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How Many Chlorine Tablets Do You Put In A Lay Z Spa?

When you purchase a new Lay Z Spa, one of the most critical questions is how much Chlorine to use? 

Chlorine is vital to keep your hot tub water free from bacteria and is an integral part of your hot tubs water chemistry. But how does it work and what happens if you don’t get the levels right? Are Chlorine tablets and granules the same? Does one work better than the other? I know, confusing, right! 

How many Chlorine tablets do you put in a Lay Z Spa? It depends on the water capacity and whether you are shocking the hot tub. Your Chlorine level should be between 3ppm (parts per million) and 5ppm. 

Today’s guide will give you the dosage recommendations recommended by the brand and look at why maintaining the correct Chlorine level is essential. 

Keep reading to find out what you need to know about Chlorine dosing a Lay Z Spa.

How Many Chlorine Tablets In Lazy Spa – Striking a Balance

Adding Chlorine is an essential part of your Lay Z Spa hot tub maintenance as it keeps your water clean and the spa safe to use. The recommended Chlorine levels in your water are between 3-5 ppm (parts per million). By having the correct water temperature, water flow and good hot tub chemicals, you can have peace of mind when sitting in your tub.

To test your Chlorine levels, simply dip a Clearwater test strip in the centre of your Jacuzzi, wait 15 seconds and compare the results with the colour chart found on the packaging. 

If your results are below 3ppm, you will need to administer the appropriate amount of either granules or hot tub Chlorine tablets to restore the delicate balance. If your reading is very low, it’s a good idea to shock your spa

So, what do you do when Chlorine levels are too high? If your results are above 5ppm, you should drain your Lay Z Spa to the minimum line and refill with fresh water. This should dilute any excess chemicals and get the level back where it should be. 

Problems caused by high levels of chlorine

Getting the right balance of Chlorine is crucial for all sorts of reasons, not least your personal health and safety, but what are some of the issues high Chlorine levels may cause: 

  1. Component damage – A high level of Chlorine will disrupt your PH level, creating a higher level of acidity which can damage the workings of your hot tub over time. 
  2. Outer shell deterioration – Acidity can also damage acrylic surfaces, so a prolonged period of high Chlorine may cause irreparable damage to the surfaces of your Lay Z Spa
  3. Less efficiency – If the PH level in your spa rises above eight, the effectiveness of your Chlorine sanitisers decreases significantly 
  4. Skin irritation/ red eyes – Too much Chlorine is bad for your tub and bad for you, too; it can cause rashes and eye irritation. In fact, if the Chlorine levels are way too high, you could even suffer from Chlorine poisoning. 
  5. Breathing issues – High Chlorine levels may also cause respiratory issues if the problem is left unaddressed for an extended period of time

Issues caused by low chlorine levels

So there’s a host of problems to deal with if Chlorine levels are too high; what about if they’re not high enough: 

  1. Poor Efficiency – Sanitisers work best between a  7.2 –  7.6 PH levels, even a few degrees either way and their efficiency can be halved.
  2. You’ll notice an unpleasant smell –  If the level of Chlorine in your Lay Z Spa is not high enough, bacteria and organic matter will multiply, resulting in an unpleasant pong.
  3. Cloudy Water – Another consequence of low Chlorine in your Lay Z Spa is cloudy water; as we’ve mentioned above, when there’s a chemical imbalance, sanitisers can’t do their job. 
  4. Risk of illness – Obviously, if your sanitiser is not working efficiently due to low Chlorine levels, bacteria will increase. The warm damp interior of a Lay Z Spa is a prime breeding ground for germs which can cause hot tub rash and even Legionnaires disease

Dosage: How Much Chlorine To Add To Hot Tub First Time

Water Capacity (Litres) Lay Z Spa Models How Many Grams of Chlorine Teaspoons 1 = 5g
605 St Lucia hot tub, Aruba 5 1
669 Bali hot tub, Havana hot tub, Tahiti hot tub, Cancun hot tub, Zurich hot tub, Bahamas, Fiji, Madrid, Barbados 6 1
778 Ibiza hot tub 7 1
795 Hawaii, Majorca 7 1
800 Miami hot tub 7 1
804 Singapore hot tub, Vancouver hot tub 7 1
806 New York, Paris hot tub 8 2
840 Hawaii hot tub 8 2
848 Vegas hot tub 8 2
916 Honolulu hot tub, Milan hot tub, Palm Springs hot tub 8 2
1050 Maldives, Palma 9 2
1123 Helsinki hot tub 10 2
1190 St Moritz hot tub, Santorini hot tub 11 2
1350 Grenada hot tub 12 2
1370 Mauritius hot tub 10 2

How Chlorine Works 

Chlorine is an effective and powerful sanitiser that works by destroying the proteins in bacteria cells causing them to die.  It is effective against most microbial waterborne pathogens and has been influential in eliminating serious diseases such as Typhoid in many countries. 

