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How Long Will An Inflatable Hot Tub Last? – Ultimate Guide

Inflatable hot tubs aren’t the cheapest, at least not if you’re buying from a trusted brand! If you’ve read through this site, you’ll know why we think these products are worth it, but before you pick one up, you may wonder, “how long will an inflatable hot tub last?”

Hot tubbing has changed a lot since this guide launched and we’ve covered a range of portable hot tub reviews in the ten years since, with spas ranging from more robust construction materials to more efficient electrical components. Today’s portable spas are much more resilient than those we first started reviewing!

How Long Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Last?

Most estimates and manufacturers say an inflatable hot tub will last at least five years, though some models can last even longer with the proper care and maintenance.

People often want to know what is an inflatable hot tub made of and how can it last so long. This is mainly due to the materials used in their construction; whilst permanent acrylic spas can last as long as 15 years without fault, the PVC that allows your blow-up spa to inflate in the first place is much less hard-wearing. 

Though PVC is pretty resistant to UV exposure, and modern portable hot tubs do feature laminated linings with added structural support, having them sit outside and face the elements for years on end can eventually cause their materials to degrade and become susceptible to punctures. 

How long does a Lazy Spa last?

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A new Lay-Z-Spa will last 4-5 years if properly stored and maintained. 

They all come with a 12-month warranty, so that’s a good indicator of the shortest time you can expect one to run, though as one of the most popular brands, their hot tubs will likely last much longer, barring a rare manufacturing fault!

What about Intex? 

Intex models will last up to 5 years on average; they also come with a year’s warranty which provides a good benchmark for their longevity.

These spas are built with a very durable PVC material, and they all come with hard water treatment units, which can help to prevent internal damage that could break the hot tub prematurely.

MSpa expected lifespan?

An MSpa’s expected lifespan is around 4-5 years. Much like their competitors, MSpas have a year’s warranty, and the brand claims they should last for “many years” if maintained correctly. 

They have the most resilient shells of any popular brand, with 6-layers of protection. They’re also fitted with loads of filtration and hygiene features like sanitisers and anti-bacterial linings, so their pumps and pipes generally stay in good shape over the years.

Knowing how does an inflatable hot tub work will also allow you to keep it properly maintained by cleaning the filters and pump to ensure it lasts longer.

How many years will a Cleverspa last?

According to our research, a Cleverspa will last between 3-5 years. They offer a 9-month warranty entitling customers to free repairs within their warranty period and a UK-based aftersales team. 

If stored away from sharp objects and in a sheltered area to prevent weathering, it’s actually not unheard of for these hot tubs to last a little longer than 5-years!

Do Hot Tubs Break Often?

Hot tubs don’t break too frequently, provided you’re: 

  • Using the correct chemicals to clean the water
  • Draining and cleaning the spa once every 3-4 months
  • Regularly changing the filters
  • Storing the spa with the cover sealed and away from sharp objects

If your hot tub doesn’t feature any frost protection, you should also consider draining and storing it during the winter months, as frozen water expanding within the pipes is one of the more common causes of a broken hot tub!


What is the lifespan of a hard-shelled hot tub?

When should you replace your portable hot tub?

Last Word

We hope this article answers your questions about how long an inflatable hot tub will last. Modern portable spas are surprisingly durable but not indestructible, with their average lifespans generally resting at about 4-5 years.

Storing and maintaining your hot tub correctly can help extend its usable life, so keep your spa in a sheltered area, away from sharp objects, and stick to a regular cleaning routine to help protect the inner workings! Doing this should keep everything in working order.

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