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Inflatable Hot Tub Keeps Deflating: Reasons Why & How to Fix

Today’s inflatable style hot tubs are made from quality materials which boast state-of-the-art technology. Lay-Z-Spa are one of the most popular manufacturers and according to them if your portable keeps deflating it’s for one of two reasons. Let’s look at it first.

2 Main Reasons a Hot Tub Deflates

If you have a deflating Lay Z Spa check out this guide.

1) A leaky air-valve 

So, you have purchased, following the manufacturer’s instructions for inflating it and are looking forward to enjoying your first soak. However, it keeps deflating for no apparent reason. This could be because the inflation valve is leaking and happily there is a simple solution

First, check if the air valve is leaking. This is done by soaking the valve in soapy water. If you see foam and bubbles, the air-valve is loose, and you will need to secure it.

To do this you will need to deflate the hot tub, then holding the rear of the valve from inside the unit, turn clockwise with a wrench until tight.

Re-inflate the tub then repeat the soapy water process to ensure it is no longer leaking- Job done!

2) A puncture 

Every spa will develop a leak or two over their lifespan, they can happen for several reasons, including frequent usage, age of the unit, lack of maintenance, or being punctured by a sharp object such as a stone. If you were to use a lazy spa base mat, this would reduce the chances drastically of a puncture, especially from the bottom.

Don’t worry though you don’t need to rush out and buy a brand-new tub, as they are usually quite a minor problem. Eventually though, if not addressed, they can develop into a bigger issue.

You will also need

  • water,
  • paper towel,
  • soap,
  • chalk
  • A spray-bottle

How to repair a leak

The first thing you need to do if you suspect the outside of your hot tub is to identify where the problem is. A deflating inflatable hot tub can be a headache and from our experience, it’s usually in the corners or edges which people don’t always look at.

X marks the spot

One of the most common places leaks occur is the pump sealing

This is where the lazy spa is leaking from connection due to frequent usage and age and the good news is the sealant can be repaired or repaired easily  

Other leaks caused by a sharp object can be anywhere and it can be frustrating trying to find out where

Here’s what to do

  1. Using the soap and water – mix and fill the spray bottle with this mixture, you can then spray around the inflatable spa to determine where the problem is
  2. If you see bubbles forming, you found the rupture
  3. Mark the area with the chalk

Now it is time to deflate your hot tub and fix that pesky leak

The fix

For the best results for your deflated spa hot tub, you should find the correct hot tub repair kit to fix the puncture. The products or part contain a transparent vinyl patch, special glue and applicator, cost about £10 and are extremely easy to use.

You will need to clean the area thoroughly with a de-greaser as the vinyl won’t stick if the surface is oily and you will have wasted your time and money. Afterwards, dry with a paper towel making sure no wetness remains before continuing with the next step.

Cut the vinyl patch to size, ensuring it completely covers the puncture and apply the adhesive. Stick the patch firmly and leave to dry for a couple of hours.

We advise waiting for 24 to 36 hours before re-inflating the spa, that way you will guarantee the patch is properly fixed.

You should keep a kit on hand as you never know when your hot tub may spring a leak but if you haven’t got one there is another solution

Using Silicone to fix a hot tub leak

Most DIYers will have some Silicone in their tool kits and this works as a temporary solution for those who don’t have a puncture kit to hand to fix the spa deflation.

As previously mentioned clean and dry the spot thoroughly then seal the puncture by applying silicone over it

(Top tip- using transparent silicone will be less visible)

Let the silicone dry completely before inflating the hot tub and be aware that some materials will not adhere to the silicone, in which case you will need to order a specialist kit for an inflatable spa.


Unfortunately, the only way to tell if the repair has worked is by inflating the hot tub. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions, normally it only takes around 10 minutes to do this.

Spray the soapy water onto the patch and look for the bubbles again. Hopefully, there will be none and you can refill your Jacuzzi

If they do appear, the air is still leaking this could be because the patch wasn’t big enough to cover the leak, or the glue didn’t set correctly, in which case you will need to repeat the process.

If there are no bubbles but the spa keeps deflating afterwards you may have more than one puncture, inspect the whole surface again and repeat the steps above.

This guide explains how to inflate a portable spa when it’s full of water and we explain how to look for signs your overinflating or if your spa is deflating for an unknown reason.


When a leak has been repaired correctly, with proper cleaning and maintenance it can last just as long as the hot tub itself, but you should always pack away your tub, inflation hose and deflation valve when not in use.

Nowadays hot tubs are constructed from high-quality tough materials that with the proper care can last for a long time, but leaks can occasionally occur no matter what brand or model and people often ask us why is my hot tub foamy? This could be because something has got in through the puncture and caused the water balance to become unstable and therefore foamy.

If you follow the steps above your inflatable will soon be working again and you, your loved ones and your friends will be enjoying the soothing hot waters for a long time to come. 

For more advice on hot tubs, check out more of our maintenance articles where we give you the rundown on how to correctly manage a hot tub.

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