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Are Lay-Z-Spa Pumps Interchangeable?

There’s a reason Lay-Z-Spa are one of the most popular hot tub brands; their spas are packed with features and are known to be super long-lasting! They’re also constantly updating their pumps, which leads to the question, are Lay-Z-Spa pumps interchangeable? 

Through our decade-long journey researching hot tubs, Lay-Z-Spa has remained a constant force in the market. They’ve introduced loads of innovative tech over the years, most of which is housed in their pumps, so we were intrigued to see if a replacement works in another spa.

Lay-Z Spa Pump Replacement

Lay-Z-Spa pumps are interchangeable between some models, though not across their entire range. Replacement pumps sold via their website come in 3 distinct varieties, those being: 

  • AirJet 
  • Wi-Fi Enabled AirJet Plus
  • Hydrojet Pro

Both varieties of replacement Airjet pumps can be used with any of the brand’s air jet models, though not with their hydro jet hot tubs. The reverse is true for their Hydrojet Pro pump, which is only suitable for use with their hydro jet powered hot tubs.

Are All Lazy Spa Pumps The Same? 

green tubing floating on the surface of the water

Not all Lay-Z-Spa pumps are the same, though all three replacement models share a few features. They’re each equipped with the brand’s Freeze Shield frost protection system, and all include thermostatically regulated rapid heaters, though their massage systems do differ.

Both the Airjet and Airjet Plus replacement pumps can be used to power Lay-Z-Spas fitted only with their patented air jet massage systems. However, the Airjet Plus model is a Lazy Spa with Wi-Fi controls, enabling users to adjust the pump’s settings via a smart device. 

The Hydrojet Pro replacement pump can power both the air jets and hydro jets fitted to Lay-Z-Spa’s hydro jet hot tubs. However, due to its different design, it cannot be used to power the air jets in Lay-Z-Spas that only feature air jet massage systems.

There are also no options to include Wi-Fi functionality with a Hydrojet Pro pump, meaning this feature is not currently compatible with any hydro jet equipped Lay-Z-Spa model.

  • Airjet pumps only work with air jet models.
  • The Hydrojet Pump only works with hydro jet models.


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Last Word 

So, it turns out that Lay-Z-Spa pumps are interchangeable in some instances, though there are a few caveats that are important to keep in mind. The brand currently produces three replacement pumps, two of which work with air jet models and one for their hydro jet hot tubs.

All three replacement pumps are fitted with frost protection systems and rapid heaters, though only the Airjet Plus pump comes with Wi-Fi functionality. Only the Hydrojet Plus pump can be used with the brand’s hydro jet hot tubs, though these models cannot use Wi-Fi controls.

A 12-month warranty covers all new Lay-Z-Spa pumps, and the brand’s customer support line can be found on their website, where you’ll also find some great resources that can be used to help troubleshoot any common pump issues!

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