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How Far Should A Hot Tub Be From The House?

Whilst there isn’t necessarily a set distance that a hot tub must be from your home, there are a few guidelines, safety regulations and general tips that point to an ideal location for a portable spa set up. With that in mind, how far should a hot tub be from the house?

In over a decade of hot tub research, we’ve come across our fair share of interesting hot tub setups, but for the most part, it seems that people stick to a few general rules designed to best promote safety and ease of use. 

Generally speaking, a hot tub should be a few feet from your house and at least 2m from the socket or outlet it’s plugged into. Your spa should be within reach of your garden hose, near a drain and on a level surface that’s free from sharp objects and not raised off the ground.

Can You Put A Hot Tub Next To Your House?

A hot tub shouldn’t be installed directly next to your house for several reasons. For one, you’ll need at least 0.5m of space around all sides to provide maintenance, and there must be at least 2m between your plug socket or outlet and spa to avoid the risk of electrical shock.

Hot Tub Minimum Distance From House

Most experts and manufacturers agree that the minimum distance a hot tub should be from your home is around 2m. This will allow ample space around the sides to safely use and maintain the spa, avoid dangerous electrical outlets and easily access your water supply.

How Close Can A Hot Tub Be To A Window?

A hot tub should be between 1-2 metres from any windows. Not only will reflective surfaces like this amplify the sound of your spa’s massage system (and potentially wake up sleeping residents), but guests could slip into a window any closer, causing damage or serious injury. 

Hot Tub Placement Rules

hot tub sat on fake grass


The base for your hot tub must be completely level and strong enough to withstand the heavy weight of a filled spa, which can be upwards of 1000kg. A concrete slab or a hot tub on stone pavers is best; raised surfaces (like decking), grass and abrasive surfaces should be avoided.

Power, drainage and water supply 

Your hot tub must be at least 2m away from any electrical outlets, though 5m is recommended as the safest option, and should be within reach of both your garden hose and a suitable drain as you’ll need to empty, clean and refill your spa at least once every 3-4 months.


A minimum distance of 0.5m around the entire circumference of your hot tub is recommended to allow for easy access, and a suitable electrical outlet must be within 2-5m. If your spa is situated at the end of your garden, it should be placed 1-2m from the nearest walkway.


Installing your hot tub beneath a canopy or roofed shelter can help prevent neighbours from looking in. There should be at least 0.5m of space around the spa in this case. Bushes, fences or shrubs can also aid privacy, though again, remember to leave at least 0.5m of space.

Avoid trees 

Placing your hot tub too close to a tree line can result in stains and bird droppings on your cover, animals scratching your spa, sharp branches causing punctures and leaves, and dirt and seeds mucking up the water. It’s best to leave a few metres between any trees and your spa.

Ideas For Where To Place 

hot tub on grass overlooking buildings

Considering the general rules and recommendations we’ve covered, there are a few ideal candidates for the perfect hot tub location. 

  • A paved patio around 2m from your home
  • A purpose-built concrete slab in your garden
  • Beneath a gazebo or hot tub shelter
  • Inside a summerhouse or garden room

Last Word 

So, though there isn’t a set distance that your hot tub must be installed from your home, the general consensus is that there should be around 2m between your back door and your spa.

Your hot tub must be a minimum of 2m away from any electrical outlets, 1-2m from any windows, have at least 0.5m of free space around the entire circumference and be within reach of your garden hose and a suitable drain.

A level surface for hot tubs is a must, and tree lines are best avoided, so in most cases, it’s worth looking into building a bespoke base and shelter to achieve the ideal setup! 

John Devlin

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