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Which Lay Z Spa Has Wi-Fi Controls for Easy Use?

When buying a hot tub, people sometimes ask us which Lay Z Spa has WiFi?

There are currently 5 Lay Z Spas with Wi-Fi functionality; though it is possible to fit a Wi-Fi-enabled pump to any Airjet model for around £200, these five hot tubs are designed around the feature! 

Although the Lay Z Spa dimensions for each differ, the app controls are one thing these spas share in common. We simply adore the great functionality of Wi-Fi controls, so let’s take a closer look at which Lay Z Spa has Wi-Fi and what makes this such a great feature. 

Models That Use the Lay Z Spa Wi-Fi App

The Barbados

The smallest of the 5, with a water capacity of 669L, the 2-4 person Barbados Airjet comes with Lay Z Spa’s Wi-Fi enabled pump, 120 air jets and an Energysense insulated liner.

By downloading the brand’s official Wi-Fi app, hot tubbers can switch on their spa, adjust the heating system, power all 120 air jets and even engage an energy-saving timer all from their smartphone. 

The St Tropez

With a larger capacity of 776L, the 6-seater comes with 140 air jets, a Wi-Fi-enabled pump and a fancy floating light.

It makes use of the brand’s official Wi-Fi app to give hot tub owners complete control over the temperature of the water and the power of the massage system and engage an energy-saving timer, all from an intuitive control panel on their smartphone. 

You’ll find all Lay Z Spa St Tropez’s features in this review.

The Singapore

With enough room to seat five adults, the drop-stitch comes with a 140 air jet massage system and an even fancier set of Wi-Fi controls! 

Not only can you control the massage system, heater and energy-saving timer from your smartphone, but it allows for voice-controlled adjustments via any Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant compatible smart device! 

You’ll find all of the Lay Z Spa Singapore’s features in this review.

The Milan

This model boasts a roomy 6-person capacity and offers both Wi-Fi and voice controls via the hot tub’s digital pump.

By syncing up your smart device using a Wi-Fi button on the pump, you can switch on all 140 jets, adjust their power, key in your desired water temperature and engage the energy-saving timer. 

You can even choose to control these features using voice commands, providing your smart device is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

You’ll find all of Lay Z Spa Milan’s features in this review.

The Napa

The newest model of the 5 released in 2023, it has a giant 1123L max capacity, 180 massaging air jets and, of course, Lay Z Spa’s most advanced Wi-Fi controls to date.

Once your hot tub is linked with your smart device via the Lay Z Spa app, you’re free to adjust its temperature, activate all 180 air jets and set the timer for when you’d like the heater to switch on or off. This can all be done from an easy-to-use control panel on your device that can even be adjusted using voice commands! 

How Lay-Z-Spa Wi-Fi Works

Lay Z Spa’s Wi-Fi control system is super simple to set up, requiring only a home Wi-Fi connection, an Android or iOS smart device and the brand’s official Wi-Fi app. Hot tub technology is a great addition to a Lay-Z-Spa as it allows you to play music or connect with friends whilst simmering in the inflatable hot tub.

Downloading the Bestway spa app 

By searching for “The Lay Z Spa Wi-Fi App” in the Google Play or Apple App Store, you’ll find the download link for your new wireless Wi-Fi control centre! 

Make sure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection in the area where you’re setting up your Lay Z Spa and ensure that your router configuration runs at 2.4GHz (unfortunately, 4G and 5G connections are not currently supported!).

Hold down the Wi-Fi button on your spa’s pump until you see a green flashing light, and open up the Wi-Fi app on your smart device. 

You’ll just need to register an account via the app’s interface and connect your device to your pump using the default login details provided. With all of this done, you can start using Wi-Fi controls to adjust your Bestway Lay Z Spa’s settings! 

This video has a guide to setting up a Wi-Fi-controlled Lay Z Spa 

Benefits Of A Wi-Fi Controlled Lay Z Spa

We absolutely love Wi-Fi controls; using this high-tech feature, you can: 

  • Warm-up your Lay Z Spa from the comfort of your home (perfect for winter soaks!)
  • Set the spa heater to turn on at set times throughout the day, saving on heating costs
  • Adjust the air jets and temperature without leaving the water
  • Set the energy-saving timer for lazy afternoon dips!
  • You can even control these settings with voice commands on the more advanced models, meaning you won’t even need to dry off your hands! 


There aren’t too many cons, but you may want to consider that:

  • The app only supports Android 7.0 and iOS 10.0 and above
  • Wi-Fi models are often more expensive than their range-mates
  • You must have a strong Wi-Fi connection for the app to work properly
  • The app only supports a router configuration of 2.4GHz (no 4G or 5G)

Can You Get a Lay Z Spa Wi-Fi Upgrade?

All Airjet models can be upgraded to use Wi-Fi controls by purchasing the Lay Z Spa Wi-Fi-enabled pump via their online store. Most of the hot tub community say this additional feature provides a better experience for relaxation with family and friends.

This replacement pump provides full Wi-Fi functionality to any Airjet model; though the Hydrojet range doesn’t currently support it, it’s also packed with Lay Z Spa’s 2021 Freeze Shield and costs around £300.

Final Thoughts

That’s Lay Z Spa’s Wi-Fi controls; we absolutely love this feature and feel that once you’ve tried out a Wi-Fi-enabled jacuzzi, it’s pretty hard to go back to the bog-standard models!

The five models in the Lay Z Spa Wi-Fi range should cover most bases when it comes to your hot tubbing needs. Whether it’s voice controls or standard Wi-Fi functionality, we think you’ll love adjusting their main features from anywhere within your home.

If you already have an Airjet model and are convinced that Wi-Fi is the future, grab yourself a Wi-Fi-enabled pump and start making the most of this high-tech feature!  

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