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How to Use a Spa Vacuum – Step by Step

Over the years, we’ve learned that most hot tub issues arise from not cleaning the unit thoroughly. A hot tub vacuum is an excellent solution for removing grit, large debris and sediment and keeping your hot tub in pristine condition. 

But, how do you use one? This article will show you how to use a spa vacuum. Whether it’s one operated by batteries, powered by your garden hose or uses manual suction, they all deliver excellent results and by the end, you’ll be vacuuming your hot tub like a pro. 

Before we start, now would be a good time to address the question you may be asking, which is what is the best hot tub vacuum on the market? It’s important to know how to use one, but it’s also imperative that you get one that is capable of doing a deep clean.

How to Vacuum Your Spa

Manual suction and battery-operated handheld swimming pool vacs usually arrive complete, but others will need to be attached to the garden hose. Obviously, each work slightly differently. But essentially, they create suction to remove debris from the base of the hot tub, much like when you use a turkey baster. 

 A venturi effect cleaner, i.e. one attached to a hose, uses the water’s pressure to force dirt into the collection bag. Whilst other tub cleaners suck both the water and little bits of debris into a container by simply removing your thumb from the hole or using a pump action. 

Below we’ll take a look at how to use any spa vac correctly. 

Step One – spa vac assembly

Depending on which type of hot tub vacuum you choose, some assembly may be required. Some have various attachments so you can remove dirt from all the nooks and crannies of your spa and of course, as mentioned above, some need connecting to a hose pipe.

Step 2 – submerge

Once you have any bits and bobs connected, you need to insert the unit into the water close to the grit or debris you want to suck up and remove.

If you purchase a battery-operated model, all you need to do is direct the wide-end nozzle over the dirt. For pump-action vacuums for hot tubs, you may need to push and pull on the tube or simply lift your finger to watch the hot tub base become clean again. 

Just remember not to agitate the water and disturb the stuff you want to remove too much, and don’t forget to hoover the corners of your hot tub and hard-to-reach places.

Step 3 – empty

Lastly, you must empty the vacuum to remove grit or dirt from the basket or bag and any excess water you have collected. Remember, if your spa vacuum uses the venturi method, you will add extra water to the tub, so keep an eye on the maximum fill line. Once you have finished, you can disconnect the hose or any accessories and store them away for the next time. 

Do You Need One

Sometimes, people think they can get away with learning how to clean the bottom of a pool without a vacuum, but this is more difficult and more time-consuming so we wouldn’t recommend it. On the odd rare occasion, we get asked, do you need a vacuum for your hot tub? Although there not compulsory, they help remove all the small grains of dirt and sand that are stuck to the bottom of the tub, so we would say yeah they are probably worth it.

Last Word 

Vacuuming your swimming pool or hot tub takes minimal effort and is well worth it for the money it saves not having to drain and refill your spa every time someone trails some sand in on their feet. 

John Devlin

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