Do I Need A Vacuum For My Hot Tub?

From your original purchase to the chemicals and filters needed to keep everything clean, owning and running a hot tub isn’t always the cheapest! But, when you’re relaxing in the comfort of that bubbly water, you’ll understand why we put up with it all!

To tighten your budget, you may wonder, do I need a vacuum for my hot tub? Well, in over ten years as the most trusted inflatable hot tub guide on the internet, we’ve learned that a little spending in the right places can save you a lot in the long run.

Adding a hot tub vacuum to your maintenance arsenal can help to speed up your cleaning process and even extend the life of your spa, so view our list of top hot tub vacuum cleaners or join us as we outline precisely why a decent hot tub vacuum can be a life-saver! 

Are Hot Tub Vacuums Worth It?

Hot tub vacuum cleaners suck up the tiny pieces of dirt, sand and other debris that build up on the floor of your spa during use. You’ll find that most of this dirt and grit is too fine to be removed by hand and too time-consuming to be removed with a dustpan and brush. 

There are a few different kinds of spa vacuums. Some use the pressure of a garden hose to create suction; others rely on a pressure differential to syphon dirt from your pool. However, all rely on dirt-filled water being sucked in and any debris being deposited in a filter chamber or bag to be disposed of.

Manually operated vacuum cleaners are the cheapest, with hose-mounted models a little more expensive. However, the priciest hot tub cleaners contain electric motors and can be either corded or powered by batteries. You can even try making your own!

4 Huge Benefits Of Using A Spa Vacuum

Clean water for longer

Not only is a hot tub vacuum cleaner the simplest way to remove dirt from your spa, it’s the most effective way to keep your water cleaner for longer!

By removing the dirt, sand and particles of algae or bacteria that cause your hot tub water to become gunky, you won’t need to use as many expensive hot tub chemicals to sanitise your pool and the chemicals you do use will last much longer.

Vacuuming your spa also reduces the work your filter needs to do to keep all the water clean, reducing the frequency of filter changes and improving the overall water quality! 

Extend your hot tub’s lifespan

Keeping your hot tub clean is to keep the thing in working order! If you don’t get rid of all the muck tracked into your spa via your guest’s feet or carried in the air, these particles will find their way into your jets and filters, damaging the components and causing them to fail.

Large debris and course materials can also wear away at the linings of your hot tub and may even carry the risk of punctures in inflatable models, so regular cleaning is a must if you want your spa to last.

It saves time and money.

You can do your cleaning using a dustpan and brush, though trying to manipulate tiny pieces of grit below the water’s surface with these tools takes ages and often isn’t all that effective! 

Failing to remove debris thoroughly increases the likelihood of bacteria and gunk taking hold in the water, meaning you’ll spend more on chemical treatments and draining your spa to keep it clean.

No need to bring in the professionals

Once hot tubs reach a certain level of filth, cleaning becomes a task for the professionals. This can happen much faster than people expect, with bacteria and algae rapidly producing all manner of slimes and gunks that make their way into the filter system and jets.

Cleaning hot tubs with the suction power of a pool vacuum cleaner prevents this serious grime. Just include a quick whizz around into your daily routine and you’ll never need to call in the professionals again! You can also save money instead of purchasing a vacuum, why not learn how to make a homemade pool vacuum, that way you can build it to your exact needs and specification.

How To Vacuum Your Hot Tub Simply

Learning how to use a spa vacuum can be difficult and whether you’re using a manual vacuum cleaner or a powered model, first, you’ll want to turn off the jets and the pump to allow any residue to settle, then remove any floating debris from the surface.

Introduce your vacuum cleaner below the water level and begin working your way around the edges of your tub, manipulating the vacuum head into any crevices around the linings. 

Work inwards from the edges of your pool, checking your filter bags in case they need emptying. Manual and electric vacuum cleaners often have a removable chamber in the handle, whilst hose-based models have a bag attached to their telescopic pole.

Once you’ve worked your way to the centre, allow the water to settle before checking for any missed spots; if it all looks good, you’ve got a nice clean hot tub! 

Last Word 

So that’s the humble hot tub vacuum. Whether you have an above-ground or full-on swimming pool, these handy tools are the quickest and most effective way to keep your spa water clean.

Regular cleaning reduces the frequency of chemical and water changes, protecting your filtration system and jets from damage. So to clean your hot tub without risking costly professional cleaning or draining, it’s a great idea to introduce a handy vacuum into your daily cleaning routine!

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