properties to help your hot tub stay warmer for longer.

Integrated pump and heater

Allowing the Cleverspa Mia’s insulated lining to do its job is a powerful integrated pump and heater, which we found to produce heated bubbles through the 110 air jet massage system, provided that a toasty temperature is set on the digital control panel.

We love that the Mia spa’s pump is housed within the hot tub’s walls rather than as a separate unit, which helps to muffle its operational noise and allows the Cleverspa Mia to slot into smaller gardens neatly!

This integrated pump also helps the Cleverspa Mia filter up to 1880L of water per hour, which is great for ensuring that your hot tub’s water is always sparkling clean.

Automatic thermal regulation

Not only can the Cleverspa Mia’s integrated pump heat the hot tub quickly and efficiently, but we also discovered that it’s fitted with an automatic thermal regulator, a handy device that both helps the spa to maintain a set temperature and stops you from overheating the water!

Spending too long in an inflatable hot tub any hotter than 40 degrees Celsius can be dangerous, so it’s nice to know that the Cleverspa Mia has our backs, with a regulator that will cut the heater if things are getting too toasty.

This clever system also helps the Cleverspa Mia be more energy efficient. You can’t accidentally leave the heater on for too long and rack up a costly electricity bill!

Size, Dimensions and Specifications

Item Number:


Inflatable Capacity:

2-4 person

Water Capacity (70%):


Inflated Size:

180cm x 65cm

Filled Weight:


Cable Length:


Max heat capability:

40 degrees Celsius

Is this a wi-fi controlled hot tub?

Although Cleverspa has a fantastic Wi-Fi system via their CleverLink app, it’s not currently compatible with the Cleverspa Mia. As the hot tub’s pump is built into its shell, you’re not able to fit a Wi-Fi enabled pump at a later date.

Does this model have lighting?

No lights are included with the Cleverspa Mia as standard, but fitting a few floating lights is easy. In fact, Cleverspa themselves sell a remote-controlled light for about £20 via their website.

How many people can it accommodate?

In keeping with most of Cleverspa’s designs, we found a surprisingly ample amount of floor space within the Cleverspa Mia, being able to fit four average-sized adults into this hot tub’s 180cm diameter interior pretty easily!

What about safety features?

We covered the Cleverspa Mia’s excellent thermal regulator earlier. Its automatic heat cut off function allows for an incredibly safe heating process and eliminates the risk of overheating your water.

Beyond this, we found an RCD unit in the hot tub’s 5m power cable, which will shut off all the electrics if there’s a problem with the hot tub’s wiring.

You’ll also get a secure-locking cover bundled in with the Cleversp Mia, which will allow you to retain the hot tub’s heat during storage and prevent anybody from falling into the water during the middle of the night!

Detailed Review

How comfortable is the Cleverspa Mia hot tub?

Cleverspa has included a lovely bit of padding in the floor liner of the Cleverspa Mia, which, when combined with a ground mat beneath the base, makes for a super comfortable seating area.

Combine this with the soft-touch PVC that lines the inner walls, and you’ve got a very comfortable spa that we can’t really find any significant faults with!

Running Costs

Thanks to the Cleverspa Mia’s thermal regulator and integrated pump, heating this thing and keeping it at a decent water temperature is both easy and relatively inexpensive.

We spent about £10-£15 per week enjoying 30-minute dips every day, with a bit of help regarding heat retention from the hot tub’s secure cover and a foam insulation mat underneath the base.

It’s always cheaper to maintain a set temperature than to heat your spa from 0, so provided that you’re keeping this in mind, this is a pretty economical hot tub to run!

Heat up times

By filling the Cleverspa Mia with warm water during installation and popping on the cover as we waited for the heater to do its job, we hit 40 degrees Celsius in about 14 hours, which isn’t bad!

Subsequent heating times were between 7-10 hours a day, though, with a little help from some added insulation around the hot tub’s shell, we reckon you can cut this time down by an hour or two!

How noisy is the Cleverspa Mia model?

Cleverspa has done a great job of reducing their hot tub’s noisiness by building the pump into its shell rather than as a standalone unit to the side.

This allows the body of the spa to muffle any operational noise, making for a much quieter hot tub than its closest competition.

You’ll still be able to hear the Cleverspa Mia bubbling away at full power, but as long as you’re not installing it under anyone’s window, we don’t think you’ll have many noise complaints.

Winter usage

Using Cleverspa’s patented 365 FreezeGuard frost protection system, the Cleverspa Mia can run just as well in the depths of winter as it does during the summer months.

By keying in the hot tub’s lowest temperature setting on the pump’s control panel and then pressing the heater button, the Cleverspa Mia will maintain its temperature overnight and prevent the water from freezing over.

Not only does this protect the internal mechanisms of the spa, but by maintaining a constant temperature during storage, you’ll save a couple of quid heating it back up each day!

Price and discounts

For the features you’re getting in the Cleverspa Mia and its relatively low running costs. Our team believes that Cleverspa has named a very reasonable asking price for this inflatable hot tub.

Although it seems the Cleverspa Mia is not currently available via the brand’s online store, if it ever pops up again, they do like to run pretty regular sales. If you purchase this model on B&Q’s website, you can pay in 3 interest-free payments through PayPal!

Warranty and support

Cleverspa’s warranty will cover your hot tub’s pump for 12 months and the body of the spa for 6, though registering your Cleverspa Mia on the brand’s website within 28 days of purchase will allow you to extend this coverage to 18 and 9 months respectively!

We also recommend checking out the support tab on Cleverspa’s site; here, you’ll find a great range of spa-care information and handy guides, alongside contact details for their customer support line.

Cleverspa Mia Reviews

The reviews of the Cleverspa Mia are fantastic with many customers stating what a great sized family spa it is and how affordable it is to run each month.

If you’re looking for your first spa, want it to look nice in your garden, and consider your running costs to be a major factor in the decision-making process, we feel that the Cleverspa Mia should definitely be on your list.

It’s super comfortable, even at max capacity, and we love that the thermal regulator and integrated pump will work together to keep the water toasty without risking your health!

There are fancier inflatable hot tubs out there, but we reckon that the Cleverspa Mia offers a super simple introduction to the luxurious world of private hot tub ownership.

How does it compare?

The Zurich

This spa is a little more expensive at a similar size to the Cleverspa Mia, though you will benefit from 10 more air jets and a slightly more powerful frost protection system.

We think the light exterior will get dirty quickly, though, and its separated pump is noticeably louder than Cleverspa’s.

The Bergen

Considerably cheaper than the Cleverspa Mia, with a comparable amount of interior space, it's quite close competition, especially with eight more jets!

We don’t think this model is quite as good looking as the Mia spa, though, and we definitely prefer the intelligent heating system that Cleverspa offers.

How To Set Up The Cleverspa Mia

Setting up this inflatable hot tub couldn’t be easier, just attach the inflation hose to the pump and the shell, press a single button and you’ll be ready to fill the tub in about 5 minutes!

Last Word

Considering the Cleverspa Mia’s stylish design, excellent heating system and pleasantly comfortable interior, we have to say that we’re very impressed by this clever little inflatable hot tub.
Setting this thing up is a walk in the park, and thanks to an intelligent heating system with very simple controls, enjoying a safe and relaxing soak on a daily basis is easier than ever!
If you’re looking for your first inflatable spa and want a good balance of affordability and high-tech design, we think the Cleverspa Mia should at least be on your list. For more CleverSpa reviews it’s here.

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