Once it has destroyed the organic matter and bacteria, some remains behind and acts to prevent recontamination. This residue is called Free Chlorine and it is this result that you will see on the test strip result. For more on testing, we have a beginner’s guide to hot tub water testing here.

What Chlorine Should You Use In A Lay Z Spa?

There are all sorts of chemicals for sale and whilst some may seem like a bargain, we recommend sticking with Lay Z Spa’s advice and using Clearwater chemicals. 

Designed with Lay Z Spa in mind, they do a huge range of spa chemicals and test strips including Chlorine tablets and stabilised Chlorine granules.

Are granules or chlorine tablets better? 

Granules are faster working than tablets as they dissolve quicker; because of this, they are commonly used for shock treatments. A Chlorine tablet takes longer to dissolve, so the chemical is dispersed slowly, meaning tablets last longer. Tablets are also easier to use and store, although unsurprisingly, they are more expensive. 

It really doesn’t matter which choice you use as long as the chemistry is correct. 

How Often Do You Need To Add Chlorine To A Lay Z Spa?

You should always test your Chlorine level prior to jumping into your Lay Z Spa inflatable hot tub to ensure you are soaking in healthy hot tub water. The recommended Chlorine level is between 3-5ppm, so if you have too much Chlorine or too little, you will need to make adjustments. 

The ChemConnect dispenser is a fantastic addition that now comes as standard with all Lay Z Spa models; this disperses Chlorine slowly, keeping levels balanced and your water pristine. 

Why does my chlorine level keep going down? 

There are several reasons your Chlorine levels could be fluctuating. There could be too much organic matter in your Lay Z Spa, such as body lotions, fake tan or make-up, which will cause your Chlorine to be used up much faster. 

Rainwater can also cause an imbalance in your water chemistry, so keep the lid on when not in use. 

Sun and heat are also not good for Chlorine molecules causing them to be destroyed or evaporate, which is why you may need to add granules occasionally during the summer months. These include CYA (cyanuric acid), which acts as a stabiliser keeping the Chlorine active longer and protecting it from UV rays.

Lay Z Spa’s ChemConnect Dispenser.

From 2019 all Lay Z Spa hot tub models have an integrated ChemConnect dispenser recommended for use with Clearwater multifunction tablets. This cuts down on a lot of worry about dosing as the tablets are released over a period of a few days and you just need to refill the container when empty. 

You can control how much Chlorine is released into the hot tub by adjusting the flow on the ChemConnect dispenser, enabling you to maintain constant chlorine levels.

Do you remove ChemConnect when using the spa?

The ChemConnect dispenser is a breeze to use. There are a number of videos on the Lay Z Spa Youtube channel which help with removing it.


How long after adding Chlorine can you use a Lay Z Spa?

Lay Z Spa recommends waiting at least 24 hours before enjoying a soak. You’ll need to wait a couple of hours until they dissolve and then test levels prior to use if you add granules. However, all Lay Z Spas now include the ChemConnect dispenser; this releases the 20g Chlorine tablets slowly over days, so there are no waiting times. 

Final Thoughts 

So, how many Chlorine tablets do you need to add to a Lay Z Spa? It depends on which Lay Z Spa you own and how much water it holds. The table above gives the brand’s official recommendations for each one using Clearwater chemicals. If you use alternatives, you will need to check the instructions on the packaging. 

Chlorine is essential to keep your Lay Z Spa operating to full capacity and the health and safety of the bathers. As we’ve mentioned, it’s crucial to establish the correct balance as both too much Chlorine and too little can cause issues. 

Of course, the ChenConnect dispenser, which is included as standard with newer Lay Z Spa models, relieves you of all this. All you need to do is fill it up and let it do its work. You will still need to shock your Lay Z Spa regularly, but that’s another article. 

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